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Being Optimistic in Last Month Before GATE

Many students from all over the country are involved in the rat race to get into the IITs and PSUs, which are believed to offer the best facilities to students and best career opportunities for the future. This could well be true, as the IITs are the only Indian institutes among the lot which are recognized all over the world and therefore it becomes the first choice for many students here. Each year, about two lakh students from each stream apply for GATE, which is considered to be the toughest exam conducted at this level due to the huge competition faced by them. Thus, for clearing this exam, an optimistic approach during preparation is very crucial.
Being Optimistic becomes much more crucial during this last month as this is the time where you will see many aspirants giving up and thus wasting all the efforts that they have put up till now. Many students usually quit and lower their aspirations due to the immense amount of stress that they have to manage. The biggest stress that students face during this time is how to revise such an enormous syllabus as many students have not yet completed their course. My advise to all such GATE Aspirants is that now is not the time to study any new topics as whatever is left should be left and focus should be on revising whatever is completed till now. Also, one other most important thing during this last month is to have faith in your abilities as many students around this time start doubting themselves. This leads to wastage of precious time that could have been devoted towards GATE Preparation. You must never think about the competition that you are going to face in the exam from other aspirants but rather focus on improving your own performance. For this you need to understand that you can do nothing about the competition and the only thing that you can control is your own performance so try to make it better.

Be optimistic

The students generally know their performance and standings as they have been tested many times and so the result is already decide for most students even before the exam. The ones who come out on the top are the students who did not give up till the end and maintained a positive approach towards studies which enabled them to push themselves for working hard.
For this, taking little breaks in between the routine when you believe that mind is getting saturated might help greatly. So never focus on a single topic for too long as the chances of saturation then increase and leads to a dip in your efficiency. Freshen up your mind from time to time by following any hobby that you like and don’t get into too much retrospection in case of some bad results. But the main aim has to be kept in mind at all times and an optimistic approach has to be adopted towards the same.
I hope that this new year brings lots of optimism in your approach towards GATE and you all people perform to your full potential. If you feel motivated after reading this post do remember to share it with your friends so that they can also give their preparation a final thrust before exam.
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So guys keep preparing for GATE as now is not the time to give up and do contact me in case you have any queries.

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