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Book Review: Automatic Control Systems by S. Hasan Saeed

Automatic Control Systems by S. Hasan Saeed is a comprehensive book for undergraduate students of engineering. This book is essential for electrical engineering and electronics and communication engineering students preparing for GATE or ESE, it is also helpful as a reference book for college exams.

S. Hasan Saeed is an Indian academic author and educationist. He has authored several academic books including Automatic Control Systems (With Matlab Programs) and Non-Conventional Energy Resources.

This is an excellent book for beginners as the sequence of topics followed in this book keeps one’s interest maintained till the end, there are a large number of problems with detailed solution provided subsequently with the completion of each topic so as to improve problem-solving ability and at the same time relate it with physical significance of concepts. The language used is very easy to understand and all the concepts have their roots deeply attached to basics

Table of Contents

  • Input-Output Relationship
  • Time Domain Analysis
  • Error Analysis
  • Frequency Domain Analysis
  • Stability Theory
  • Compensation Techniques
  • Non-Linear System Analysis
  • State Space Analysis of Control System
  • Control System Components
  • The Laplace Transforms
  • Basic Control Actions and Controller Characteristics

In addition, the book consists following contents for thorough revision and final practice

  • Miscellaneous Problems
  • MATLAB Programs
  • Objective Type Questions
  • Model Test Papers
  • Previous Years Question Papers


Print quality:

Print quality is good but not excellent. Size of letters is optimum and diagrams are very detailed. I must say that presentation is quite boring and requires improvement. The book contains more than 650 pages but the amount of relevant matter is précised in almost 450 pages. All the BODE PLOTS have been drawn on semi-log paper making it very easy to understand and plot further.


Starting from contents, the distribution of topics in the relevant chapters is highly detailed and one may not find any difficulty in locating any particular topic. But in some places, this book deals with basics only and do not lead to detailed explanations. For example, in topics like error analysis and controllers and compensators, a more elaborated discussion would have been more satisfactory. At the same time, the book provides a thorough explanation of topics like frequency response and stability theory which have a high weightage in GATE.

Plus Points:

Explanation through diagrams provides a familiar reading experience to a new reader and a vast number of solved examples suffice the need of numericals for practice. Chapters like mathematical modelling are dealt very easily and the explanation is accurately to the point.


For competitive exams, the topics which are irrelevant are Non-Linear System Analysis and MATLAB Programs. All other topics are covered in GATE and ESE. The exercise problems given at the end of each chapter are less fruitful also solution manual is not easily available

Overall Experience:

In this book, an effort is made to present the subject in a simple language with a lot of suitable solved examples given in each chapter which helps the students to understand the concepts well. Some salient features in this book are the inclusion of objective type MCQs which are again provided with answers, step by step procedure for solving the problems is provided and illustration of principles and concepts has been done beautifully by solved examples.

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