Book Review : Microelectronic Circuits by Sedra and Smith

Book Review Book Review of “Microelectronic Circuits” by Adel S. Sedra (University of Waterloo), Kenneth C. Smith (University of Toronto) and adapted by Arun N. Chandorkar (IIT Bombay). The Book is published by Oxford University Press. And its International student edition is available in Indian Market. This Book covers all the general topics of subject …

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Book Review: Signals and Systems by Oppenheim and Willsky (with S.Hamid Nawab)

Book Review of ”Signals and Systems” by Alan V. Oppenheim and Alan S. Willsky with S. Hamid Nawab – Oppenheim and Willsky are two well-known professors from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and also have other books in the similar field. The book is published by PHI learning private limited and its Eastern Economy Edition is …

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Book Review: Automatic Control Systems by S. Hasan Saeed

Automatic Control Systems by S. Hasan Saeed is a comprehensive book for undergraduate students of engineering. This book is essential for electrical engineering and electronics and communication engineering students preparing for GATE or ESE, it is also helpful as a reference book for college exams. S. Hasan Saeed is an Indian academic author and educationist. …

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GATE 2018 Toppers From Kreatryx

This blog post will list down all the GATE 2018 Toppers from Kreatryx and they will share their views on Kreatryx offerings.

GATE 2018 was conducted on 3rd Feb, 4th Feb, 10th and 11th Feb and was conducted by IIT Guwahati.

Kreatryx is an e-learning company providing online and offline training for GATE/PSU Preparation. This year Kreatryx provided courses for GATE/PSU preparation in EE, ECE, ME and CE streams. We’re proud to announce the GATE 2018 Toppers List from Kreatryx!

This year’s results are as follows –

Name GATE 2018 AIR Branch Kreatryx Product(s)
Ankit Goyal 1 EE NA
Pinaki Mondal 3 EE K-Test
Sharad Kumar Bansal 4 ECE K-Test
Devendra Chaudhary 5 EE K-Test Mini
Rohit Tripathi 7 EE Koncept | K-Test
Davu Ajay Kumar Reddy 9 EE K-Test
Vimal Pratap Singh 13 EE K-Test
Rohit Sinha 14 CE K-Test
Purushotam Deora 14 IN K-Test
Hrishikesh Kharde 15 EE Krash Video | K-Test
Prathyusha Mennem 15 EE K-Test
Shivhari Sharma 18 ECE K-Test Mini
Sudheer Dhukia 24 EE Klassroom
Mudit Vijayvargia 32 ECE K-Test
Afraz Siddiqui 36 EE K-Test
Yuvraj Rana 36 EE K-Test
Manish Mishra 36 EE K-Test
Monit Rajesh Kumar 40 EE K-Test
Suraj Singh 40 EE K-Test
Chandan Kumar 45 EE K-Test
Ankit Garg 49 EE K-Test
Amit Kumar 49 EE K-Test
Sanskriti Gupta 52 EE Koncept
Tankala Venkatesh 52 EE K-Test
Abhishek Gangwar 56 ECE K-Test
Kuvendra Singh 59 EE K-Test
Venkat Aashish Mylaru 64 ECE K-Test
Gaggenpally Vinay Reddy 64 ECE K-Test
Mohammad Shahid 66 EE Kapsule Zetta
Aman Malik 66 EE K-Test Mini
Anmol Sharma 66 EE Krash
Vibhav Pandey 74 EE Koncept | K-Test
Akash Gaurav 74 EE Krash | K-Test
Manas Roy 74 ECE K-Test
Prateek Bajaj 80 ECE K-Test
Abhishek Kumar 80 ECE K-Test
Muskan Ahuja 80 ECE K-Test – Mini
Kushal Rastogi 84 EE K-Test
Prashaanth Sid 84 EE K-Test
Narendra Kumar Gupta 88 ECE K-Test
Ronit Patel 88 EE K-Test – Mini
Braghadeesh Lakshmi Narayana 94 ECE Krash | K-Test
Avinash Reddy 99 EE K-Test
Faraz Nayyar 99 EE Koncept | Krash Video | K-Test
Bellamkonda Dinesh Sri Harsha 99 EE K-Test Mini
Siddharth Siyag 108 EE K-Test
Om Mishra 108 EE K-Test
Ved Prakash Yadav 108 EE K-Test
Rohit Gupta 108 EE K-Test
Suhas Gade 108 EE K-Test
Laxman Singh 108 EE K-Test
Anshuman Singh 108 EE K-Test
Aghil Sabu 117 ECE K-Test – Mini
Vishal Sharma 124 EE K-Test
Vishal Kumar 134 EE K-Test
Nikhil Purushwani 144 EE Kapsule Zetta
Gaurav Gahlot 144 EE K-Test
Ritvik Singh 144 EE K-Test
Priya Jha 144 EE K-Test
Ranjeet Rajput 144 EE K-Test
Abhishek Kumar 159 ECE K-Test – Mini
Azimuddin Siddiqui 159 ECE K-Test
Raina Jha 160 EE K-Test
Mohammad Umar 160 EE K-Test
Bhola Kumar 160 EE K-Test
Piyush Tripathi 169 EE K-Test
Pramod Kumar 176 EE K-Test
Abhinav Kumar Gupta 187 EE K-Test
Meher Manoj 187 EE K-Test
Sanjay Kumar Ghose 197 EE K-Test
Akshay Kusumkar 197 EE Koncept | K-Test
Raghav Sharma 197 EE K-Test
Ritik Jain 206 EE K-Test
Piyush Thakor 212 EE K-Test
A Yaswanth 217 ECE K-Test
Viral Desai 226 EE K-Test
Mridul Gupta 238 ECE K-Test – Mini
Naina Nagpal 238 ECE K-Test
Vishal Thakur 241 EE Kapsule Zetta
Prabhat Sharma 241 EE Krash | K-Test
Meet Rajvir 241 EE K-Test
Mohammad Azmal Mansoori 241 EE K-Test – Mini
Guruprasad Borappagari 257 EE K-Test
K. Anil Kumar Reddy 267 EE K-Test
Raghav Sharma 279 EE Kapsule Zetta
Avinash Kumar Garg 279 EE K-Test
Pooja Singh 279 EE K-Test
Ompal Singh 279 EE K-Test
Sanidhya Tewari 279 EE K-Test
Vivek Ranjan 286 ECE K-Test – Mini
Prakash Haritwal 304 ECE K-Test
Shivam 304 ECE K-Test
Nishant Kumar 314 EE Kapsule Zetta
Rupam Mandal 314 EE K-Test
Rohit Goyal 314 EE K-Test
Shivraj Singh 314 EE K-Test
Nikhil Ranjan 415 EE Klassroom

We’ll keep updating this list…

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Sudheer Dhukia GATE 2018 Topper