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GATE-2015 Preparation Strategy by AIR-55

Hi Guys,
We have with us Rajarshi Bhattacharya who secured AIR-55 in GATE-2015 EE exam. He was the most active member of our GATE Aspirants group and was involved in some of the most engaging discussions that i have come across. He was a part of Kreatryx Krash-2015 Program which was launched on November 24, 2014.
Here is what he has to advice GATE Aspirants about GATE Preparation:

Kreatryx: How was the GATE paper this year? Give us some insights into GATE 2015 question paper?
Rajarshi: I feel that this year the paper was a bit on the lengthier side as compared to last year. Numerical type questions were in abundance, which means there was no way of being sure if the attempted answer were correct. Aptitude part was easy, as it always is, but the technical part demanded conceptual clarity. The questions were inter – linked on various topics and the types were quite unconventional. However, once understood, the questions could be easily answered.
Core subjects were given more priority, and interestingly, there were a number of questions from Power Electronics, though they were very easy. Network Theory, Machines and Power Systems demanded majority of marks, and Power Systems had standard questions. There were very few questions from Digital Electronics and Microprocessors got no place at all. Analog electronics just had some questions from op – amp.

Kreatryx: How did you go about attempting the paper?

Rajarshi: I had targeted to get 60 marks, and I broke it up into 17 one marks, 16 two marks and 11 marks in aptitude. This effectively meant that if I could attempt every alternate question in technical on the first go and gave aptitude properly. I would be near my aim.

I started with technical one mark question and attempted 19 of them in 50 minutes. Among two marks questions, I attempted 24 and when 45 minutes was left, I proceeded to aptitude. It was done in 15 minutes, and for the rest 30 minutes I checked and removed any answer I had doubt on.

Kreatryx: What do you think is the reason of your success in GATE – 2015?
Rajarshi: I think starting my preparation early was an important factor. I kept notes and revised them regularly, because so many formulas can’t be remembered otherwise. Later I joined 4 test series, and the experience of giving all these tests came in handy on D – day. The help and support I received from Ankit Goyal (AIR – 1, 2014) sir elevated my marks from about 50 to 65. I made time-table and tried my best to stick to it. Sometimes, it was tough but the hope of getting a good rank kept me motivated. Initially, I had cleared my basics when the courses were taught in college so I didn’t have much difficulty later.

Kreatryx: What was your strategy in preparing for GATE exam? Which month did you start preparation and how did you go about preparing for GATE exam?

Rajarshi: I started my preparation from nearly a year ago. Firstly, I took up one book each for every subject and read the theory thoroughly, while preparing notes simultaneously. I gave ample amount of time for this process, as it is the most important part of preparation. I solved the exam and exercise of the books fully, which gave me an insight about solving numerical. Then I took up GATE previous years solved papers and found out which areas were relevant and important. I focused my attention to these and started practicing questions from various books available. Then I registered for test series, and any doubts I had, I resolved them by the help of Ankit sir and his FB group, ‘GATE Aspirants’. I started giving full length tests from September, which helped me to mould myself for the 3 hours. For the last 2 months, I just revised old topics and followed Ankit sir’s Blog.

Kreatryx: How many hours did you set aside for GATE preparation?
Rajarshi: When I started my preparation, I gave 3 – 4 hours mostly in the morning for reading the theory portion. When I started practicing questions, I kept the morning hours for revising notes, and utilized my periods in college. In the evening I solved questions for 3 hours before dinner. After September, I raised daily hours to 8. All this time, I set aside 1 hour daily at night for Maths. During the last two months, I gave one full length test every day and aside from that studied for 7 hours, 2 of which I kept for troubleshooting, which included analyzing the tests I had given and finding out where I lag, and fixing the problem. I urged myself never to do the same mistake twice.

Kreatryx: Any book or study material you would like to recommend for GATE?

      Rajarshi: I believe that Indian authors write much more compatible books for GATE compared to foreign authors I followed the following books:
  •       Network Theory- AK chakrobarty (All examples) 
  •       Machines – PS Bimbhra (All exercise problem and mcqs at last); Fitzgerald (for synchronous machines); Nagrath Kothari (Exercise, for tough problem)
  •       Power Systems – stevenson (Protection part); JB Gupta
  •       Control Systems – BS manke (mcqs at last); K. Ogata (for nyquist plot)
  •       Power Electronics – PS Bimbhra (Except choppers); M. Rashid (for choppers)
  •       Digital electronics – A Anand kumar
  •       Analog Electronics – JB Gupta.
  •       Maths – Engineering Mathematics by Kreyszig
  •       Measurement – AK Sawhney
  •       Signals and systems- Oppenheim, P. Ramesh Babu
Kreatryx: How did Krash course help you in your preparation?
      Rajarshi: The Krash course was instrumental to my success to a high extent. It set the tone of my preparation in the right path, and prevented me from being complacent.
  • K–Notes – K-Notes provided by Ankit sir (as a part of Krash 2015 Program) were precise, concise, easy to understand and most importantly covered those small topics that escape our mind and the tricks to solve them.
  • Kuestion – Of all the question banks which I have come across, Kuestion is the best. It covers all the topics, is graded beautifully from easy to harder problems and gives an idea about the real GATE paper. The questions were innovative and solving them really gave me the confidence boost I needed.
  • K–Tests – 3 K–Tests arranged just before the actual D – day gave me a fair bit of practice and allowed me to check my quality with some very great minds of India.
Simply said, without Krash, I wouldn’t have gone past 55 marks. The strategy and planning provided by Krash 2015 was unparalleled.
Kreatryx: What suggestions and tips would you like to give to students preparing for GATE 2016?
      Rajarshi: First and foremost, believe in yourself, you can do it, you just need to work hard.
Give necessary amount of time to each and every topic, don’t just rush through them.
  • Be honest with yourself. Don’t check answers while solving questions. Accept whatever score you are getting now, there’s still plenty of time.
  • Don’t be afraid to give tests. I have seen cases where a genuinely talented boy could not complete his paper due to lack of experience.
  • Learn from your mistake. Don’t repeat the same mistake twice.
  • PRACTICE – There is no shortcut to practice. Buy or collect whatever practice books you can find. R.K. Kanodia is good, Arihant, masterpiece, GKP publications have their own books. You can also practice from some study materials, but don’t read theories from these books.
  • Don’t be demotivated. It’s best if a group of serious students can get together and prepare, it helps to pin–point mistakes and given the whole process a fun side.
  • Enjoy whatever you do. Unless you are loving it, you can’t be good at it.
  • Lay off distractions for a while. College life is full of distractions and almost everyone forget that it doesn’t matter what X, XII score you have if you don’t do good in college. So restrain yourself for a few months and see how beautifully life rewards you.
Kreatryx: What would you like to tell students aspiring for GATE about Kreatryx and its offerings?
      Rajarshi: I would just like to share the fact that Kreatryx gave my preparation the right track and Ankit sir showed me the way. He is an incredible teacher, very patient, elaborate simple and as you may have guessed, highly knowledgeable. There is something reassuring when you know your teacher knows nearly everything, it enables you to explore new areas, as you know that if you can’t find the answer, there is someone who can.
  • Blog – Ankit Sir blog was rich in information, statistics and strategies and his motivational articles really helped me when the going got tough. Also, the articles contributed by other toppers helped me substantially.
  • GATE Aspirants (– A group consisting of some really brainy people, most of whom are friends with each other now, this group remained active 24 x 7 and was the hub of some quality discussions. If it wasn’t for this group. I wouldn’t have known about half the concepts that I ended up with. Any query was answered in seconds and the discussions were really fantastic.
Ankit sir takes a personal interest in each and every post in the group and blog, and responds to every comment and message. He is the reason I have achieved whatever small success. Thank you sir for all your help, support and love.

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