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GATE-2015 Topper Interview – Pradeep Seervi

Hi Guys,

We have with us Pradeep Seervi who secured AIR-1 in GATE-2015 EE exam. He is presently studying in Final Year B.Tech at IIT Mandi. He scored 75.96 marks in the forenoon session of GATE exam conducted on 7th February 2015.
He was a part of Kreatryx Krash-2015 Program which was an online program started from November 24th 2014 for final stages preparation of GATE. So here is what he has to say about GATE Preparation:
Kreatryx: How was the GATE Paper this year? Give us some insight into GATE-2015 Question Paper.
Pradeep: I found the paper a bit easier than the last year, although there were some direct theory questions which were very conceptual. The aptitude section of my session (forenoon) was quite easy and scoring.

In the technical part, most of the 1 mark questions were straight-forward and few needed lengthy calculations. Some theory questions were also present. Some of the questions looked lengthy at first but there is always an easier and shorter way to solve it.

Kreatryx: How did you go about attempting the paper?
Pradeep: Truly speaking, I directly followed Ankit Goyal (AIR 1 GATE 2014 EE) sir’s strategy (Ankit Goyal’s Strategy). I attempted the entire paper serial-wise. First I attempted aptitude part. As the aptitude was quite easy it really boosted my confidence. I completed aptitude section in about 20 minutes.
Then I started with 1 Mark technical questions. I did not spend any time on questions which were out of my league.
Although I spent some extra time on few of the easy but lengthy questions, I was able to go through the 1 Mark questions in about 45 minutes.

Then I attempted 2 Marks Questions. I did it calmly since I had ample amount of time left. I completed the entire paper in about 2 hours and 45 minutes. For the remaining time, I quickly scanned through the Marked for Review Questions. In total, I attempted 57 Questions out of 65.

Kreatryx: What do you think is the reason of your success in GATE 2015?
Pradeep: As it is truly said, “Hardwork is the key to success”. Dedication and willingness to work hard is the only way to crack GATE.

The K-Notes and Kuestions of Kreatryx helped me a lot in the last months before GATE Exam. Constant support and motivation from my family inspired me a lot. I tried to build my concepts right from the 1stsemester in the college which proved beneficial.

Kreatryx: What was your strategy in preparing for the GATE Exam? Which month did you start preparation and how did you go about preparing for GATE Exam?
Pradeep: I started the preparation in August 2014. I made a rough study schedule for the entire August-November period.
I allocated around a week for each subject and tried to strictly follow the schedule.
I read handwritten notes, class notes and some book material during the one week allocated time.
Then I made schedule for December-January period. I allocated around 4 days for each subject during which I used to read K-Notes, attempt all Kuestions and then give subject-wise test and full syllabus test.
Finally during the week before the exam, I quickly went through all the K-Notes and some previous year papers.
Kreatryx: How many hours did you set aside for GATE preparation?
Pradeep: I could not set any fixed time for preparation. As I was in college, so I had to find time amidst all the assignments, projects and quizzes. But I tried to strictly follow my study plan. I studied with full concentration whenever I got time to get the most out of it. But I completely devoted entire December and January months for GATE Preparation.
Kreatryx: Any books or study material you would like to recommend for GATE students?
Pradeep: For concept building, the books in the UG Curriculum will suffice but for core subjects, students must read other books. Truly speaking, I used to read handwritten notes of various subjects issued by some coaching institute. These notes were very vast and covered every inch of GATE Syllabus.
Anyway, some of the great books which can be useful are:
  • Signals and Systems by Oppenheim
  • Control Systems by Nagrath Gopal
  • Advanced Engg Maths by Kreyszig
  • Digital Design by Morris Mano
  • Electronic Devices and Circuit Theory by Boylestad
Kreatryx: How did Kreatryx’s Krash 2015 Program help you in your preparations?
Pradeep: Kreatryx’s Krash Program helped me a lot. Major credit of my success goes to Kreatryx. The K-Notes helped me in my revision during final months. The Kuestions contained a variety of questions which gave me an idea about questions which can be asked from each topic of each subject. Also, the K-Notes were short and sweet and it contained only the relevant and useful formulae.
Kreatryx: What suggestions and tips would you like to give to students who are preparing for GATE 2016 Exam?
Pradeep: Here are some suggestions:
  • Try to build concepts right from your UG Courses.
  • Make a study schedule/plan and try to follow it.
  • Please join some Online Test Series during last 2 months and attempt them in the correct way. It will help you to make your strategy for attempting the main exam.
  • Solve as many questions as possible but keep in mind that variety of questions matters, not number of questions. Solving a number of questions which are of same type will not help in any manner.
  • Try to make some short notes of your own if you need. (By the way K-Notes were sufficient for me)
  • Don’t try to remember all the formulae. GATE doesn’t ask direct formula based question, even if it does, then they are based on very trivial formulae.
  • Never lose hope during your preparation. Have faith in God and work hard.
Kreatryx: What would you like to tell students aspiring for GATE about Kreatryx and its offerings (Ankit Goyal’s Blog, GATE Aspirants FB Group, Ankit Goyal’s Personal Mentorship, etc.)
Pradeep: Kreatryx provides a very good platform for GATE Preparation. K-Notes, Kuestions are very useful. Ankit Goyal’s Blog constantly inspires students during their preparation. GATE Aspirants FB Group is a very efficient way of asking doubts. It also helps other students who have same doubt. People from various parts of the country can share their view and their thoughts.
I would suggest all the GATE Aspirants to join Kreatryx and follow Ankit Goyal Sir’s Blog. I would like to thank Kreatryx for providing such an AWESOME Study Material.

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