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GATE 2016 Vs GATE 2015 EE Curriculum

Hi Guys,
As many of you may already have heard that IISc Bangalore have made changes to the GATE course this year. In my opinion the  changes are not very major and you should not bank upon these changes for the GATE exam. The course has been changed after along time so it is not very clear as what to expect from GATE authorities. In this post I have compared the GATE curriculum of previous years with this year GATE curriculum subject wise.Engineering Mathematics
There is no change in the course for Engineering Mathematics.
To read how to study this subject click on the link below:

Electric Circuits
There is not much change in this subject except that Power and Power Factor in AC circuits have been mentioned separately. But this topic used to come in GATE exam earlier also so no need to worry about this.
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Electromagnetic Fields
This year Electromagnetic Fields has been separated from Circuit Theory and has been mentioned as a separate section. This time the course though has not changed much but it has been given more elaborately. Coulomb’s Law, Electric Field Intensity and Electric Flux Density has been added in the course but this should not create a major impact as not many questions can be framed from these topics.
Electromagnetic Induction has been added in the course and laws like Faraday’s Law and Lorentz Force and magnetic circuits have been added. These topics were earlier being taught as basics of Electrical Machine but not much emphasis was being laid as these were just the basic laws. But now you can expect problems in GATE exam from these topics.
What to Expect: You can expect a higher weightage in GATE exam from this topic as compared to previous years so I am guessing 6-8 marks weightage this year.
Recommendation: You need to practice a lot of problems and for basics of vector calculus you can refer Electromagnetic Book by Sadiku and other than that practice basic problems from 12th Standard books (but not JEE level book), The questions in GATE exam are usually very basic and do not involve much use of Curl and Divergence. So, do brush up on the basic concepts learnt in +2 well.

Signals and Systems
The course in this subject is exactly same as that of previous year. But I guess students are getting confused as now topic mentioned is Application of Transforms instead of Transforms. But this simply means that questions will be base don application of these transforms using their properties which was case earlier as well.
To read more how to prepare this subject well click on the link below:

Electrical Machines
Though there are not major changes in this subject like Transformers course is mentioned as it is.
But DC Generator and DC Motor Characteristics have been given separately. In previous years there haven’t been many questions from these characteristics but still it will be worth looking at once.
In case of Induction Motors the course has been described in detail like Equivalent Circuit, No-Load and Blocked Rotor Tests and Torque-Speed Characteristics. There haven’t been many problems from testing of Induction Machines earlier but this year we may expect some.
Synchronous Machines is kept same but special machines like Servo Motor and Stepper Motor have been removed. So, prepare upto Single Phase Induction Motor only.
To read in detail how to prepare each concept in this subject click on the link below:
Power Systems
The course for the unit and Transmission and Distribution is exactly same. If you guys feel that HVDC has been removed then I would like to inform that it is still included in the course in form of DC Transmission concepts.
The Load Flow methods like Newton Raphson and Gauss Seidel methods have been mentioned so they can be asked in this year GATE exam though they were not given major weightage in previous year.
Rest all units are exactly same though FACTS has been removed but this does not create much impact as earlier also there were no questions from this topic.
To read in detail how to prepare each concept in this subject click on the link below:
Recommendation: Though Economic Dispatch has been removed from GATE curriculum but I would recommend that you prepare this. This is a small concept from which question was asked almost each year.
Control Systems
Mathematical Modeling of Physical Systems has been added this year. This included forming of Differential Equations for Mechanical Systems and also forming Electrical Circuits based on Mechanical System Differential Equations.
Though Controllability and Observability have been missing from this year GATE curriculum but still they can be asked as they are included in State Variable Analysis. Rest of the course is same.
To read in detail how to prepare each concept in this subject click on the link below:
Electrical and Electrical Measurements
The different types of Electromechanical Instruments have been removed from this GATE year. But different indicating instruments like Ammeter and Voltmeter are created by using these instruments. So, we can expect that questions will not be asked from principle of these devices but rather application of these Instruments to create Ammeters and Voltmeters. Q-meters has also been removed from this year GATE course.
To read in detail how to prepare each concept in this subject click on the link below:
Analog Electronics
Though the course of Analog Electronics is much the same as previous year but this year Diode applications have been given in detail like Clippers, Clampers and Rectifiers. This does not impact the preparation as earlier also questions from diode circuits were based on these concepts only. Other than that JFET has been removed so in FET only MOSFET has been included but in Electrical Engineering questions from both MOSFET and JFET are very rare.
So, I expect questions from Analog Electronics will be more or less the same.
To read in detail how to prepare each concept in this subject click on the link below:
Digital Electronics
The course is exactly same except removal of De-multiplexer. So, same level of paper can be expected.
To read in detail how to prepare each concept in this subject click on the link below:
Power Electronics
Power Semi-conductor Devices is exactly same as that of previous years. The other topics are also same just DC-DC converters is described in detail like Buck, Boost and Buck-Boost Converters. Inverters and Pulse Width Modulation is also kept same. Drives has also been removed.
To read in detail how to prepare each concept in this subject click on the link below:
I hope this post helps you in your quest for GATE 2016. If you find this post helpful please share this with your friends so that they can also clear their doubts regarding changes in GATE syllabus.

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