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GATE 2017 Topper Interview – Shivam Singh AIR 1 (EE)

GATE Exam specific questions

  1. How was GATE paper this year? Give us some insights into GATE-2017 paper and compare it to past year question paper.

This year paper was of decent standard. I attempted set 2 which I found lengthy. Having solved enough test series, I figured it out during exam only and increased my speed. I attempted every question. Comparing it with last year paper,questions were tricky and the easier one were lengthy.

  1. How did you feel after seeing first few questions? Did you feel relaxed and calm or you were anxious during first few questions? If you felt anxious then how did you calm yourself?

I used to solve aptitude section 1st for gaining confidence. So dealing with 1st few questions were easy.

Sometimes during the exam when solution were taking too much time,then I was little anxious.

For calming myself if I used to console myself that if I am taking this much time then this question will help me to get top rank. Also I knew I gonna make up in next questions.

  1. How did you go about attempting the paper? How did you distribute time among various sections like did you attempt 1 mark questions or 2 marks questions first? Please give a detailed description of time management strategy you followed?

Aptitude -20 mins max

1 marks technical-40 mins max

2 marks technical -120 mins max

  1. What was the impact of Online Calculator on GATE Exam? How did you prepare yourself to tackle the Online Calculator?

Its just about practice. 1 month practice is enough for getting used to online calculator.

  1. What do you feel about the increasing weightage of Numerical Answer Type Questions? How to improve accuracy in order to score well in Numerical Answer Type Questions?

Increasing numerical answer type question makes the paper tougher as you have to get answer in 1st attempt. Try to remember approx. values of every parameter as much possible while practicing because hypothetical question is generally not asked in exam. For increasing accuracy you must decrease you speed little and for compensating it try to solve MCQs fast.

GATE Preparation strategy

  1. What was the motive behind you appearing for GATE exam?

To get rank 1 only.

  1. When did you start preparing for GATE exam?

In final year, I started preparing for gate.

In my 1st attempt, I got AIR 698, then I took drop and secured AIR-1

  1. Up to what date were you able to complete the course once? What was your target as to how many questions to practice in each subject? What was the sequence in which you prepared the subjects?

I completed my course 1 month before with revision.

Previous year questions are enough and then test series. no specific sequence.

  1. Which subjects according to require more practice and which subjects need to be read from standard textbooks?

Machines and power electronics require more practice.

And I never preferred reading from books, only coaching notes.

  1. Which study material and standard books would you recommend for GATE Aspirants in each subject?

Made easy handwritten notes

  1. How did you keep the subjects fresh in your memory the entire time? Did you revise the subjects regularly or you left the revision for last few months? What was your strategy for revision in the last few months?

I used to revise regularly. At night after coming from coaching, I give time for today’s taught subject. Then in the morning I give time for previous subjects.

  1. What is the role of mock tests in your success in GATE exam? How many mock tests did you attempt? When did you start attempting mock tests?

Mock test can only help you in getting good rank. It is the backbone of your preparation.

14 full mock test and 1 advanced subject test for each subject.

  1. How was your score in Mock Tests? Is there any correlation between mock test performance and actual GATE performance?

In 3 mock tests it was below 70.

In another 3 mock tests it was above 80 and remaining between 70 to 80.


  1. Did you purchase/use any of the Kreatryx Products? If yes, how was it beneficial to you?

Just watched Ankit sir’s Youtube videos on Kreatryx YouTube channel for last month preparation tips.


K-Test 2018

Personal Questions

  1. What is the role of undergraduate studies or college studies in your GATE prep?


  1. How did you motivate yourself for such a long journey towards GATE?

Because I want to get rank 1 desperately.

  1. Did you expect such a result after giving the GATE exam?

No I didn’t but I was sure it must be under 100.

  1. How did you feel the moment you saw the results?

Actually I was 70% sure that I would be the topper this time because I calculated my marks which was 83 and after normalization I decreased to 81.25

I just took a little glimpse of rank, it was written 1, then I was praying that no extra zero should be there after it. And all of a sudden I looked …it was me who topped!!

I felt like king !

  1. What is the role of family and friends in your success in GATE exam?

My father and brother were always my biggest motivator.

My mother and friends were also very helpful during time of stress.

  1. Who would you dedicate this GATE result to?

Dedicated to Lord Shiva! I prayed desperately he blessed.

  1. What is the success mantra that you would like to give to other GATE aspirants which has been critical for your preparation as well?

No FB! No WhatsApp!

Only belief in yourself can get you Rank 1.

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