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GATE 2017 Toppers | Kreatryx

This blog post will list down all the GATE 2017 Toppers from Kreatryx and they will share their views on Kreatryx offerings.

GATE 2017 was conducted on 4th and 5th Feb as well as 11th and 12th Feb and was conducted by IIT Roorkee. As per the review of students appearing in the exam, this year the paper was a bit more typical and lengthy as compared to last year.

Kreatryx is an e-learning company providing online and offline training for GATE/PSU Preparation. This year Kreatryx provided courses for GATE/PSU preparation in ECE, EE and ME streams but there were also a few students who enrolled in EE and ECE courses. We’re proud to announce the GATE 2017 Toppers from Kreatryx!

Different products offered by Kreatryx this year were,


An online video lecture course which includes hard copies of study material and online test series. This course also incorporates doubt solving via secret fb group and live webinars. For GATE 2017 Kreatryx offered this course for EEE and ECE streams.

I bought Kapsule Zetta Plan in 6th semester. The value for money of this plan is very good. It definitely went above my expectations. The teaching in the video lectures and the theory and problem booklets were all top class. For every subject I first viewed the video lectures which explained every topic in a detailed manner and was easy to understand at the same time. I followed this by studying the Koncept theory booklet and then attempted questions from the problems booklet and this helped me in fully understanding every topic. Using Kapsule has helped me achieve AIR 147 in GATE 2017 and also helped me increase my knowledge of electrical engineering which will help me all my life.

Arunabh Sarma (AIR 147 in GATE 2017 EE)

This was my fourth attempt and I wanted to give my best this time because I felt this was my final attempt. My lifetime aim was to join a PSU but everytime I was failing with little margins but this time I got a decent rank (AIR-209) and with this rank I hope I can get most of the PSU calls. I can give more than 75% of contribution to Kreatryx for my success.
Priyatham Kadiyam (AIR 209 in GATE 2017 EE)


An offline classroom training program under the guidance of Mr. Ankit Goyal (GATE-2013 AIR-8 and GATE-2014 AIR-1). This course also includes study material, online and offline test series. Like Kapsule, this course was run for EEE and ECE stream this year. The batch strength is kept around 60-70 students per year.

I joined Kreatryx Klassroom course in May 2016, before that I couldn’t get any proper guidance and directions on how to prepare. Kreatryx helped a lot, as classroom sessions were very interactive and helped to gain confidence to solve questions in competitive environment. Before joining I had doubts like
Will there be too many students?
There were 50 students only, hence it was easy for teachers to focus on weak students, otherwise they are left out in other coachings.
Will enough classroom tests be conducted?
Yes they conducted 2-3 tests per subject which was more than enough
Can I ask questions after class?
Yes you can ask as many questions as you want literally as many as you want!!!!!

I Got AIR-569 , its not the best but I learned a lot and am confident that it will help me crack other exams too. After each subject, class tests were conducted in which I used to perform above average. Also, Ankit sir is knowledgeable and his attitude towards understanding students is  pretty commendable, also revision classes and counseling session were pretty great. I am happy that I joined Kreatryx, and would definitely recommend to other students who want to join coaching and are in dilemma , trust me you won’t regret!! Kreatryx has definitely helped me gain the knowledge and confidence which will definitely be helpful  for my further journey.
Prateek Gilani (AIR 569 in GATE 2017 EE)


A postal study course in which theory booklets as well as question banks with solutions are included for each subject. This course also includes separate books for Engineering Maths, Numerical Ability and Verbal Ability. Also, previous year question bank with detailed solutions is included. The books are sent to a student via courier in multiple instalments. This year the course was run for EEE and ECE aspirants.

Since September I was using KONCEPT and K-Test, A very precisely explained theory from KONCEPT helped me to understand the concepts and variety of questions boosted my confidence for real GATE exam. K-Test played a vital role in my journey. It helped me to improve accuracy and to build a good habit to read questions carefully. Solved examples in KONCEPT was good enough to learn how to approach questions. Ankit Sir’s Webinar was always an inspiration.

– Sonu Sharma (AIR 4 in GATE 2017 ECE)

Koncept is a student friendly study material covering all topics one can imagine. No matter how trivial a topic is, it will never go untouched. Every question comes with a detailed solution and the answers are error free. My concepts in certain subjects were weak like in Power system and Machines. After solving Koncept, I felt more confident and could take on the toughest of questions easily. I would recommend Koncept to all aspirants. Trust me, you shall never regret it.

Rishi Hazra (AIR 133 in GATE 2017 EE)


A postal study course intended for revision in last 3 months which includes short notes for each subject as well as a set of 80-100 question with solution for practice. The books are sent in a single instalment via courier. This year the course was run for EEE and ECE and was introduced for very first time for ME students.

I ordered Krash course of Kreatryx for revision and it was all what I needed. Every topic was given point-wise and in concise manner which saved my time and I devoted my time for practicing the questions. The questions given in Krash and K-Test were designed as per GATE standard and can be solved in a short span of time. It gives a feeling of completeness when you revise the complete syllabus through Kreatryx short notes. I will recommend Kreatryx to other aspirants preparing for GATE as well.

Prakhar Kumar Pandey (AIR 12 in GATE 2017 EE)

KRASH course actually go up and above the expectation as initially I was skeptical about the product being error  free (as it was the 1st edition) but to my surprise the contents and the representations are really good and there is no chance of any typo in the answer keys as every question has an elaborate solution which minimizes the typos in giving answer keys. It is advisable to join KREATRYX during final year or in 3rd year to be in safe side. It will help you in the college examinations as well as in GATE.

Aditya Narayan Nanda (AIR 13 in GATE 2017 IN)


An online test series including subject-wise tests and full length tests. This year it included almost 60 tests and was available for EEE and ECE students. This year we saw active participation of record number of students in this course and so the results were closer to actual GATE score. 

When I was preparing in the initial stages I searched for so many websites which provide best test series. But later I came to know that Kreatryx gives best test series (K-Test) through social media websites. K-Test provides questions similar to actual GATE with equal weightage to all subjects and from the topics which are frequently asked. K-Test provides questions and solutions in an error free manner. I attempted GATE 2016 also and secured AIR 7819. In GATE 2017 Kreatryx definitely played an important role in my success.

Rajsekhar Reddy (AIR 6 in GATE 2017 EE)

I was looking for a Test Series with questions similar to those asked in GATE and Kreatryx K-Test was a good choice. K-Test helped me get a good accuracy by providing test series very similar to that of actual GATE. Kreatryx definitely met my expectations and I would definitely recommend it to future aspirants because of the quality of K-Test.
Kartikey Singh (AIR 34 in GATE 2017 EE)

We would like to extend our heartiest congratulations to all the students who have cleared GATE exam in flying colours. Those who haven’t been able to do well this year, don’t think of it as failure but rather a lesson and stepping stone, this is not the end of the road.

This table shows the overall results of students enrolled in one or the other course from Kreatryx.

The list will keep on getting updated as we receive information from different students.

Name GATE 2017 AIR Branch Kreatryx Product(s)
Sonu Sharma 4 ECE Koncept and K-Test
Rajasekhar Reddy 6 EE K-Test
Prakhar Kumar Pandey 12 EE Krash and K-Test
Aditya Narayan Nanda 13 IN Krash
Raj Shrivastava 26 IN Kapsule Zetta
Kiran Koneru 33 EE Kapsule Subscrpition
Kartikey Singh 34 EE K-Test
Manish Kumar Sharma 50 EE K-Test
Samran Khan 51 EE Krash
Abhishek Tripathi 57 EE Koncept
Hiralal Samal 63 EE K-Test
Deependra Marwar 63 EE Krash
 Mayank Wadhwa  111  EE  Krash
Yash Bansal 116 ECE K-Test
Soumya Goswami 117 EE K-Test
Rishi Hazra 133 EE Koncept
Sourav Das 143 EE K-Test
Arunabh Sarma 147 EE Kapsule Zetta
Digvijay Singh 163 EE Kapsule Zetta
Sandeep Kumar Singh 175 EE K-Test
Soumitra Debnath 176 EE K-Test
Anche Jagadeesh 190 EE Kapsule Zetta
 Shivendra Awasthi 191 EE Krash and K-Test
Tushar Jindal 205 EE K-Test


 Priyatham Kadiyam 209  EE Kapsule Zetta
Adyanand Tiwari 214 EE Klassroom Subject-wise
Asit Kumar 237 ECE Krash
Pranab Patnaik 275 EE K-Test
Aditi Gupta 346 EE Koncept and K-Test
Vignesh Pogaku 376 EE K-Test
Himanshu Raikwar 383  EE Krash
Mahendra Pratap Singh 413 EE K-Test
Perwej Alam 419 EE K-Test
Triptendu Chaudhury  443 EE Kapsule Zetta
 Joydoot Ghatak 445 EE K-Test
Ashwin Pandey 453  EE K-Test
Premsukh Nain 477  EE K-Test
Snehasis Pattanaik 476 ME Krash
Darshana 482 EE Krash and K-Test
Sudeep Nandi 482 EE K-Test
 Deepak Kumar 489 ECE K-Test
Maddala Pramodh Kumar 494 EE K-Test
Sutanu Goswami 516 EE Koncept and Krash
Abinay Reddy 520  EE Krash
Vaibhav Porwal 536 EE K-Test
Prateek Gilani 569 EE Klassroom
Azimuddin Siddiqui 592  ECE K-Test

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