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GATE 2018 EE Detailed Analysis by Ankit Goyal

Hey guys!

This post is for recently concluded GATE exam and in this post I wish to let you all know my verdict on GATE 2018 EE paper. GATE 2018 paper for EE was conducted on 10th Feb 2018 in the forenoon session. A few general observations that I made about GATE 2018 exam are –

  • The paper was designed to test the basic understanding rather than the advanced concepts in each subject.
  • The paper was a bit lengthy so one must be able to choose the questions to be attempted wisely.
  • The accuracy of attempt will matter in this exam rather than the number of questions attempted.
  • There was only a single set so there will be no controversy this time for normalization.

Based on our analysis, the number of questions and weightage of different subjects were,

Number Subject Questions Marks
1 Analog Electronics 2 3
2 Control Systems 5 8
3 Digital Electronics 3 5
4 Electrical Machines 6 9
5 EMT 3 5
6 Engineering Maths 10 15
7 Measurement 2 3
8 Network Analysis 8 13
9 Power Electronics 6 9
10 Power Systems 6 8
11 Signals and Systems 4 7
12 Aptitude 10 15

You can check out the GATE 2018 EE Rank Predictor by Kreatryx here.

Based on the weightage given above you can clearly see that the core subject weightage was reduced as compared to previous years. So the paper had higher weightage of common subjects than core subjects.

Let me now comment on how was each subject in GATE 2018 and based on difficulty level of each subject I will assign it a score on a scale of 3.

Analog Electronics

The questions in Analog Electronics were based on BJT biasing and Op-Amp Applications. There was one controversial problem based on Thevenin resistance of BJT but the problem based on Op-Amp was very simple. So, as I have always said Op-Amp is most important topic in Analog Electronics.

Kreatryx Score: 2.33 (out of 3)

Control Systems

The weightage of Control Systems was as expected but the chapter that dominated most this year was Time Response Analysis as there were three questions based on that. There were two questions based on the concept of Steady State Error and one based on nature of damping. There were no questions on Block Diagram, Root Locus, Frequency Response. As always there was one question based on State Space Analysis. Overall, the questions from Control Systems were average.

Kreatryx Score: 2 (out of 3)


Digital Electronics

The weightage of Digital Electronics was same as previous years i.e. 3-5 marks and questions asked were simple. One question was based on k-map directly, one was based on Logic Gates and one good question was asked from Counters. But still the level of Digital Electronics was not very tough.

Kreatryx Score: 2.20 (out of 3)


Electrical Machines

This year the weightage of Electrical Machines reduced drastically as compared to GATE-2017. The questions that were asked were so that one can solve them using Virtual calculator. Only one problem based on Single Phase Induction Motor was calculation intensive and required the use of Complex numbers. Other than that most of the calculations could be done by hand. This year Synchronous Machines was rare but Transformers and DC Machines dominated.

Kreatryx Score: 2.55 (out of 3)


As has been seen in the past 2 years that the weightage of EMT has increased since it was introduced as a separate subject for EE. The questions that were asked this year were basic and they were based on concept of Image Charge and Solenoid. There were no lengthy or tricky questions.

Kreatryx Score: 2.20 (out of 3)

Engineering Maths

The weightage of Engineering Maths increased this year as compared to previous year and almost all chapters were asked this year. The questions were mainly asked from Matrices and Complex Variable. Other than that one question was asked from Numerical technique but was related to Salient Pole Synchronous Machine so basically it was a practical application of Newton Raphson method. In Complex variable there were two problems that were based on Residue Method.

Kreatryx Score: 2.00 (out of 3)



As always the weightage of Measurement was mediocre and the questions this year were based on Electro-mechanical Instruments and were simple as compared to last year. The questions were straight forward formula based. So with a basic knowledge one could have easily got full marks in this subject.

Kreatryx Score: 1.67 (out of 3)

Network Analysis

This year the weightage of Network Analysis suddenly shot up. It is the one of the most basic subjects and also a pre-requisite for many subjects giving it all the more importance. The questions that were asked were mainly based on Sinusoidal Steady State Analysis and also there was one simple problem of Graph Theory which many people ignore. Also, there was one problem based on Locus Diagram which is very rarely asked. Overall, the questions designed in Network were very good and it was good to see GATE focusing more on basics.

Kreatryx Score: 2.00 (out of 3)

Power Electronics

The weightage of Power Electronics this year was higher than expected. Only this subject out of all had such questions which only very few could attempt correctly. The major dominant chapters this year were Rectifier and Chopper and unlike popular expectation there were no questions asked from Inverters. Choppers had the best questions asked out of all the chapters. So for those preparing for GATE 2019, choppers and Inverters cannot be ignored now.

Kreatryx Score: 2.33 (out of 3) 

Power Systems

The weightage of Power Systems was as expected around 8-10 marks. But unlike previous few years Power System Protection was not asked> Mainly the questions were based on Transmission and Distribution and Fault Analysis. In fault Analysis only unsymmetrical faults was asked and that too directly formula based problems. So, overall this section was average.

Kreatryx Score: 1.95 (out of 3)


Signals and Systems

This subject is not taught at many universities in Electrical Engineering but this is one of the most important subject when it comes to GATE exam. In this year the weightage was around 7 Marks which is less as compared to previous few years and the question were simple unlike last year. There was no question based on Z-Transform and mainly basics were asked like Signal Energy in both continuous and discrete time.

Kreatryx Score: 2.29 (out of 3)


General Aptitude

This section was pretty simple and Numerical Aptitude and Reasoning dominated Verbal Ability. Verbal counted for about 4 marks whereas Numerical Ability accounted for about 11 Marks. So easily one could obtain a score of 12-13 marks in this section.

Kreatryx Score: 1.80 (out of 3)


GATE 2018 Vs GATE 2017!

One of the most asked question by GATE Aspirants is that how was this year’s paper compared to last year. So, I can point out a few differences,

  • This year’s exam was a bit easier as compared to GATE 2017.
  • The questions were such that there can easily be a mistake committed. So, a lot of students committed mistakes and ended up losing marks.
  • Some questions were lengthy due to which students could not attempt the entire paper.
  • Few questions were specially targeted to test the basics in different subjects.


NAT Vs MCQ Type Questions

In Technical Section, the weightage of MCQ type questions was 59 Marks and the weightage of NAT Questions was 41 Marks.

In Aptitude section all questions were MCQ Type.


Kreatryx Verdict

  • Most of the students lost marks this year due to exam temperament as they attempted the exam in a rush. This lead to ignorance of some points given in the question leading to incorrect answer.
  • The weightage of NAT Questions has been gradually building up over the years and the problem of accuracy in such questions is vital to GATE Results.
  • Many Students ignore Engineering Maths and General Aptitude throughout the year and focus only on Technical Subjects which led to their downfall in GATE 2018.
  • Cut-off shall remain almost same as previous year.
  • Average scores will be more than GATE 2017 and topper shall lie somewhere between 83-90 marks.


Kreatryx Recommendations for GATE 2019

  • Prepare all chapters equally well within a subject.
  • Do not ignore Engineering Maths and General Aptitude.
  • Focus on accuracy more than speed initially.
  • Create proper strategy and schedule for GATE 2019
  • Do not keep any presumptions about the exam.
  • Seek advice from only those who themselves have cracked the exam to avoid misguidance because “You may find many roads but only a few of them will lead to your destination”.

P.S. – Kindly comment your queries and share among peers to spread the review about GATE exam.

P.P.S. – Check out the GATE 2018 EE Rank Predictor by Kreatryx here.

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