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GATE 2019 Toppers From Kreatryx

This blog post will list down all the GATE 2019 Toppers from Kreatryx GATE Coaching in Delhi and they will share their views on Kreatryx offerings. The GATE 2019 Result was announced on 15th March 2019.

GATE 2019 was conducted on 2nd Feb, 3rd Feb, 9th and 10th Feb and was conducted by IIT Madras.

Kreatryx is an e-learning company providing online and offline training for GATE/PSU Preparation. This year Kreatryx provided courses for GATE/PSU preparation in EE, ECE, ME and CE streams. We’re proud to announce the GATE 2019 Toppers List from Kreatryx!

Overall, Kreatryx has bagged 7 Ranks in Top 15 and 65+ Ranks in Top 100 from all 4 branches.

The best rank from EE – AIR 1
The best rank from ECE – AIR 31
The best rank from ME – AIR 183
The best rank from CE – AIR 143

GATE 2019 results are as follows –

Name GATE 2019 AIR Branch Kreatryx Product(s)
Ritesh Lalwani 1 EE K-Test | Self Study Plan
Mukesh Poonia 2 EE Kapsule Zetta
Sayantan Bhattacharya 5 EE Krash | K-Test
Shubham Mittal 7 EE K-Test
Raja Keshri 11 EE K-Test Mini
Arushi Rawat 11 EE Krash | K-Test | Self Study Plan
Vineeth S 11 EE K-Test Mini | Self Study Plan
Datta Dnyaneshwar Gadekar 16 EE K-Test
Ritayan Mitra 17 EE K-Test Mini
Kumar Mayank 17 EE Koncept | K-Test Mini
Swapna Suman Pati 17 EE K-Test
Abeer Mittal 23 EE K-Test Mini | Self Study Plan
Manthan Sharma 23 EE K-Test Mini
Gitesh Patel 27 EE Kapsule Zetta
Kalpesh Ravindra Kotwal 27 EE K-Test Mini
Gaurav Kumar Srivastava 27 EE K-Test
Pankaj Gupta 31 ECE K-Test
Saurabh Kumar 31 EE K-Test
Rahul Vitthal Vagholi 31 EE K-Test
Angalakuditi Sindhu 31 EE K-Test Mini
Sahastra Dwivedi 37 ECE Krash Video
Sandeep Kumar Maurya 39 EE K-Test Mini | Self Study Plan
Raviteja Sirigina 39 EE Kapsule Tera | Krash Video | Combo 1 | Self Study Plan
Aniruddhasinh Gohil 39 EE Klassroom
Sonali Gupta 39 EE Koncept
Shaikh Ashek Forid 42 ECE K-Test Mini
Surya Teja Ganni 48 EE Krash Video
Mahankali Dinesh 48 EE K-Test
Uppada Anand 50 ECE K-Test Mini
Nagendra Singh 50 ECE K-Test Mini
Vamshi Krishna A S 53 EE K-Test Mini
Prathamesh Achyutrao Patil 60 EE Krash Video | K-Test | Combo1
 Gaurang Mishra 60 EE K-Test
 Priyanshi Aggarwal 60 EE K-Test
Rapolu Sai Teja 60 EE Kapsule Zetta
 Abhi K Varghese 65 EE Krash
 Subrat Swain 65 EE Kapsule Zetta
 Tanmay Saha 65 EE Kapsule Tera | K-Test | Self Study Plan
Anupam Samantaray 65 EE K-Test
Avinash Singh 70 ECE K-Test
Shubham Shukla 72 ECE K-Test
Hrushikesh Ratan Rao More  72  EE K-Test
 Vivek Singh Bora 72 EE K-Test Mini
 Suchita Mishra 72 EE K-Test
 Vishnu Dayal Jat 72 EE K-Test Mini
 Manisha Subhlaxmi 72 EE K-Test
Ayush Tripathi 72 EE K-Test
 Anjan Kumar Pandey 72 EE K-Test Mini
 Vikas Kumar Yadav 82 EE Krash | K-Test
 Ramisetty Venkata Prasanth Kumar  82 EE  K-Test
 Rachana Singh 82 EE K-Test Mini
 Om Prakash 82 EE K-Test
 Yatendra Singh  82 EE K-Test
 Deepak Yadav  89 EE K-Test Mini
Arihant Jain  90 EE K-Test Mini | Self Study Plan
Amish Kumar Sinha 90 EE K-Test
 Rahul Negi  90 EE K-Test
 S Bhargav Pavan Kumar 97 EE K-Test
Debabrata Dey  97 EE K-Test
Sonali Mangal 97 EE K-Test
Prem Kumar  97 EE K-Test
Dhruv Ketanbhai Vadgama 103 EE K-Test
 Subrat Susmay Nayak  103 EE Kapsule Zetta
 Tarun Kumar Dalakoti  103 EE Rank Improvement Batch

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