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My GATE Journey – Abhishek Bijlwan (AIR 332 in GATE 2015 ME)

I am Abhishek Bijlwan. I have done my graduation from Dehradun and for now I am pursuing my M. Tech. from IIT Delhi. Apart from the studies I have interest in music and poetries. I also run a page “My Expressions” on Facebook, where I express my views through poetry.

It was 2013, when I first appeared for GATE. I was in the fourth year of college and prepared for GATE side by side. I got a rank of 7400. I thought that if I could get 7400 with college so what if I prepare for one whole year? Yes, I can definitely get a good rank then. So I decided to prepare from home this year. I also joined online test series, I was getting decent ranks there so I was hoping that I will get a good rank this time. Result came, this time I scored 10 marks more but got rank 1000 behind the previous year’s rank, 8400 this time.

I will have to admit that I was not that sincere towards my studies this year and also the concepts were not strong enough. So this time it was a big decision, can I give one more year to GATE? What if the similar result comes again? I didn’t have anything else, all I had was a hope through GATE. But this time I told myself, “This year I have to give everything that I can. I need to be very sincere towards my studies and I can’t do this for one more year.”
So, it was my second year’s drop after college. This year I came to Delhi for coaching, which was my best decision till now. I did not have much time to search for the rooms, so I had to take a room on rent at the top floor in the month of May. Also there was no proper fan in the room so I managed with the table fan for some weeks. You can imagine by now, how favorable conditions these would have been. These problems seemed big initially, but as the time passed it became normal. After some time, my friends too settled in with me. They were also doing coaching so we used to help each other in clearing the doubts over topics. I would like to thank my friends here, not only for the help in studies but also for those moments of laughter shared with them. Those light moments used to balance all the intensity of the rigorous time table throughout the day.

Now about the coaching, I found the best teachers there. It was not only their knowledge but their way of teaching that I found most amusing. So, all the required knowledge for the exam was provided in the coaching and all I had to do was, revise that properly. As I felt that my concepts were weak at that time so I needed to work more over my concepts. For this I even used to record the whole class sometimes and listen them again when I reached home, so that if I missed something in the class, I won’t be missing it the second time. Also I had to solve the questions of previous year’s and workbooks, so it used to take all of my time after the coaching hours. One benefit of this was, I was getting good in subjects. But the drawback was that after finishing a subject I could not find time to revise it later, as I was so busy with the subject being taught at that time. I suffered for it during my final preparation days, as I lost that hold over the subjects over time. For this reason I had to work harder during my final days of preparation and I did. I even slept for only 4 hours each, during the last 3 days before the exam as I could not find enough time. I will not suggest that to anyone, it’s actually better to prepare in such a way that during the last days you can have some proper sleep at least. In my case I could not manage it before and at last it was the only option to cover the complete syllabus for me.

Now finally, it was the day of GATE exam. I boarded on the metro to the examination center. I was revising in the metro, suddenly I realized that something was missing. I forgot my Calculator (I know, how someone can do such a terrible mistake? But I was that terrible for this particular day). I ran back from the next metro. Thanks to my friend who came to metro station although he also had exam in the next shift. Result of this whole incident, I reached the venue 5 minutes late and was having headache due to this whole Calculator incident. Somehow I managed to finish exam with heavy headache. I didn’t have much hope as I was sure that I would have done some mistakes due to headache during exam.

Now the day of result came, and for my surprise, despite of all the adversities I got AIR 332 (I still made 2 or 3 silly mistakes but that’s okay ;).

So, finally I would like to suggest GATE aspirants,
“If you truly believe in something, then work even more to forge your today’s belief into tomorrow’s truth”.

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