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GATE (ME) 2019 Analysis | Detailed Analysis of GATE (ME) 2019 Exam | Kreatryx


This post is regarding GATE (ME) 2019 examination. It was conducted on 2nd February 2019 in two sessions i.e forenoon and afternoon. So just a few comparisons between GATE-2018 & GATE-2019 and this year’s forenoon & afternoon sessions before I move on to analyze the weightage given to each subject along with the difficulty index.


Comparison between GATE (ME) 2019 and 2018

This year’s GATE (ME) paper was a bit lengthy and was on a slightly tough side as compared to GATE-2018. As you all know, GATE paper setters always hit on your basic concepts. So if your basics are crystal clear, there will be no difficulty in attempting both the sets.

Secondly, when the paper is lengthy like this year’s GATE, accuracy plays a very important role. So rather going to solving more number of questions, whatever you solve must be correct. Accuracy plays a major role.


Comparison between both the set

Both the sets were a bit longer as compared to previous year GATE (ME) papers and the afternoon session was slightly on a tough side as compared to the morning session. However, normalization accounts for that and as I have said earlier if your basics are strong, no matter what set it is, you will rock!

Forenoon session had 26 NAT questions whereas the afternoon session had 31 NAT questions.


Based on our analysis, the number of questions and weightage of different subjects in SET-1 and SET-2 was


Subject Weightage in Set-1 Weightage in Set-2
Strength of Materials 6 9
Theory of Machines and Vibrations 6+3 9+2
Machine Design 7 3
Fluid Mechanics and Machinery 6 8
Heat Transfer 6 7
Thermodynamics and its applications 10 8
Industrial Engineering 6 4
RAC 1 0
Manufacturing 17 18
Engineering Mechanics 5 4
Mathematics 12 13
Verbal and Numerical Aptitude 15 15


So let us now analyze the questions asked from each subject and their difficulty level on a scale of 1 to 3 with 1 being easy, 2 being moderate and 3 being hard level.

Detailed Analysis of GATE (ME) – 2019 Exam

1)Strength of Materials


The questions of SOM were pretty straightforward and simple. In set-1 of GATE (ME) 2019 Exam,, two questions were asked from thermal expansion and the other two were based on bending and torsion equations.

In set-2, two questions were directly asked from the results of deflection of standard cases that you learn and the other were asked from the basics of Mohr’s circle and stress-strain.


Kreatryx Score: 1.5 out of 3


2) Theory of Machines and Vibrations


Let us discuss vibrations first. As usual, there were questions in both the sets in which you had to find the natural frequency of the system by using energy or torque method. So prepare these types of questions because every year in GATE, we see these types of questions.

From TOM, in set-1, there were questions from Gyroscope and Cam. So for the next GATE exam, do prepare them as the paper setters are now touching these topics also. There was one question exactly on the same previous year concept, so it is always advisable to solve previous year questions thoroughly.

In set-2 also, there was a question form gyroscope. Other questions were from the topics that included balancing, gears, and I-center.


Kreatryx score: 2 out of 3


3) Machine Design

This year in set-1, machine design’s weightage was a bit higher than expected. Questions were asked from the topic of theories of failure with one being clubbed with forging from production. There was a question from the topic of brakes in both the sets.


Kreatryx score: 2 out of 3


4) Fluid Mechanics and Machinery

Most of the questions were of easy and moderate level in both the sets with questions being asked from Fluid kinematics, buoyancy, and laminar flow through pipes. There was one question in set-2, based on the concept of the drag coefficient. So we may expect more questions from the topic, ‘Flow over flat plates’ in future examinations also.

Fluid Machinery in set-1 had a question from the basics of the three types of hydraulic turbines and there was a question on the centrifugal pump in set-2. Both were easy to answer.


Kreatryx Score: 2 out of 3


5) Heat Transfer


In GATE (ME) 2019 Set-1, there were 2 questions from the topic Conduction and the other two were from the topic of the Boundary layer. There was one question in which you had to find the position from where the flow starts to develop. This type of question was a new one but as usual, it was asked to test your basics. So again if you knew the basics there would be no problem in solving these types of questions.

In set-2, two questions were from the topic of finding the view factors, one was from natural convection and one was from heat exchangers.

This time heat transfer had good questions as compared to previous year GATE papers.


Kreatryx Score: 2 out of 3


6) Thermodynamics and its applications


Thermodynamics, this time had a higher weightage as compared to previous year papers with questions being asked from first law, steady flow energy equation and entropy.

From its applications point of view, set-1 had questions from power plant whereas set-2 had a question from IC engines.


Kreatryx Score: 2.33 out of 3


7) Industrial Engineering


GATE (ME) 2019, Set-1 had more questions from Industrial Engineering as compared to set-2 and the questions were from the topic that included Critical path method, assignment problems, and inventory. The questions were not as straightforward as they used to be in previous year papers.


Kreatryx Score: 2 out of 3


8) Refrigeration and Air conditioning


There was one question which was asked in set-1 from the topic, vapor compression refrigeration cycle. As expected the weightage of this subject was less. However, this doesn’t mean that you should not prepare this subject because when you are aiming for a good rank, even a single mark matters.


Kreatryx score: 1 out of 3


9) Manufacturing Engineering


This is one of the heaviest subjects of Mechanical Engineering and a GATE aspirant can always expect a good number of questions from this subject. There were 11 questions from manufacturing in both the sets. See! How important this subject is. The questions were of moderate to tough level with questions being asked from metal cutting, casting, welding, forming, metrology, transformation matrices, milling, drilling and what not! Do prepare this subject thoroughly and practice a lot of questions.


Kreatryx Score: 2.5 out of 3


10) Engineering Mechanics


Engineering Mechanics had simple questions from the topics of friction, trusses, and collision. The questions were easy to moderate and were doable.


Kreatryx Score: 1.5 out of 3


11) Engineering Mathematics


The weightage of Engineering Mathematics was same in both sets and the questions covered a wide range of topics such as matrices, definite integration, an area under the curve, vectors, numerical methods, differential equations, Cauchy-Riemann equations, statistics, and probability. Some questions were easy, some moderate and some difficult.


Kreatryx Score: 2.33 out of 3


12) Verbal and Numerical Aptitude


Numerical Aptitude had more questions as compared to the Verbal part and the questions were pretty doable. One can score 12-13 marks (out of 15) if he/she has practiced well for this part.


Kreatryx Score: 2 out of 3


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Kreatryx Recommendations for GATE (ME) 2020

If you are aiming for a good rank in GATE 2020, it is advisable that you prepare each and every subject thoroughly because of even a single mark matters. Let me give you an idea of how stringent the competition is.

In GATE-2018, at 82.34 marks, AIR was 255 and at 82.33 marks, AIR was 276 and at 79.03 marks, the All India Rank was 571!

So do not leave any topic from any subject. Put all your energy in clearing your basic concepts. Mathematics and the aptitude portion if prepared well can fetch you some extra marks than other candidates and that can be a plus point for you. So do not, I repeat do not, at any cost take Mathematics, Verbal and Numerical Aptitude lightly (which students generally do).

Along with hard work, work smartly. Create strategies that work for you. Introspect and know what suits you well. In the end, everything will be worth it.

All the best!


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