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GATE 2019 Toppers | GATE Online Test Series Analysis

GATE 2019 Toppers | GATE Online Test Series Analysis

What if you could see the GATE Online Test Series performance of the Top 2 GATE 2019 Toppers in order to judge your own level of preparation right now!

For the first time, we are going to breakdown GATE 2019 Top 2 rankers’ K-Test (Kreatryx’s GATE online test series) performance which will immensely help the future aspirants on how to manage their test series schedule and performance which will eventually translate into a better GATE Exam result.

We’ve tried to include all the observations from our end. If you think that there are any other important observations that can be deduced from this data, feel free to let us know and we shall include it.

GATE Online Test Series Analysis

We have taken different parameters on the basis of which we have analyzed their test series and come up with some interesting observations.

These parameters include the Total Correct Marks, Total Incorrect Marks, Average AIR in GATE Online Test Series, Total number of tests taken, Start & the Last Date of the Test Series and Average Time taken to Complete these Tests.

We will be going into detail of all these points and come out with some useful conclusions that will help you to follow a proper strategy for GATE EE Exam Preparation.


Case Study on GATE 2019 AIR 1 & AIR 2 Online Test Series

1) Marks Obtained

Marks Obtained by AIR 1

  • Actual Exam Marks Obtained: 97.33/100

gate online test series analysis

  • Average Marks Obtained in Open Tests: 76.6/100
  • Average Marks Obtained in Subject Tests: 28.58/30
  • Average Marks Obtained in Part Tests: 19.83/25 

Marks Obtained by AIR 2

  • Actual Exam Marks Obtained: 97/100

GATE 2019 Topper AIR 2 marks

  • Average Marks Obtained in Open Tests: 70.49/100
  • Average Marks Obtained in Full Tests: 72.67/25 


The marks that they got in the Kreatryx’s GATE Online Test Series is quite similar to what they got in the actual GATE Exam. 
So, these mock tests or the test series are good to take in order to check your preparation level.


Who doesn’t like to get most of their answers correct?
I am sure Everyone.

But do you know what it takes to achieve that: Good Knowledge of the Subject, Determination and Consistency. 

The most important thing is that you must have a thorough knowledge of the subject because that will help you to know the correct problem-solving approach.

Next comes determination, it is again an important factor because that is something which gonna help you to stick tight to your goal and never fall for distractions.

Lastly, Consistency.
The more you take the test the more you will get the knowledge of the exam pattern and the type of questions. Even if at first you don’t get good marks then Don’t Lose Hope. Practice Harder.

And it’s my promise that each time you take the test you will learn something new and ultimately you will get the desired results.

2. Incorrect Marks

Incorrect Marks of AIR 1​

  • Actual Exam Incorrect Marks: 0.67

GATE 2019 Topper AIR 1 Negative marks

  • Avg Incorrect Marks in Open Tests: 2.79
  • Avg Incorrect Marks in Subject & Part Test: 0.67

Incorrect Marks of AIR 2

  • Actual Exam Incorrect Marks: 0

GATE 2019 Topper AIR 2 Negative marking

  • Avg Incorrect Marks in Open Tests: 3.33
  • Avg Incorrect Marks in Full-Length Tests: 2.56


From the data given above, we can observe that the Incorrect Marks in Actual Exam is the same as that of Average Incorrect Marks in Subject Tests & Part Tests while in case of Open Test the Average Incorrect Marks is 2.79.

Why so?

So basically the first thing can be that the Open Tests includes the complete syllabus and the second reason could be that there is a lot of pressure due to the competition in the Open Test.


After observing this we may now know how important it is to be calm & composed during the exam in order to avoid blunders and come out with flying colors. 
But Yes, by that we do not mean to do not take stress at all. A small amount of stress before or during the exam is helpful to keep you focussed. Take proper sleep, eat healthy, avoid distractions and you are ready to beat Exam Anxiety.

Also, since the complete syllabus will be there in the exam, so make sure you take as many Complete Syllabus tests as you can so that you are ready to Bang on ‘The Day’. Also, Imagine a situation where you haven’t taken any or very few of the tests before the actual exam. Chances are the incorrect marks would be way more than what you would have ever imagined. 

Tip: Taking the GATE Online Test Series or mock tests gives you how much wrong you are in some of the concepts and will help you to improvise accuracy in order to avoid negative marking.

3. Total Tests Taken

Total Tests taken by AIR 1​

  • Total No. of Tests Taken: 80

GATE 2019 Topper AIR 1 Tests

Total Tests taken by AIR 2

  • Total No. of Tests Taken: 61

GATE 2019 Topper AIR 2 Tests


Since we can see the total number of Tests taken by GATE 2019 Topper (AIR 2) before the actual GATE Exam is 80 and by AIR 2 is 61, which is quite a lot. So its clearly visible that they took many tests in order to get that AIR in GATE 2019.


GATE Online Test Series and Mock Tests are very important if you are targetting for a good AIR in GATE. They basically work as a trial run for you guys before the actual GATE Exam.

These tests give you feel of the real exam and when you are placed in the same situation you feel the same amount of pressure which will inculcate confidence in you.

Month-wise Distribution of Tests taken

gate tests month wise distribution

gate tests month wise distribution

4) All India Rank​

AIR in GATE 2019: 1

GATE 2019 Topper AIR

  • AIR in Open Tests (average): 21

AIR in GATE 2019: 2

GATE 2019 Topper AIR

  • AIR in Open Tests (average): 73
  • AIR in Full Length Tests (average): 99


The Average AIR of GATE 2019 AIR 1 Ranker is 21 while the GATE 2019 Rank was 1 so when you take the Open Tests you can get a fair idea of where do you stand among the other competitors and more or less your actual GATE Rank would be somewhere close to that.

That’s Great! Isn’t it?
Getting an idea of your AIR before the actual GATE Exam.


While you are preparing for GATE Exam, you must also keep in mind that you aren’t the only one who is taking this exam. There are thousands and millions of other aspirants just like you who are striving hard for a Good AIR in GATE.

So what do you need to take care of?

Well, during your Full syllabus GATE Preparation, when you take the test, you will get to know what type of competition you will be facing on the day of the exam, so that you can focus on the areas you are lagging behind and work more on speed as well as accuracy.

5) Time Taken

Total time taken by GATE 2019 Topper AIR 1

  • Avg Time Taken during Open Tests: 179 mins

GATE 2019 Topper time taken in tests

  • Avg Time Taken during Open Tests: 161 mins


The Average Time taken by GATE 2019 Topper AIR 1 and AIR 2 was 179 and 161 mins respectively in the Kreatryx’s Open Tests so by this you may get to know that how important it is to sit in the exam till the very last minute.
Although the average of AIR 2 is around 20 mins less than the required time still we would suggest you stick to that seat until the time gets over.


Revise, Revise and Revise until the very last minute of the exam. It may happen that you have completed your exam half an hour before the end time, but it is always advisable to sit for complete 180 mins.

Even if you have finished your exam, you can just sit and revise or think on the questions that you have left, or review the questions which you have doubt on.
But never be in a hurry to get out of the exam hall. Do this and thank me later 😉

6) Attempt Date

For AIR 1

GATE 2019 Topper Test analysis

  • First Test Attempt date: 19th July 2018
  • Last Test Attempt Date: 7th February 2019
  • First FLT Attempt Date: 21st January 2019


For AIR 2

GATE 2019 Topper Test analysis

  • First Test Attempt date: 28th Oct, 2018
  • Last Test Attempt Date: 6th Feb, 2019


So through this data, we can get to know that the AIR 1 Ranker started taking the test in the very initial phase of GATE Exam preparation. Since the first test that he took was on 19th July so that means by then he must have completed a subject or a part of that subject.


While some of you may think that you should take tests when you are done with the whole syllabus like just 1 month before the exam. But ideally, Test and the Preparation must go hand in hand.

As soon as you are done with a part of the subject. Boom! Its time for evaluation.

Trust me. This will help you to identify your weak areas and work on them so that by the time ‘The Day’ arrives you are ready to give your 100% in the exam.

Some Common Observations

Also, from the analysis of both these GATE 2019 Toppers (AIR 1 & AIR 2), we came up with some common observations:

  • We noticed a gap from 25th December 2018 to 9th January 2019 in their regular test-taking pattern. They used this gap effectively for their ESE Preparation which was held on 6th Jan 2019.
  • A second common observation was that 90% of the tests have been attempted between the time range 9 am – 7 pm. This shows that deliberately they attempted in these hours of the day which was the actual exam time range. 
    Friends, this is a very good strategy that all of you must follow. Few weeks before the exam try and be active during the exam hours.
  • Thirdly, the maximum number of part tests and subject tests taken by both of them were in the months of October & November. So, probably by this time, you should cover some of the subjects in order to take the subject & part tests.
    And the Full-Length Tests were taken in January. So, till the month of January, you should be in a position to take the test for the full syllabus and start working on your weak areas.

We went through GATE Online Test series of some other GATE 2019 Toppers as well.

Have a look at their performance:

GATE 2019 AIR FT & OT (Avg) AIR Total Tests Taken (OT & FT)
11 178 15
27 114 17
65 196 15
89 109 17
97 191 15
103 51 21


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