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GATE 2019 Toppers (AIR 5 & AIR 7) | GATE Online Tests Analysis (Part 2)

GATE 2019 Toppers | GATE Online Tests Analysis (Part 2)

After analyzing the complete GATE Online Tests performance of AIR 1 & AIR 2 (GATE 2019 Topper) in Part 1 of this blog, we are here with the case study of AIR 5 & AIR 7 (GATE 2019 Toppers).

We’ve tried to include all the observations from our end. If you think that there are any other important observations that can be deduced from this data, feel free to let us know and we shall include it.

GATE Online Tests Analysis of GATE 2019 Toppers (AIR 5 & AIR 7)

We have taken different parameters on the basis of which we have analyzed their test series and come up with some interesting observations.

On the basis of some parameters like the Total Marks Obtained, Total Incorrect Marks, Average AIR in GATE Online Tests, Total number of tests taken, Start & the Last Date of the Test Series and Average Time taken to Complete these Tests we have analyzed the performance of these GATE 2019 Rankers.

After all the analytics we have come up with some conclusions and advice for you guys which will help you to prepare for your GATE (EE) Exam.


Case Study on GATE 2019 AIR 5 & AIR 7 Online Test Series

1) Marks Obtained

Marks Obtained by AIR 5

  • Actual Exam Marks Obtained: 96

GATE 2019 Topper marks

  • Average Marks Obtained in Open Tests: 74.94/100
  • Average Marks Obtained in Subject Tests: 28.5/35
  • Average Marks Obtained in Full-Length Tests: 82.79/100
  • Average Marks Obtained in Part Tests: 20.82/25

Marks Obtained by AIR 7

  • Actual Exam Marks Obtained: 96/100

  • Average Marks Obtained in Open Tests: 63.22/100
  • Average Marks Obtained in Full Tests: 64.83/100
  • Average Marks Obtained in Subject Tests: 21.6/35 
  • Average Marks Obtained in Part Tests: 12.9/25


The marks that they got in the Kreatryx’s GATE Online Tests are fair enough and does justice to the actual marks that they obtained in GATE 2019 Exam.



Our GATE online Tests are of the same pattern as that of the actual GATE Exam. So clearly taking these tests will help you in many ways:

  • It helps you in practicing exam-style questions.
  • It will give you a practical insight into how the forthcoming exam would look like.
  • It helps you in focussing on the key areas where you need to focus during the time of revision.

2. Incorrect Marks

Incorrect Marks of AIR 5

  • Actual Exam Incorrect Marks: 0.33

  • Avg Incorrect Marks in Open Tests: 2.72
  • Avg Incorrect Marks in Subject & Part Test: 0.45
  • Average Incorrect Marks in Full-Length Tests: 2.2

Incorrect Marks of AIR 7

  • Actual Exam Incorrect Marks: 1

  • Avg Incorrect Marks in Open Tests: 4.11
  • Avg Incorrect Marks in Full-Length Tests: 4.06


You can observe that AIR 7 of GATE 2019 Exam didn’t give up, even after getting average incorrect marks of 4.11 and 4.06 in Open Tests & Full-Length Tests respectively, he didn’t lose hope, he learned from his mistakes and worked on his weak areas which led to such good result in GATE 2019 Actual exam.

Whilst in the case of AIR 5 (GATE 2019 Topper), he was sort of consistent during all the tests which led to 0.33 incorrect marks in the GATE 2019 Exam




The more you take the tests the more you will recognize the ways to avoid negative marking. 

Do you know how to avoid that?

  • Avoid Guessing. Yes guys, Guess game doesn’t work here.
  • Read the questions very carefully
  • Avoid answering questions at the last minute.

3. Total Tests Taken

Total Tests taken by AIR 5

  • Total No. of Tests Taken: 82

Total Tests taken by AIR 7

  • Total No. of Tests Taken: 


We can see the total number of Tests taken by GATE 2019 Topper (AIR 5 & 7) before the actual GATE Exam is 82, which is a huge number. So, it’s clear that it takes too much honest practicing in order to get such good results and ranks in GATE Exam 

Check out the Full Syllabus GATE Video Course.



Take Tests regularly as soon as you are done with the part of the subject. These tests will help you in 3 things: Learn, Learn & Learn. With each practice test, you learn something new.

The more you practice tests, the more you are accustomed to sitting during that period of exam and pacing yourself.

Also, from the data given below you can notice, that the number of tests taken by AIR 7 is 62 and that too only in the month of November, this is because he was a dropper and he was acknowledged with the fact that how important it was to practice questions before GATE. 

One more strange thing that you may observe is that the number of tests taken by both AIR 5 & AIR 7 rankers is 0 in the month of February, and the reason behind this could be that both the toppers didn’t want to pressurize themselves just a few days before the exam and wanted to stay calm & composed.

Month-wise Distribution of Tests taken

total gate tests


4) All India Rank​

AIR in GATE 2019: 5

  • AIR in Open Tests (average): 36
  • AIR in Full-Length Tests (average): 14

AIR in GATE 2019: 7

  • AIR in Open Tests (average): 375
  • AIR in Full-Length Tests (average): 353


AIR 5 (GATE 2019) performance was quite consistent in all these tests and that does justice to the result he got in GATE 2019 Actual exam but when it comes to AIR 7 (GATE 2019) you must be thinking that there is a difference in between his actual AIR and the one he got in the Open tests, well this shows that how much determined he was. 

Clearly, he was very focussed, consistent, optimistic and hopeful regarding his performance. He didn’t lose hope during his complete preparation time and the result? It’s in front of you. AIR 7 in GATE 2019.


Open Tests & Full-Length Tests definitely help you to know how well are you prepared for the GATE Exam. Through these tests, you get a chance to compete with all the GATE aspirants from all over India.

5) Time Taken

  • Avg Time Taken during Open Tests: 175.38 mins

  • Avg Time Taken during Open Tests: 177 mins


The Average Time taken by GATE 2019 Topper AIR 5 and AIR 7 was 175.38 mins and 177 mins respectively in the Kreatryx’s Open Tests which shows us that both the toppers were aware of the fact that how important it is to utilize every minute of the exam.



I know you might feel to get out of that Hot Seat during the exam, but trust me it’s a bad option.

What you should do in the last few minutes of the exam?

  • If you are not yet finished with the exam then finish it off
  • If you had a doubt in any of the questions then this the right time to go through them & review.
  • Or if there was a question that you were not able to solve earlier then you can utilize the last few minutes to answer those questions. 

6) Attempt Date

For AIR 5

  • First Test Attempt date: 28th Oct 2018
  • Last Test Attempt Date: 31st Jan 2019

For AIR 7

  • First Test Attempt date: 5th Nov, 2018
  • Last Test Attempt Date: 6th Feb, 2019


Yes, both these toppers started taking tests in the months of Oct & Nov which is actually the time by when you must get very serious about the online test series.

Trust me these tests will show you the real face of your Preparation.

Also, the last test attempt date was the end of January and maybe because this is the time when a person generally doesn’t want to get overwhelmed and take things easy.



Take the Online Tests as soon as you think you are ready for it. It can be a part test or subject test.

It can happen that you don’t score good marks in the initial phase but all you need to do it, Don’t lose Hope & be Consistent. 

We went through GATE Online Tests of some other GATE 2019 Toppers as well.

Have a look at their performance:

GATE 2019 AIR FT & OT (Avg) AIR Total Tests Taken (OT & FT)
60 149 15
72 94 17
82 206 17
112 302 19


Taking GATE Online Tests is very very important if you are aiming to crack the GATE Exam.

Through both these case studies, we can get to know that the strategy to prepare for GATE Exam & get a good AIR may vary from person to person. Certainly, there is no fixed path that you could follow. 

Something which worked for them might or might not work for you.

Learn from their strategy and develop your own strategy 😉

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