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Create GATE Study Plan to Prepare for GATE Exam 2019 | K-Plan

You know that cracking GATE Exam is getting trickier and more competitive since the last few years. Many of you might be still searching for the secret to crack this exam with a top rank in order to pursue your dream of studying in the top colleges of India or directly getting a top-notch PSU Job!

Well, there are many factors that decide your fate in GATE Exam!

  • Awareness
  • Planning
  • Preparation
  • Revision
  • Mock Tests

Let’s talk about the least discussed point which is Planning. The other factors are topics for some other day.

“Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail” – Alan Lakein 

Creating a study plan is easy.

Creating an effective study plan is a little tricky

Creating an effective and practical study plan is too much work

Creating an effective, practical and smart study plan that works is nearly impossible

We’ve gone a step further and created a Free tool which creates an effective, practical, smart and personalized GATE study plan that works and can be modified on the go as per your preparation needs!

Don’t we all have those situations where we create multiple study plans, execute them easily only to create a more inflexible plan which we aren’t able to follow for a long duration and a point comes when we throw away all the plans and study on auto-pilot mode.

I bet you think about all the following points while creating your own GATE study plan which needs some rethinking on your part –

  • You assume that the lengthiest subject is the most important one.
  • You assume that the easiest subject is the least important one.
  • You tend to give more attention to the few tricky questions asked in the last GATE Exam as opposed to the regularly asked questions every year.
  • You tend to stay in your comfort zone by solving more questions about the topics you’re comfortable with without thinking about their weight in the GATE Exam.

Why Does your GATE Study Plan Doesn’t Work for You?

Now, I want you to notice as to why does your GATE study plan eventually fails to serve you!

It’s mostly because of one or more of these factors –

  • You get overwhelmed by the strictness of the plan and are no longer able to cope up with the speed
  • You take a few unplanned holidays and get derailed from your preparation track
  • You follow someone else’s study plan for a while and then realize that your preparation needs do not match the nature of the plan you’re following
  • You get demotivated after a few days of creating the plan and not being able to follow it
  • You try to finish each and every portion of the syllabus in a limited amount of time and in that process leave out the most important ones only to realize it later which leads you to ditch your original plan
  • You’re not able to manage your time properly and your priorities drift as you keep thinking about your friends’ plans
  • Your plan seems to be static and does not change as per your preparation needs (available study hours/holidays/syllabus completed).

“A Goal Without A Plan Is Just A Wish”- Antoine De Saint-Exupery.

What does your actual study pattern look like?

Let’s assume that you’re a college-going, student. You have a total of 24*7 hours = 168 hours

  • Classes in the morning = 4 hours (for 5 days)
  • Labs/Classes in the afternoon = 3 hours (for 4 days)
  • Sports/Leisure activities = 4 hours (for 7 days)
  • Bunks – 3 classes and 1 lab = 4 hours
  • Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner/Getting ready = 2 hours (for 7 days)
  • Sleeping = 8 hours (for 7 days)
  • Preparation for assignment/test = 1 hour (for 7 days)
  • Total hours left for GATE preparation = 168 – (20+12+28+14+56+7) + 4 = 35 hours

Now, these 35 hours won’t be divided equally on all the 7 days. Maybe, you’ll study more on the weekdays than on weekends depending on your activities and mood or vice-versa. Meaning, it’s very difficult to allocate this duration on a daily basis. Also, there might be a few unplanned hours added in the week which will decrease the time left for focused GATE Preparation 2019.

It is pretty evident that a normal study plan will never work in such a scenario.

What you need is a dynamic GATE study plan which changes as per your preparation needs.

Introducing K-Plan!

Your Smart and Personalized GATE Study Plan

Who can use K-Plan?

  • Any GATE 2019/2020 aspirant from EE / ECE / ME branch
    • College Undergraduate
    • Dropper
    • Working Professional
    • M.Tech. Student

What do you get?

  • The sequence of Subjects to be followed
  • List of Books and Resources for each Subject
  • How to approach every Subject [Video/Blog]
  • Course Coverage till your Exam date
  • Number of Hours per Chapter during Preparation
  • Number of Questions per Chapter during Preparation
  • Revision Strategy and duration
  • Number of Tests to be attempted
  • An automated Email Reminder every 15 days to update your K-Plan
  • Option to re-generate your plan at any point in time by updating the input fields


Create my K- Plan Now.


Steps on How to Create your own GATE Study Plan 2019 : K-Plan


Tips and Tricks

  • The K-Plan tells you to skip certain topics based on its likeliness to appear in the exam. Pay attention.
  • Make a note of the number of hours that you’re spending on each topic and make sure you update the same while updating the K-Plan
  • It is recommended to update your K-Plan every 15-20 days by updating the input fields
  • The K-Plan will do wonders for you when you actually have a limited amount of time. Use it wisely.

Reviews of K-Plan

Here are a few of the serious aspirants, let’s see what they have to say about the K-Plan –


k plan reviews

k plan reviews

k plan reviews


k plan reviews


So, what are you waiting for! Go ahead and create your own K-Plan, take a print out of that Plan, stick it in your room and start following it!


And that too for FREE!


Yes, it’s that simple!

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