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Does good GPA always mean that preparation for GATE is up to the mark?

Corelation between GPA and GATE Prep

Hi Guys,

Today we have with us one Saptarshi Halder again who got AIR-50 in GATE 2016. He graduated from Jadavpur University, Kolkata in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering with 9.07 CGPA and 85% aggregate. In campus interview he have got an offer for the post of research engineer in CDOT(centre for development of Telematics), an RND under ministry of communication and IT.

In this post Saptarshi discusses the correlation between GPA and GATE Score as he goes on to tell what are Do’s and Don’ts for student with good GPA as well as average GPA. He also discusses the differences between pattern of semester exam and GATE exam and what strategy needs to be followed to ace each of them. So, let us hear what he has to say.

GPA is no doubt a reliable yardstick to determine the academic excellence and sincerity of a student. A good GPA usually implies that one has good knowledge in the subjects present in college curricula. But in a competitive examination like GATE, vast knowledge is important but not the key factor. Syllabus oriented study, proper motivation, thorough idea about the question pattern, regular practice and high accuracy help the candidates achieve good ranks. Hence if you have scored very well in your semester examination you are obviously a sincere and knowledgeable student and you have the capabilities to perform equally well in GATE but you have to achieve that level through proper planning, dedication and practice.

First of all, do not go for cramming the subjects on the day or few days before the exam to pick up your GPA. In that case you mug up the subjects and vomit in the exam and after some time you will eventually forget almost everything. Since GATE requires robust concept but not memorization, the learning in the semesters will add a little value if they are read hurriedly before the exam. Hence try to avoid this practice at least for the subjects which are included in the GATE syllabus. Try to learn them by heart, understand the basic concepts and practice problems. Preparing short notes and writing the concepts in briefs may come handy at a later date when you will prepare for GATE.

Another issue is, don’t be too much optimistic or overrate yourself on the basis of GPA. I have seen many class toppers and authors of very good project papers who underestimate the vastness and tough competition of GATE and eventually fail to come up with good results. On the other hand, some students who show very poor performance in college end up being a top ranker in GATE. So don’t take the preparation lightly or provide less effort because you have done some great achievements earlier. On the contrary if you have mediocre academic records in your college, do not give up hope. You can definitely do well if you have focus and motivation and follow proper methods. No matter whether you have been good or bad in academics, give the best account of yourself.

Some people neglect college studies in the name of GATE preparation. But it is inadvisable because your graduation marks will be taken into account throughout your career. In the 7 th semester, the GPA may fall due to preparation for GATE but in the other semesters try to raise your GPA as much as possible so that your overall CGPA remains good enough. In my case, my CGPA up to 6 th semester was 9.37 and hence even after I messed up the 7 th semester, my overall GPA was above 9.

Work hard and be confident. But never try to be over confident. You will obviously succeed.

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