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Handling GATE Preparation with College Studies – Raja Majhi (AIR 7 in GATE 2016 ECE)

Hi guys, before beginning with How to manage GATE Preparation with College Studies, I would like to ask few questions.

Are you in your B.Tech final year and preparing for GATE as well? Do you find it difficult to manage GATE Preparation with College studies?

Yes? Then you are at the right place my friend.

Sit back relax and stay with me till the end to know:

How to master this art of balancing College Studies and GATE Preparation?

Many of you might be wondering whether it is at all possible to prepare for GATE and also to keep track of your semester exams concurrently.

Well, that’s a very obvious thought and my answer to this question is “Yes! It is very much possible indeed”.

First of all, you need to analyse what you are going to grunge through in this penultimate semester. In most of the colleges, the subjects that are taught in this semester mainly comprises of one or two elective subjects, one management subject and some conventional paper.

Now the question is – Are these subjects at all important for GATE?

The definite answer is “NO!”


Actually all the subjects that are in the syllabus of GATE are mainly covered within the 6th semester in most of the colleges.

So, if you are really serious about GATE, I would say you might sacrifice this one semester. Yes, yes , I know there is 65% criteria in all of the PSUs and IITs. But one semester cannot make a revolution in your CGPA. (But obviously you need to pass).

Now when does your classes starts?

I guess by the month of July or August. Right?

And you will be going to the college just to fulfil the attendance criteria (obvious reason 😉 )

Now here I want to give you a tip.

TIP: Prepare your own notes for GATE when you are reading a subject first time. You should make a separate copy for each subject notes.

Bring that to your college and during recess or any off periods you may revise the key concepts and formula from that copy.

The most vital days for your GATE Preparation are Saturday and Sunday. Try to devote (effectively) as long as you can in these holidays. Learn new concepts and make subsequent notes of those on the weekends so that on the weekdays, after coming back from college, when your tiring body and brain will refuse to learn any new concept, you should practice problems based on the previously learnt concepts.

Also, do you know, that the best time to revise is when the brain is tired (i.e. at night). So, arrange for 1 hour time at night (before you go to bed) for revision every day.

How will this will help you?

In this way, you get at least 4 hours a day on week days and 7-8 hours on the holidays for preparation (Trust me that’s enough).

But how will you manage semester studies with GATE preparation?

Well, from my experience, for most of us, the semester preparation starts one week before the actual exam starts. So that’s it!! Devote hardly 15 days for the semester, strictly not more than that.

But many have a tendency to forget most of the concepts learnt for GATE in that mean time of semester exam. So, I would recommend to continue the 1 hour revision before going to bed. But, even if you forget those concepts, it does not take longer to get all of them back once your semester ends and you start revising again. In fact, there are many ways you can enhance your memory for GATE exam.

At the end of 7th Semester, how much time are you left with?

Approximately One and half month before GATE.

Time for Revision and practising Mock Tests for GATE Exam.

This is the prime time for Mock Test practice and revision of all key concepts. You may now devote 8 hours a day as there will be semester vacations going on in colleges.

There is also no need to go to college before GATE even if it resumes.

This is how I managed to handle GATE Preparation with College Studies. And I hope this will work for you too. Follow this study plan and still if you are confused then you can even make a customised study plan for GATE according to your daily routine.

If you want to know more or have some doubts then you can ask me in the comment section below. I would love to help you 🙂

Best wishes to You and all the GATE Aspirants.

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