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How to Focus on GATE Preparation in this Digital World

Graduate Aptitude Testing Engineering, more commonly known as GATE, is considered as one of the most important exams for engineering undergraduates. It is an all India exam where lakhs of candidates register each year. Your GATE score helps you not only important to get great opportunities to study M.E/M. Tech from the best-reputed institutes, but can also be used by many PSU (Public Sector Undertakings) for recruiting students for entry-level jobs. If you score well in GATE, you may even get scholarships, jobs in government-owned companies like Hindustan Petroleum and Indian Oil.

Even though students who plan on giving the GATE exams, join GATE coaching institute to the preparation and train themselves specifically for this exam, many of them end up not clearing the or get a low score. But, there are many students, who don’t attend any coaching classes and study by themselves and still manage to pass the exam with a great score! This is because attending coaching does not give you a free ticket to clearing GATE exams and getting a good score! You need to study yourself, put countless hours concentrating to get better and more prepared for these exams.

The era in which we are living can undoubtedly be said as the digital era, where you have easy access to numerous gadgets and new technologies. These can be said as nothing but the biggest sources of distractions for students who are preparing for such important exams like GATE, IIT entrances, etc. Here, we are about to discuss the different ways through which you can avoid distractions to focus on your studies in this digital world!

  • Quit Social Media

Social Media Sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat are as much a bane as they are a boon for the younger generation. Students tend to engage on these sites for a good number of hours each day! Whether it is playing games, chatting with friends or just random and casual surfing on the internet, social media is a gateway to many unwanted distractions.

All you have to do is open your social media and watch one video, then another video, then another, and the next thing you know, 5 hours have gone by, its already dinner time and your mother is calling you outside your room!

The best way to avoid getting distracted while studying for your GATE exams is to simply quit social media or deactivate your accounts for until after you’ve given all your exams!

  • Don’t Netflix And Chill!

One of the major trends in today’s digital era is of ‘binge-watching’ television shows. Most of these shows are in a series with many seasons. Students tend to watch each episode one after another in a row! The curiosity, interest, and enjoyment that is developed while doing this are absolutely unbeatable and that’s why children can’t stop after watching just one episode!

Granted it’s a lot of fun to watch these shows and follow the storyline, the truth is that your concentration complete goes when you actually sit to study, as your mind is still stuck on the story, characters, etc.!

If you really want to clear your GATE, or any other exam for that matter, with great scores, you need to stop giving in to your temptation of indulging into TV series, as good as they may be!

  • Choose Your Study Space

Your surroundings play a major role in your ability to concentrate. If you are sitting in a room which has a television or a music system or even a great internet connection, then you are bound to get distracted very easily. Choosing a place which is full of peace and quiet also helps more in focusing on your studies. Therefore, you should pick an area where you can relax and study without any outside forces to distract you from your study session!

  • Avoid Multitasking

Students often think that they can enjoy while studying by simultaneously using their gadgets. But what actually happens is that in for every 10 minutes of social media and games, they could only concentrate for less than 5 minutes on their GATE exam syllabus!

Studies have found that if you multitask, you perform poorly in all the tasks as compared to when you carry out just one task at one time!

  • Avoid Gaming

Nowadays, gaming has become a huge trend among students. Games on phones, tablets and laptops are taking over the majority of the concentration of youngsters. This is because in this digital era, new technologies have been invented which, However, students who are preparing for competitive exams like GATE must understand that games will be available to play forever in the market but you might not get another chance to give these life-changing exams!

So, the best way to avoid these kinds of distractions is to uninstall these games from your phone and only start playing them after you are free from all these exams! You can pick up from where you left, or start anew, it will remain just as amazing!

  • Switch Off Your Phone!

Mobile phones have become our most prized possessions in these digital times since we rely on them for almost everything! Talking with friends for hours, chatting all day long, playing games constantly, watching movies and doing so much more keeps us occupied the whole day!

For students preparing for their important exams, which takes years of learning and hard work, mobile phones can prove to be the most distractive thing ever! To pay attention to your studies rather than your mobile phone, you should switch it off and keep it away from your reach! Do it only for a few hours till you are studying and then see the difference it made in the quality and quantity of your studies!

  • Set A Time For Breaks

While preparation for your GATE exam, the amount of syllabus that you’ll have to cover will be huge. You need to understand the importance of having to completely learn and understand everything like the back of your hand to be able to perform well on these exams. One way to do so is to create a schedule and a timetable, distributing your subjects and topics in a way in which you easily do them.

Also, assign yourself a particular time to relax and do whatever you want in between breaks! Listen to music, watch a little television, play games or simply sleep. Do all these things as they will help to save your mind from being overloaded with information! Little breaks will help you concentrate and understand more because your brain takes time to soak in all that knowledge, hence, it will be refreshed after every small break!

Just remember that as soon as the time comes, you need to bring out your inner Cinderella and leave everything behind to get back to your studies!

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