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How To Keep Yourself Motivated Throughout SSC-CGL Preparation?

Preparation for SSC CGL or any other exam for that matter takes time. It’s not a 100-meter sprint but a marathon where your consistency, dedication, perseverance everything is tested. There will be times in course of your preparation where you will feel like you can’t do it. It’s not very uncommon to feel that exam is too tough or the competition is too brutal but the key is to keep going. It’s easier said than done but you need to be motivated and charged up throughout your preparation phase. Let’s try to decipher the formula for consistent motivation.

Before starting preparation, it’s very important to create a mindset first. You want to crack SSC CGL, fine.

Ask yourself WHY? Why do you want to crack SSC CGL? What is your motivation behind choosing SSC CGL? The reason can be anything like serving the country, fruitful career, respect in society, making parents proud, improving your financial condition, making ex-lover jealous, getting better marriage prospects or anything. The reason varies from person to person but you need to be honest with yourself first. Your reason might be immature or stupid for others but whatever it might be, it must be big enough for you to pull you to your study table even in the most depressing mood of yours. Think about your motivation and always keep it in your head.

After creating a firm mindset and being clear with your reason, start working hard. First understand the pattern of examination and then break down the syllabus in smaller parts. Now cover each part one by one. Take one day at a time and be consistent with your studies. Make a target of topics that you want to cover in one particular day and then do your best to achieve it. Do not set unrealistic goals that will need some extraordinary effort from your side, just keep your efficiency in mind and set achievable targets. As you move further with this pattern of successfully completing your daily targets, your confidence will build up. Each day you will feel like you can crack SSC CGL and you are getting one step closer to your dream job. Once you are in a good headspace, your efficiency will increase. The key is to maximize this phase of good headspace.

Now comes the next challenge. Imagine a scenario where you are studying really well and had been achieving your daily targets successfully for quite a few days in succession. But one day you feel demotivated either because of someone else’s comment or self-created doubt or low score in mocks or anything. You feel burnt out all of a sudden and end up doing everything except studying. If something like this happens once in a while then it’s normal and manageable but if it happens far too often, then it is problematic. Next time you feel demotivated or find yourself avoiding studying, try these two methods.

Try These 2 Methods To Keep Yourself Motivated.

 Method 1:-

First, visualize those persons whom you love the most. They can be anyone like your parents, sisters, girlfriend, boyfriend, brother, friend etc. Now close your eyes and imagine a situation where SSC has just announced results. You have been selected as income tax inspector (or whatever your first choice is). Now

  • Imagine the genuine happiness and relief on the faces of your loved ones.
  • Imagine the jealous faces of your ever inquisitive relatives and those who never believed in you.
  • Imagine the dumbfounded look on the face of those who said that you were a loser.
  • Imagine the life where you won’t be financially dependent on anyone.
  • Imagine the gifts that you will give to your mother.
  • Imagine the feeling of pride on your father’s face.
  • Imagine the happiness on the face of your mother.

Imagine the above-described situation in as much detail as possible. Add more items to the above list that you think will be changed after your selection. Try to feel all these things and you will experience the instant rush of energy inside you. This will be enough to push you to study table.

Method 2:-

This one is my personal favorite. Imagine the same situation as that of above with just one basic difference, you saw the result and you have failed. You didn’t get any job and your one whole year is wasted.

  • What will be the expression on the faces of your loved ones?
  • How will you tolerate those so-called “well-wishers” laughing at you?
  • Would you like to be labeled as a failure?
  • How will your mother feel from inside when your neighbors would ask “what is your son doing these days?”
  • How will you gather energy to appear in an exam once again?

Imagine this scenario for five minutes in as much detail as possible, you will definitely feel the fire under your ass. This dreadful feeling of failing in exam can give you sleepless nights and you will try everything that will ensure your selection. This will give you enough motivation for quite a few days.

Concluding Note

Feeling demotivated while preparing for an exam like SSC CGL where lakhs of candidates appear is not uncommon. There will be some moments or days in between where you will feel that competition is too brutal. You will feel like giving up or totally uninterested in studies. On the other hand, there will be days where you will be studying like there is no tomorrow. These patterns are very common during the preparation phase. The key is to minimize that time period of demotivation but maximize your inputs when you are in a good headspace. If you are honest with yourself and give your best every single day, you will find a way. So gear up, gird your loins and give your absolute best shot. Work hard so that you don’t have any regrets later.

Always remember this quote by APJ Abdul Kalam sir,

“If you want to shine like a sun, first burn like a sun.”

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