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How a Student who Hated Studies got 42 Rank in SSC-CGL Exam?

Are you a kind of student who hates study but wants to prepare for SSC-CGL exam?

Do you know a student who Hated studies got 42 Rank in SSC Exam. Surprised?

Yes, I am that student and all thanks to my faith in “Reward System” that helped me to secure a good rank in SSC-CGL Exam.

Wait. Wait. Wait.

Are you thinking what is this Reward System? Ok I will enlighten this concept but before that let me tell you a bit about my success story.

How I Prepared for SSC-CGL Exam and got a Good Rank?


how to get good rank in ssc-cgl

So I was always a kind of student who hated studies. During my preparation for SSC CGL, studying 5-6 hours a day regularly for 6 days a week was a distant dream for me. I stayed in my college during each summer vacation either to attend classes of subjects in which I had a shortage of attendance or the subjects I could not pass. I could hardly make it 5-6 hours during the whole week.

Wondering…How come I secured All India 42 Rank in SSC CGL 2016?

I just made slight changes in the ‘Reward System’ of my mind.

Excited to know about it?

Here it goes…

Everything which you enjoy doing gives you a reward at the end. Be it, taste of your favourite dish, a glance of your crush 😉 , a puff of cigarette or sip of coffee. After each of these activities, you experience happiness. This reward is nothing but a sudden release of a hormone called ‘Dopamine’. So, when Dopamine is released, you feel elated and happy. Soon, it gets converted into cravings and you need to repeat these activities to satisfy the cravings of ‘Dopamine’.

We need rewards for anything and everything we do from morning till night including studies. If you have some rewards ready in the basket for your mind, it will co-operate with you while studying.

Do you have some rewards for the same?

Yes, you do.

If you study, you will get selected in the SSC exam. Maybe you will get our dream post. Everyone will call you to congratulate on the big success and your parents will be proud of you. The list is endless. Now, you have got your rewards, then why you still hate studies and love watching Netflix, spending hours on Facebook or just having a chat with your friends?

Here is the answer…

Do you remember, what trick you play, when you want your younger brother to go to market and get some stuff for you? You just offer him to buy a chocolate from the remaining money and he moves with lightning speed, gets back in a fraction of second with a smile and some chocolate on his face.

What if you had sent him to the market but promised to give chocolate only after a year? Would he have moved?

Answer is No. Obviously, who works for a treat, to be given after A WHOLE YEAR!! Every kid wants the treat or the reward right now, just after the work is finished. But how that kid is related to your studies?

Your mind is also more or less a kid. Why are you promising it the treats (UPSC/SSC/Bank PO etc.) which it can’t enjoy right now. Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Tinder, Friends, Movies, YouTube and what not are luring your mind right now and you try to attract it with a promise of selection several months later.

Don’t you think you should reward that little kid hiding inside you, waiting for a treat, after you study?

My friend, your mind desperately needs an Immediate Reward.

Now, here comes the best part…the choice of Immediate Reward…where most people commit a blunder.

See how…
If you list some of the immediate rewards to make your mind happy, these things will strike your mind immediately – spending some time on phone, chatting with your friend, listening to music, watching TV, taking a nap etc. But, the problem is that as soon as you dive in these rewards, you will be trapped there forever. There will be no chances of you coming back to the books.

I will tell you the immediate reward I discovered, which transformed me from being the hater of studies to becoming someone who studied regularly 6 days a week and above all, someone who enjoyed studying.

My reward was – Appreciation.

After every 1 hour of studying or every time after solving 4-5 problems, I would clap for myself and say well done. While everyone around you keeps judging you for your marks and efforts, your mind craves appreciation. Just build a habit of appreciating yourself after every effort (however small it is) you have made towards your target. Initially, you won’t feel anything and it might look as if you are faking it but don’t stop. Keep doing it. After a couple of days, clapping for yourself would start releasing a splash of positive feelings in your mind.

Soon, you will start enjoying the process and you won’t study for the final target (selection after several months) but for the appreciation and the associated positive feelings which you get after studying. It works like an addiction.

Remember, when you started having coffee? You don’t crave for coffee in the initial few days as the associated positive feelings with coffee doesn’t release enough Dopamine in your brain. After a couple of months, you start craving it. Even the smell of it or a particular time of the day is enough for you to start expecting the ‘high’ feelings related to the release of Dopamine. Similarly, when studies get connected with the appreciation and the associated positive feelings in your mind, you become addicted to them. Now, you study just to feel good and this is what happens with every habit you have made till now.

Hope this technique will work out for you as well. This is one of the many mental hacks used by the toppers, consciously or unconsciously, during their preparation for SSC CGL or any entrance exams.

Try out this technique and let me know in the comment section below How effectively is it working out for you?

Happy studying 😊

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