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How to Prepare English for SSC Exam?

Every year Staff Selection Commission (SSC) conducts various exams in which ENGLISH holds a good weightage, especially in CGL exam. Many candidates are comfortable in MATHS and REASONING but face problems while attempting ENGLISH questions. It takes a deep knowledge of grammar rules and vocabulary to score brilliantly in ENGLISH. ENGLISH section is that section which gets a mixed response from the candidates depending on their educational background and preparation level.

For some, this is an easy task but for others, it becomes a nightmare and they find it as the biggest hurdle in getting a good score in this section. ENGLISH is not something you can master in one day, but if given time to it regularly it will help you more marks in less time. So prepare strategically and follow the tips provided in this article to score good marks. If you are not sure of where to start from let us first discuss the syllabus and know about the weightage of marks. As in SSC exam, ENGLISH is asked in both the tiers we will first discuss Tier 1 and then Tier 2.

In SSC ENGLISH section is broadly divided into 4 parts:

  • Vocabulary
  • Grammar
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Verbal Ability

Let us now go through the description of the number of questions asked in previous papers:

  1. Spotting the errors – 3-4 questions ( 6-8 marks)
  2. Reading Comprehension/ Cloze test – 5 questions (10 marks)
  3. Synonyms and Antonyms – 3 questions (6 marks)
  4. One Word Substitution – 2-3 questions (4-6 marks)
  5. Spelling Mistakes – 2 questions ( 4 marks)
  6. Sentence Correction – 3-4 questions ( 6-8 marks)
  7. Para Jumbles – 2 questions (4 marks)
  8. Active Passive/ Direct Indirect – 2 questions (4 marks)

Topic-wise Tips for SSC English Exam:

  1. Spotting the errors – Carefully go through the sentences. Check the subject-verb agreement, also practice solving this type of questions. Always go with the first thought that comes to your mind, don’t get confused by thinking again and again.
  2. Reading Comprehension – Reading comprehension comprises an unseen passage. You have to read the passage carefully and then answer the questions based on the passage. Try to grab the motto of the passage. Reading the questions first and then reading the passage can be another way to solve these questions. Read more and more passages as they increase your reading speed and understanding ability. Reading a newspaper can be beneficial. Many as it is passages were taken from the newspaper for this year’s TIER 2 exam (THE HINDU is preferable).
  3. Cloze Test – A passage with blanks is given. You have to fill these blanks with the help of the options given. The only tip to solve the cloze test is by reading the passage carefully as all the sentences are interconnected and once you are able to fill the appropriate word required. Sometimes the correct answer is easily spotted and if not you can by eliminating the options. Practicing more and more is the only key to score good marks in it.
  4. Synonyms and Antonyms – To excel in this section first try to read all the words asked in the previous year exams conducted by SSC English Exam. After reading that you will get an idea that the questions asked from this type are mostly repeated and if they are not repeated they can be done by eliminating the options. Learn and write down the words you came across while reading the newspapers, magazines etc. to widen the level of your vocabulary.
  5. One Word Substitution and Idioms & Phrases – The only way to excel in the questions of this category is by reading all the previous year questions that were asked in the exams. Also if you come across some new vocab in this section write them and read them regularly as more or less they are repeated every year. If you don’t get an answer to any question you can do it by eliminating the options.
  6. Spelling Mistakes – This is a very high scoring topic and you can grab full marks in your pocket from this section. Learn some rules involved in the spelling formation to have an idea of usage of spellings in English grammar.
  7. Sentence Correction – In this topic, you have to find the correct alternative from the given four parts of the sentence. Sometimes the sentence is grammatically correct and it does not require any correction, in that case, you have to mark no improvement. There are some basic rules of grammar on the basis of which the questions are asked in the exam. Read them carefully and practice questions based on them. You need to read the sentence carefully and try to spot the grammatical errors in reading whether they sound wrong. Sometimes the sentence seems to sound right but must read it again to find the error in the sentence which the grammar demands. Always look at every choice.
  8. Para Jumbles – As the name suggests the sentences are given in a jumbled order and we need to arrange them in a meaningful paragraph. Usually, there are 4 sentences and sometimes the starting and ending sentence of the paragraph is given and each sentence is interlinked with other. You need to read these 4 sentences and arrange them.
  9. Active Passive/ Direct Indirect – Even though they are tricky to solve but they are again based on grammar rules. Follow the specific for the specific question and you can again score 100%.

Similarly, you can refer the preparation strategy to be followed to get good marks in SSC Maths.

Books to be followed for SSC English Exam

  • General English –SP Bakshi, Plinth to Paramount from Neetu Singh, Mirror of common errors –A K Singh. You don’t need to purchase all the books, buy anyone and study and practice it religiously.
  • Word Power Made Easy – Norman Lewis
  • For new vocabulary just note down the new words you come across in the mocks. This will help you improve your vocab.

TIER 2- Tier 2 exam is nothing different from the tier 1, just the number of questions from each are increased. So giving the mocks is very important to analyze your performance and see the improvement. They will first help you in providing exam environment as many people get bored while attempting the SSC English Tier 2 exam.

Hope you follow all the tips and strategies and score good marks. Stay connected with us for more important articled like this.

And if anywhere in your entire journey during SSC-CGL Exam preparation if you feel demotivated, then here is how you can keep yourself motivated

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