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How to Stay Motivated When GATE is Approaching?

Exams are terrifying and anxiety doubles when they are impending. Though you have prepared for your exam whole year, you cannot stay relaxed as it is impossible to be sure about the preparation.

Whether it is a subject exam or competitive exam, you need to work all the harder to make sure that you qualify for the exam.

GATE stands for Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering. It is an all India entrance test conducted to assess the undergraduate knowledge of engineering students.

Qualifying GATE is not a cinch; competition is fierce and seats are limited. A huge syllabus sets your teeth on edge and eventually, you give up.

However, this is not the right perspective to see things. Life is full of challenges and you cannot escape from them even if you give in.

Over the years, many students have been noticed that they try hard to get through GATE exam, but they fail to sustain a never-give-up attitude.

Effective exam preparation does not mean mugging up the syllabus. Practicing innumerable questions is one thing or understanding concepts is another.

To qualify GATE, you must get hold of all concepts so that you can be able to solve different types of questions.

However, it is not as easy as it seems. You need to develop motivational power inside you to hit the grounds running.

You can develop this attitude by following below mentioned ways.

How to Stay Motivated while Preparing for GATE Exam?


#1 Change your outlook to meet goals

GATE exam can feel like foreboding and hardly a month is left for preparation. You must be feeling a knot in the pit of your stomach, but this is a high time to stay motivated.

Your positive attitude can play a paramount role to keep your inner critic from slagging you off.

You should set goals and make all efforts to meet them. Since you have spent the whole year preparing your exam, you should spend rest months in revision.

A thorough revision is vital to make sure that you have commands of all sections of GATE.

During revision, you will find a few topics which will require further revision. This may make you teed off as you are already running out of time, but you do not need to panic.

If you stay positive, negative thoughts will not strike your dedication as it is your perspective that makes things convoluted.

Prepare those topics once again without being flustered and stressed. If you revise them with peace of mind, you will be able to grab the concept quickly.

#2 Make strategy

Since a month or two are left, you must be practicing mock tests and past papers to assess your knowledge.

Knowledge assessment is essential so that you can thoroughly revise those chapters in which you do not have effective command.

However, you must bear in mind that you should know about the examination structure before you set off your revision.

You should know the weightage of each topic and accordingly try to attempt questions. First, you should attempt high-weightage questions and then low-weightage so that you can score high.

If you complete your mock test or past paper by following this strategy, your confidence level will shoot up, which is intrinsic to spur you on practicing more and more unless you achieve your goal.

This is the time for making strategy; which questions you will attempt first, which trick you will use to solve a particular question etc.

Remember that you should frame a strategy on the basis of your skills and abilities as each candidate has different potential.

What is apt for your friend can be inapt for you.

#3 Plan before you begin the Revision

Well, this is certainly revision time, and you cannot afford to jump blindly at revising chapters.

Revision for GATE exam has to be done smartly.

Though sometimes planning goes awry, it cannot be interpreted that you do not need planning for good results.

You will not get time for second revision, so you should make a bundle of notes consisting of all formulas and tricks. These notes must be shorter than those that you made during your course.

Revision notes must be crisp, short and consist of the most relevant points. To make sure that you remember all formulas and equations, you should revise them at least once a week.

If you find that you are not confident about your subject, you should not hesitate to go through that thoroughly. Quickly revise the whole chapter and attempt a few important questions to get hold of concepts.

Contribute equal time to revision of all subjects even if you have a good command over them. Revision is imperative to know how much you remember what you have learned throughout your course.

First, you should revise easy subjects/topics as this will keep you motivated and confidence level up.

#4 Breaks are also vital

Make an organized revision schedule that must include small break chunks. Just because GATE is impending does not mean that you will lock yourself in.

Constant studies will make your brain exhausted and make it complicated to remember things for a long time.

Short breaks during your work keep monotony at bay.

Do not cut down on your sleeping hours. Your mind and body both get enervated and therefore they need proper rest. Lack of sleep takes a toll on your productivity as well as health.

You should hit the hay whenever you feel all in. A power nap can also be beneficial to consolidate all information you have been revising.

However, you should not sleep for long hours during the day as it will become difficult to sleep properly at night.

Try to stop revising one hour before going to bed so that your brain can unwind. Make sure that you do not drink any caffeinated drink such as coffee or alcohol as it makes arduous to sleep well.

#5 Follow a creative approach

You need creative learning approach to have concepts engraved on your mind. Break up concepts and information; use diagrams if possible to understand an illustration or a process. This engaging way will trigger your memory at the time of the exam.

If you take a little longer time to learn, do not worry; you should revise loudly. If you are comfortable with learning in loud music atmosphere, go for it.

You can also make short notes of information on a colorful sheet and paste it on the door and window.

You will be able to have a glance at them at least once a day. The more time you look at them, the more chances are you will retain them.

#6 Accumulate your inner strength

The exam is on the way and tension is mounting up. A huge syllabus is left for revision and you are running out of time.

In this situation, you will feel edgy and undoubtedly you will have premonitions that you cannot do it. Such foreboding is common during the examination, but you can stop it to affect you.

When you find yourself weak and nasty thoughts have flooded in your mind, you should accumulate your inner strength to build momentum.

Start chanting positive mantras like “I can do,” “I will do,” “Nothing is impossible,” and “I can do my best.”

If you attempt a mock exam and your performance is below your expectations, do not be despondent. Pick up your book and practice weak chapters again.

#7 Practice problems

You have hardly a month to sit GATE, so you should contribute your time to practice as much as you can. Take mock tests and past papers and dedicate yourself to complete them.

The more you practice, the more you hone your concepts. Make sure that you complete all questions within the given time. This assessment will help you speed up solving your question.

Once you have completed your test, mark wrong answered questions and revise those chapters to which they belong.

#8 What to do on your GATE examination day?

Meltdown in the examination hall is not surprising, but a few tricks can help you prevent it. Take a deep breath and try to keep yourself calm when you are in the hall.

Read the exam paper carefully. List out questions that you know and attempt them first as you will regain confidence.

Then, attempt those questions that you are not sure about. Divide your time for each question to make sure that you attempt questions as much as possible.


GATE is just a month ahead. It is high time that you pull your socks up to get through it. Every minute is vital so do not waste your time roaming around.

Revise your all chapters, practice test papers and past papers. Assess your performance and find out where you are lagging behind. Revise those chapters again in which you have not performed well.

Eat healthy food, sleep well and take short breaks during your studies. Do not let exam stress torment you. Meditate and think positive.

All the best for your exam!

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