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How to utilize the summer vacations?

Hi Guys,
This post is targeted towards the final year students who right now are in their summer vacations as this is the best time to start your preparations for GATE and if you have already started, then you capitalize on the start and make the best use of vacations to improve yourself.
Also, most of you who are still in college will be enrolled in some or the other type of internship as that is also compulsory from your college’s perspective but honestly speaking internship does not play a major role in your placements which i am telling from my personal experience unless you are enrolled in some company which offers PPO (Pre-Placement Offer). So, even if you are going for internship you will be getting free time in the evenings which is very important as right now, the work load on you is pretty less which will increase exponentially once semester begins.

So, basically you first need to figure out which subject you are lacking in that you need thorough study from the beginning and completely covering the basic which in my case was Analog Devices as i was not very good with it. The next step should be to acquire a good text book for that subject which you can see in my other post about recommended books and then figure out the topics that are required for GATE and IES (if you are targeting it) and mark those in your text books and prepare a daily schedule for yourself where you will devote a fixed amount of time everyday for reading from the textbook and strengthening your concepts like 1-2 hours daily and if you want to prepare more then better keep 1 hour for problem solving which you solve using RK Kanodia or the problems at the end of text book, initially textbook problems are more helpful as they will also help in IES Conventional Exam and will teach you a method of structuring your answer which is most important in IES Conventional.
I believe you should target one day per chapter of a subject and you have at least one month till the vacation ends and hence you have almost four weeks and one subject does not have more than 7-8 chapters that means a single subject can be very easily covered in a week or you can do better and allot one hour each to two subjects in parallel which will save you from boredom and saturation and will cover more than when you do a single subject.
This way you will be able to cover almost all the subjects at least theory wise and then you will be ready prepare for GATE problems or numericals during your semester time as in the final year you will also be busy with final year projects and internal exams and other stuff, so better make the most of the free time that you have got in the vacations as this time can become a defining factor for your rank later but one thing needs to be made sure that underlying all this preparation is a great time-table that you need to prepare for yourself which you should follow without fail and once you are done you will be at much better position as compared to where you are now.
This time can also be utilized for placement preparation which i will tell in next post.

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