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How to Target for the Post of Income Tax Officer through SSC-CGL?

There are more than 30 different job profiles that are offered through SSC CGL for which lakhs of aspirants fight day in day out. Each and every one of the candidates has a different priority and different tastes. It’s almost impossible to find a job profile that suits each of the aspirants. Some might like the power of CBI while some might crave for the charm of the Income Tax department while some others might want to travel around the world by getting selected in the Ministry of External Affairs. There might be some others who would just like to have a job no matter what the rank or location is. Here I will explain the general method by which you set your target and work accordingly. We should be well aware of the path and the final destination before we start slogging, shouldn’t we? You decide the final destination (read desired job profile) and I will tell you the path.

Income Tax Inspector is the most popular job profile through SSC CGL and lets’s assume that you are targeting it through SSC CGL.

Now, Preparation of any exam consists of the following two phases

  1. Creating a mindset
  2. The actual preparation of exam.

Creating a mindset:-

You want to become Income tax INSPECTOR but first, you need to ask yourself a few questions –

  1. Why do you want to become an income tax inspector? It may be anything like respect, making parents proud, making ex-lover jealous, serving the country, extra money (no one openly admits it but this is also a big factor) or anything else. You need not to tell it to anyone but just be clear with yourself. Whatever your reason is, it should be big enough to push you to study table even in the most depressing mood of yours.
  2. Keep in mind the timeframe. SSC CGL 2018 tier 1 is going to be held in April-May (no one knows exactly except SSC), tier 2 in August-October 2019 and tier 3 in around 2019 end. Final results in March-April 2020 and then add another six months for joining. This may be further delayed due to irregularities in exam conduction or any other “technical glitch”. So keep this thing in mind beforehand that the process is going to take two years from now. You are supposed to study really well at least till tier 2.
  3. Always keep these two quotes by APJ Abdul Kalam in your mind and admit the fact that you need to study and make a few sacrifices for at least one year.

Dream is not that which you see while sleeping, it is something that doesn’t let you sleep.”

“If you want to shine like a Sun, first burn like a Sun.”

If you are comfortable with the above points, then you are ready to go. If in doubt, then take a day or two and introspect. If you have any other option apart from SSC, then give a thought to that and ultimately decide what you want.

Preparation Phase for Income Tax Officer Post:

SSC CGL 2018 is going to be more or less of same difficulty level as that of 2016 and 2017. Cut off in SSC CGL 2016 for Income Tax Inspector was around 559 for general category and it is going to be more or less same this year too.

Let’s assume cut off will be 560 in CGL 2018.

Real charm for an inspector post is in home state and you would like to get the same. For home posting or desired location, add 15 marks (especially for north India).

Take 8-10 marks as insurance.

So you need around 585/700.

Don’t keep more than 65 for tier 3 as there is some luck factor involved in it. If you score more than 65, then great but till tier 2 you need to be around 520.

Tier 1:-

You need to have around 175 in tier 1. Believe me, the whole game depends on tier 1. Around fifteen thousand candidates score more than 150 in tier 1 against a mere ten thousand vacancies. Additionally, there are more than a thousand candidates at each mark. But this frequency is much lower above 170 and you will be in a pretty good situation if you score this much.

Tier 2:-

Score around 345. It’s a major challenge to score this much but not impossible. There are many students every year who breach this barrier of 350. So there is no reason for you to not score this much.

Break this target of 175 and 350 in sectional targets according to your strength and weaknesses. To score this much, you need to be pretty good in all parts of tier 1 and 2.

How to Prepare for SSC-CGL if you want to become an Income Tax Officer:

  1. English– Preparing English for SSC-CGL Exam
  2. Maths: Important Tips in SSC-CGL Exam.
  3. Reasoning  
  4. General awareness – Tips for studying General Awareness for SSC-CGL Exam

Important points to keep in mind:-

  1. Appear for mocks but if you do not analyze them properly, then you are wasting your time. It will be much better if you give limited mocks but analyze them properly.
  2. Be consistent with your studies. This is the biggest challenge we face while preparing for any competitive exam. Try to maintain a diary to keep yourself at check.
  3. Do not isolate yourself from the outer world. Prioritize your activities and keep those social gatherings to a minimum but do not isolate yourself. You obviously would not like to end up in depression if you fail somehow.
  4. Don’t fall for short term pleasures. The process of preparation is obviously boring and those temptations will certainly draw you towards them. Just be careful and always keep your target in your mind. 

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