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Kick start your GATE Preparation

Hello Readers,
This is the time most of you would be starting GATE preparation and you all will have some queries regarding GATE preparation. This post deals with how to give a kick start to your GATE preparation. There are two basic ways of GATE Preparation either a guided preparation through any institute or self study. In this post I will discuss the strategy that should be ideally followed in both the approaches.
Let us first of all discuss about the more popular approach that is self study. I myself prepared for GATE by self study but I had an advantage as compared to others that I was from IIT so my basics were already very well covered. This approach is thus more suited to those who already have good basics and just need little guidance, doubt solving and practicing questions. So, what you need to do is to first have a good question bank and for theory you can either follow standard textbooks or NPTEL videos.
Though I do not feel NPTEL videos are tailor made for GATE preparation but they are helpful if you are seeking in depth knowledge of a subject. But if you wish to learn the problem solving techniques then they may not be so helpful. The mistake that many students do is that they do not focus much on the problem solving aspect but they focus more on theory. Actually, studying theory is a kind of comfort zone for each of us as it seems interesting and is easy to follow. But GATE exam is more numerical and application based then straight forward theory questions and so the main focus should always be on Problem Solving.
Also, if you are referring Standard Books do make sure that you are only going through the concepts covered in GATE exam and are leaving out the irrelevant part. For this purpose you always have to keep the GATE curriculum handy. Otherwise, you can enroll in a postal study course which will outline the concepts that need to be studied and whatever you do not understand from study material you can refer standard textbook for that. Also, the question bank that accompanies theory booklets will be helpful for you. Do make sure that you solve all previous year questions during the course of your preparation.
Now let us move to the alternate approach i.e. guided preparation. There are various courses for GATE preparation available around you like Online Preparation (Video Lectures), Postal Study Course and Classroom Program. You must choose the course that best suits you.
Those students whose concepts have been weak through their undergraduate programs and are taking a drop can try Classroom Program available near to their home. The focus must be on choosing an institute which can guide you through different phases of preparation and also clear your doubts. You must be able to personally interact with the faculties of institute so that you can take personal advice. But while going to a different city you must understand that there are additional costs to fooding and lodging and also you may not be able to adjust to a new environment so easily.
So, the students who seek home environment for GATE preparation should go for online courses so that they can prepare at their own convenience. You must look for an online course which is complete in itself i.e. it provides Study Material, Question Bank and practice tests along with Video Lectures. Such a course will save a lot of time and money so that you can focus more on self study and less dependent on Institutes. Also that way you can repeat any lecture as many times as you want.
Also, these courses are helpful for working professionals who cannot attend Classroom programs due to hectic job schedule.
Those students who are already good i.e they are good with basic concepts can try Postal Study Courses so that they can learn the GATE relevant concepts in detail. Though preparation through Standard textbooks is ideal but it is time consuming and not everyone can read through entire book which has 400 odd pages. But problem with most of Postal courses is lots of mistakes in Question Bank so make sure while choosing a question bank that it is fully solved so that you can easily verify your solution.
Also, one tip for all students is that you should take notes for whatever you study and these notes should be from your point of view and do not try to make universal. Make them to suit your needs. Concise Notes are always preferable.
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