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Kreatryx GATE 2016 EE Rank Predictor

Hi All,

Many of you have appeared this year for GATE EE exam and I hope you all have done well. In this post I will analyze GATE 2016 exam and let you know what was the weightage of different subjects in both sets. We will also discuss how was this year’s paper as compared to previous years. At last I would give a prediction what can be Marks vs Rank Distribution this year for both sets.

GATE 2016 exam was a bit more conceptual as compared to previous years and the questions tested the understanding of basics in different subjects rather than testing the advanced concepts. The change that was seen was more shift towards Numerical Answer Type (NAT) Questions as there were large number of Numerical Answer Type (NAT) Questions but they did not involve complex calculations. One point that I liked about this year’s paper was that the paper was designed keeping in mind the limited calculation capability of Online Calculator. The problem that many students faced was lack of accuracy due to higher number of NAT questions. This problem however could been tackled by not being over-reliant on Calculators even for simple calculations that I suggested in one of my earlier posts as well. This year paper was relatively simpler as compared to GATE 2014 and GATE 2015 papers but was not as simple as GATE 2013 due to NAT questions. So marks are expected to increase this year as compared to previous two year.

Now coming to weightage of different subjects in the exam, the distribution was even between core and non-core subjects as the core subjects (Electrical Machines, Power Systems, Power Electronics and Measurement) had a weightage of around 35 marks in each set. The surprising point however was almost zero weightage for Analog Electronics in both sets which by the way would have brought relief to most EE students as it is most infamous subject among EE GATE Aspirants. The weightage of different subjects in both sets is illustrated below:

Distribution of marks among different subjects in S6 EE GATE 2016 exam

Distribution of marks among different subjects in S8 EE GATE 2016 exam
As it can be observed from both graphs that Electrical Machines, Power Systems and Power Electronics were dominant subjects in both sets. However, you must not undermine the importance of Network Analysis as it had the second highest weightage in both sets of 11 marks.
If we compare both sets then it can be inferred that S6 was a little bit tougher as compared to S8 exam and so it is expected that the students who appeared in S6 may get the benefit of normalization.
As per our analysis, it is expected that S6 students will gain 1-2 marks from normalization and S8 students may lose 2-3 marks due to normalization but the difference should not go beyond that. The table below shows the Marks Vs Rank Distribution for students of both sets as per Kreatryx Rank Predictor.

I would like to add here that these figures are only suggestive of what could happen and should not be considered as a fact. GATE conducting Institute that is IISc Bangalore this year will have final say in this.

I hope that this analysis helps you and you all get good results. For those who are not able to do well this year should not get disheartened and should continue preparation for other PSU exams like BARC, ISRO etc as GATE is not the final destination but just a milestone along the path.
Please share this post with as many friends and colleagues as you can so that they are also aware as what they can expect in this year’s results and move forward with their preparation.
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