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Last Day before GATE exam

Hi All,
I am writing after a long time as I have been a bit busy during this gap of almost 1 year. I sincerely hope you all have gone through the previous posts and have benefited from that. The next two days many of you would appear for GATE exam and right now would have a lot of anxiety and would be confused about how to handle the pressure. So, in this post I would like to tell you how to handle pressure and give your best in GATE exam.

Here are few things that can be beneficial for you on the last day:
1. The first thing that you should stop doing is worrying about the result of the exam and how you would fare in the exam. The only thing that you have in your hands is the 3 hours time allotted for attempting the exam and result will depend on you relative performance which means it largely depends on how others perform so it is not in your hands.
2. The next thing you should stop worrying about is the level of the exam as the paper is either tough for all or easy for all and in either case the relative performance is judged and not the absolute performance.
3. The other thing that you all may be worried about is the Online Calculator. I would say that the playing field has changed but it has changed for all and I don’t think there would be any aspirant who would be more comfortable with Online Calculator than Offline handheld calculator so stop worrying about it. The only way around it is to try doing simple calculations by hand so that time is saved. The 4 years of engineering have made you over dependent on calculators as I have seen aspirants doing simple additions also by calculator so it is high time you move away from such a habit.
4. On the last day before GATE exam do not attempt any mock tests but rather go over the formulas once and be calm and relaxed and have a good night’s sleep before the exam.
5. Avoid over eating on the last day as that can spoil your health and can adversely affect your performance in the exam.
6. Go about the GATE exam like it is just other day in your life and do not make a hype of exam in your mind. This will help you ease out unnecessary pressure.

7. Do not get stressed seeing other aspirants at the center revising their notes and do not engage in any technical discussion at the center. These sort of discussion will build up pressure on you. So refrain from such activities and just focus on task at hand.
8. When sitting in front of system for attempting the exam take out all wasteful thoughts from your head and just concentrate on paper.
9. At a time focus only on one question and do not think about any question that you have not attempted or you could not solve.
10. Do not get stuck on a single problem for a long time as all questions in one section fetch equal marks. So move on and attempt next problem.
11. Keep last half hour of exam to review the marked problems so that you can minimize the errors and thus minimize negative marking.
12. Attempt 1 mark technical section in 45-50 minutes and aptitude section in 15-20 minutes and 2 mark technical 1 hr 15 mins to 1 hr 30 mins. This way you will get sufficient time for revision.
13. Attempt Numerical type problems neatly and on separate pages of scrap pad provided so that you can check your solution at any step.
The best advice that I can give you at this time is to stop worrying now as this is not the time to worry but to go on and give your best shot so that you all can make your dreams a reality.
Best of luck to all you guys for GATE exam. Looking forward to hear from you guys about how was the exam and how it went.
Feel free to share this blog among your friends. Let me know about any issues in the comments section.

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