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Making Notes for GATE/ESE : The most useful skill

Hi Guys,

This post is intended to bring more clarity to let you all know about how you should go about preparing notes and what things need to be kept in mind as i have often referred to notes being most important part in one’s preparation and this post will be tackling that issue specifically.
Notes preparation technique is entirely different for GATE and IES as both exams test different skills in a candidate and  we shall take a look at the both separately:
GATE is an application oriented exam where bare minimum concepts are required but you need to be well prepared to apply those concepts in every way possible and thus the short can really be very short and while preparing notes you must keep the GATE curriculum open so that you do not miss out anything and you do not add anything unnecessary. The following points should be taken care while preparing notes.
  • The notes should be prepared in form of bullets and not entire paragraphs as bullets are easy to remember and revise and paragraph type notes are a big turn-off.
  • Always highlight the point which you have made a mistake more than once because that will keep you reminding that you should take care like in my case i used to get confused between idempotent and involutory matrices so the criterion, i always kept highlighted.
  • The font of handwritten notes should be very small and try to put as much data as possible in a single line as possible as then the number of pages covered will be very less and will imbibe a sense of confidence in you whenever you think of revising them as you will be confident that you only have to revise a less number of pages.
  • Sometimes, it is also good to keep a track of some numericals which you felt were very good and helpful by noting down the page number and question number so that you can refer them once before the exam.
  • The notes are specific to the person that creates them as you may want to write something which seems very trivial to some other person, but you should write it down because the notes are meant for you only and not for anyone else.

You can check out the sample Notes on our website here.

IES in objective papers is more about small concepts or things that you need to memorize to ace the exam so focus must be on to collect those small concepts and note them down like questions may be asked why a particular material is used for a particular application like CRGO steel in Transformers then you need to remember the properties of CRGO Steel and that will help you.
For objective papers, the best reference is previous year papers as many questions are just repetitive.
For Conventional Paper numerical part GATE notes are sufficient but you must also write down derivation as they are directly asked and you must have experience in solving complete numericals like the ones given in textbooks and the ways to structure your answer.
So guys, do let me know if you find these guidelines helpful and also if you have any specific doubts feel free to comment below.
Please share it with your friends so that all can benefit.

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