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Memorizing Formulas

Hello Readers,
The biggest problem faced by GATE Aspirants is to memorize all the formulas at the same time and keeping them fresh in your memory for the D-Day and it becomes more difficult as the formulas in engineering are definitely not small but are rather complex and involve many confusing terms but memorizing formulas is important as many problems in GATE and IES are straight forward and can cost you time and hence marks if you don’t remember the formulas

The way around this problem is not very difficult as there is one word solution for it that is “Notes”, the quality notes is the most significant factor for success in GATE as good notes are the key to quick and quality revision of the concepts which will improve your memorizing power as well your self-confidence. Imagine that you have 20 pages notes for a subject in one hand and in the other hand you have a 200 pages books for the same subject, which you feel more comfortable while reading?
The answer is simple the smaller the notes, the more comfortable you are with the aspect of revising those notes as you know it won’t take much time but then this creates another issue as to how to identify what to mention in the short notes and what not to mention, the answer to this is “Notes making is an art”, so while reading any subject for the first time, your notes should not be brief but rather elaborate as they can then help you during your interviews and then after you are finished with preparing theory and solving numerical problems in sufficient numbers, you will easily identify as to what among your notes is necessary for GATE and what not and at that time you should prepare a short draft of notes containing nothing but only those things which are absolutely necessary for GATE just like a “.zip” file of your initial notes and this will help you revise your concepts before any test and as well as before the D-Day.

For those who want to refer to my short notes, please keep following the below mentioned link for updates about short notes:

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