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#MyGATEStory – Mridul Gupta (AIR 238 in GATE 2018 ECE)

AIR: 238
Gate Score: 772
Branch: ECE

I completed my Graduation from SGSITS, Indore in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering. I was decent (above average in terms of pointer) and a sincere student during my college days, with a keen interest in Electronics, New Technologies, Robotics and always ready to learn new things. I spent most of my time making projects (Mostly new and different technology, with SGSITS Robotics Club) Hardware as well as Software, main focus was to make a complete product without sacrificing learning. Continuing this I studied for GATE at Engineers Circle, Indore.

I belong to Indore and my College was also in same city. Many people from our college appear for GATE but only few of them prepare with full dedication as placement season continues throughout in 4th Year. And students in our college are quite well aware of GATE as our past batches have good records in terms of Rank and faculties are quite helpful with preparation. But the Absolute Grading system and Theoretical Subjective based examination system doesn’t match with GATE.

I gave my first attempt in 2016 and got AIR 1628, which didn’t fetched me much. So I opted for job which I was offered on campus (As job was in core and in a reputed Company). I tried to prepare with job but could not do so and wrote GATE 2017 unprepared and couldn’t perform well. So this was my Third attempt (Technically 2nd as 2017 attempt was given unprepared) in GATE 2018.

I had a desire to do M.Tech. from starting only and I had it somewhere in my mind throughout that I could not make it to IITs as I prepared for JEE with regular school, And same was the case in my college days (being regular: that is actually in my habit) while appearing for GATE. And also I wanted to do M.Tech. from a place where I could get the Best teaching and exposure in terms knowledge and Technology, and most suitable option was getting an IIT. This thought fainted a bit after GATE 2016 but I revitalized it while working in my Job. As also at that time I failed to convert my ISRO interview in Dec 2016 into a job opportunity and a few more opportunities that followed which actually showed me the Mirror and forced me to introspect… What am I doing with my life?? The other reason that I discovered was , I can attain Managerial skills at any point in my life but technical skills can only be learnt at young age…. you actually lose the Vigor and Enthusiasm to try technical skills once you get into managing people, material or any such job. After completing a year… while fighting with thoughts like Is it my inability??
Am I not capable enough?? Should I leave it (the job or trying for my dream)?? What would I do then??
Am I be able to stand up again?? I finally took the biggest decision of my life leaving my job and I switched to preparation mode for GATE 2018 in Sept 2017.

During my preparation the problems which came in front of me and remedies I followed:

Confidently attempting 2 marks Question, which is the most important aspect and they hold a large proportion of GATE marks. For this I referred to standard textbooks, in most cases for question-solving not for theory and try to clear concepts by them, I read theory only for topics in which I was not confident.

As few subjects are very important so I purchased Gdrive to refresh those subjects and get the full feel of them. Mean while Clicking Photos of questions (with solutions) which I could not able to crack… and saving those photos as pdf to revise at a later stage.

Repeating same topics again and again…without getting bored and remembering them throughout: Prepared Short notes subject wise and kept on adding things to it if needed. I revised them instead of full notes. I used to revise them at regular intervals while completing other subjects or giving tests.

Capitalizing on your mistakes: Joined 2-3 test series (Kreatryx, Gateforum and only Full Length for Made Easy) out of which Kreatryx one was really good (seriously) it actually contained the New and GATE level questions. Now one thing I did was I used to jot down the formulas separately which I could not remember during tests or making mistakes while using them. And I also used to save screenshots of those questions with a solution in the form of Excel sheets to Revise. Because as these were actually the mistakes I was committing and need much attention because you have to pay 0.333 or 0.667 marks from your account for mistakes.

Standing up when you fall: It’s the inner motivation which picks you up, the motivation should come from inside don’t try to find it outside, ya but inner motivation could in these times can be strengthened from occasionally watching movies like Peaceful warrior, MS Dhoni.., The pursuit of Happiness, Unbroken etc, they kind of relax your mind and give space to look at your mistakes . You should be clear with what you want and at any cost for sure….
But to me, the biggest reason was that I want to it achieve big something really big not just for myself but for my family who is there for me any time with their blessings and ready to support my decision at any cost.

Though I was preparing for GATE living at my home I used to go to a private library to study (there you can take your books and study) where other students mostly CA ones are also studying. So it kind of motivates you all the time to study even if you fall… Who better then CA students can tell how to rise again and never back down…

There is one thing which I faced in 2016 also (but I couldn’t figure it out back then) that after giving ample no. of full tests you see a dip in the marks…reason being if you become used to of giving tests, reduced learning from your mistakes and reduced revision frequency unknowingly . I had faced it earlier also and I was prepared this time with Excel sheets, photos (mentioned above) of questions (rather mistakes in test) and short notes, formulas I am weak with…..While going through these I got AIR 22 in Made easy CBT and a similar rank (I don’t remember Exact) in Kreatryx Open Test-4 which kind of lifted me up. And provided the lost confidence back for last 10-15 days.

One thing which I also learned while giving GATE paper was that you should concentrate for 3 hrs and read full questions with a focus this can only be put into Habit by doing same while appearing for Test series.

This is actually not a conceptual problem but something which can only be improved by putting into a habit. It took me 6-7 marks in GATE Paper from the questions which are ought to be right, when you are going for good ranks. I don’t want this to happen with anybody else, so take it as a Caution. Always try to find out your way of preparation, which actually suits you don’t blindly follow anyone because every person is different and so is their story of success.

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