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#MyGATEStory #15- Abhijnan Lahiri (AIR 401 in GATE 2018 EE)

Hi, I’m Abhijnan Lahiri. I have completed my B.Tech. in Power Engineering from NPTI (E.R.). Due to the nature of my B.Tech course which is a mix of electrical, mechanical and instrumentation subjects specialized in power plant operations only, I didn’t have complete knowledge of the all the electrical subjects for GATE preparation. So when I appeared for the first time in GATE 2015, I could secure only rank 5804. At that time I had already bagged a job through campus recruitment at a renowned power plant company so I was least worried about my rank then. So I thought that my life is set with this new job with a healthy package in hand. I enjoyed one year in the company to the fullest without thinking of GATE at all.

But soon after 1 year, I realized this job was not enough to cultivate and enhance my technical knowledge and I had to improve my technical skills and pursue higher education for success in life. So I began preparing for next year’s GATE while on the job for a chance to pursue M.Tech. That turned out to be a very hectic and stressful ordeal because before preparing for GATE I had to learn the remaining subjects in Electrical Engineering for the first time on my own which was not taught in my curriculum which was around 4 subjects. Working for 9 hours per day and then studying those subjects for the first time was very difficult but still, I persevered. It took an extended duration to finally complete studying the whole syllabus up to December. I knew I didn’t have much time to practice now. So, I took leave from work and toiled myself extremely and I was able to complete the practice only once. I took a few Full-length tests in the last week before GATE 2017. But still, I was uncertain of my preparation. I secured a rank of 2030 but wasn’t happy with that result.

Finally, I decided that I need to give my best shot and for that, I need to concentrate solely on my preparation. I gave up my job, chalked out all my shortcomings and planned my preparation for GATE 2018 from July 2017. I realized that the main reason for my failure was my inadequate knowledge of the concepts at a depth and I needed to improve on them. Luckily through social media, I got to know that Ankit Goyal sir has started a coaching institute for GATE aspirants. By Ankit Sir’s reputation as the AIR 1 of GATE 2014, I knew this was a good scope for me to improve under his guidance. I immediately contacted Kreatryx to know about the courses it had to offer. I was unfortunate to know that the classroom classes had already begun and I was late for it. So, I decided to take the opportunity of the complete package of Kapsule Zetta program.

The Kapsule Zetta program had the perfect amalgamation of theory videos, test series and doubt solving forum. I realized this could be equally helpful in getting a vicarious guidance from Ankit sir. The online theory videos were the perfect material I needed to hone my technical knowledge on each subject. They were so elaborately discussed in details with perfect references and solved examples that I began to feel confident in my preparation now. I had maintained a separate book for noting down all the formulae as I was going through each subject during my study. I had made a detailed formula book on each subject so that I don’t have to refer to any other textbook or videos later on in my preparation. I completed my complete preparation by November and started giving the Subject tests of K-test and also subscribed to 4 other institutes to enhance my practice more.

Along with my preparation, I always had the guidance and support of Ankit Sir through discussions in the secret FB group and his live YouTube webinars. I had a perfect guide to explain to me all the concepts wherever I had a problem. Being a GATE Aspirant himself, he knew exactly how another student might understand each concept, tips, and tricks for each question and guided my preparation immaculately.

By Dec-mid I started giving all the Full-length tests from all the institutes I had enrolled. I used to appear for 2 Full-length test each day, once in the morning and another in the afternoon. Post evening till mid-night I used to revise the formula book and check on all those questions where I had committed mistakes in the FLT and subject tests. I used to score on an average of 65-70 in each test with a few going above and below it.

With this, I would like to recommend all future GATE aspirants that continuous solving and practicing of problems is the backbone of GATE preparation. It helps to understand how much you are aware of the subject, how much more you need to learn and also points out the probable areas where you might commit mistakes if not improved. So it would be best to complete your theory learning early and devote most of the time in practicing problems. I kept on noting down all the points and concepts where I failed in each practice test on a separate notebook. I used to regularly check the formulae book and review my fault points so that I never repeat them in future. All throughout my preparation, Ankit sir’s constant motivation and guidance on Youtube and Facebook for all his students was a relief and inspiration to me.

By the end of Jan 2018, I had completed my entire preparation of GATE and I was quite complacent with my preparation this year. Now I started my final revision of GATE formula revision on the last 1 week before the exam. I appeared on the exam day with a calm mind after an adequate relaxing sleep the previous night. I performed on the exam as per my capability. Finally, when the exam results came out I was quite happy with the improved rank of 401 this year with the hope that it will fulfill my dream of pursuing an M.Tech from a prestigious IIT.

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