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#MyGATEStory #2 – Sonam Sadhukhan (AIR 138 in GATE 2018 ECE)

It was a journey from AIR 6999 to AIR 138….

Last year I somehow completed the syllabus and appeared for the exam. When the results came out, I understood completing the syllabus wasn’t just enough for a good rank.

It was 27th March 2017, the day just after the GATE results came out, I was discouraged, demotivated, dejected but then I gained confidence and I knew I could do it next time and could get through it, so, I started my preparation. I also left two jobs which I got through campusing.

I started with revising the concepts and formula and then going for the GATE questions.

I first tried solving the gate questions by my own, those questions which I couldn’t, I saw the solution,  but my main motive after doing every lengthy question was to find shortcuts and easier way to solve them.

I saw the GATE videos available on youtube for the topics I was weak or I found book theory to be too boring to study myself. Sometimes, I would also watch videos on solved gate questions and tried to find tricks to do that question faster and easier.

The most important part of my prep was giving test series. I had enrolled in 3-4 test series, especially the full-length ones. OTS helped me to learn new concepts, alternate methods of solving the questions even those which I used to get them correct, and also analyzing the weaker areas and error-prone zones.

My preparation strategy was divided into 4 parts:-

  1. As soon as I saw, my rank wouldn’t fetch me any IIT, I started my preparation next day. I was already done with 80% of the syllabus and concepts last time. So, I started with revising those notes which I had collected from various Textbooks, Study materials, and videos. Soon after revising one subject, I solved the gate previous years questions. These took me about a month to complete more or less all the subjects. I had however left out some topics and chapters in which I was weak.
  2. After this, I started studying standard books and adding extra points to the note I already had. Also, I revised the notes and formula. Remembering all the formula is very important because you won’t lose marks because of memory issue. I used to forget stuff quite fast, so it was very important for me to revise at regular intervals. Also, I lost 1 mark because of this, I couldn’t remember one formula, however, I could have derived the formula there but I felt deriving it would have taken a lot of time so I left it.
  3. Next was to take online test series. I had initially enrolled in Madeeasy and ACE, but afterward, I also joined Kreatryx and Gate Academy, since, practicing, time management and error analyzing is the key. I started taking the Full-length tests in the middle of November. Initially, I was giving a test every alternate day until January, after which it was around 1 test every 3-4 days.
  4. In January, it was the final revision time and this time I studied the standard books along with the note since I didn’t want to miss out any concept which I might had overlooked previously. When it was about 15 days to a week before GATE 2018 ECE exam, I started solving the previous year questions yearwise. The last week was a very crucial time where you need to plan according to your needs. I didn’t study much during this time. Just revising the formula, important notes, and my errors.

Final Note:- Keeping calm during the exam is the key to a good score, also taking the correct decision as to which questions to be solved and ones which needs to left even untouched. Don’t ever change your strategy on the final day, since it costed me 8 marks ( which I did mistake by marking wrong options).

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