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#MyGATEStory #4 – Monit Gupta (AIR 40 in GATE 2018 EE)

My name is Monit Gupta. I had completed my graduation from IIT-ISM Dhanbad. I was an average student with a GPA of 8.04 and I had 28th rank in my batch.

I got to know about GATE from my seniors as I saw PSUs were offering high packages and work culture was better than the private ones. It was one of my seniors who inspired me for this and when he got the job and I came to know about his satisfaction through it I decided to prepare for GATE in 2017 4 months before the exam. I had my friend Dishant who constantly motivated me and cleared many of doubts. But in 2017 due to lack of confidence and pressure of not sitting in any companies for placement, I secured 794. But I knew that I could have easily scored below 150.
So I decided to prepare for the exam again. I started my preparation in August staying in Delhi with one of my friend Rohit who was taking coaching from Made Easy. I had decided I won’t take any coaching and prepare on my own. This gave me extra time as my fellow mates where so busy in classes that they were not able to spend time on revision. I had purchased Kreatryx Test series as I knew the tests would be prepared by Ankit Goyal and Team Kreatryx who are from electrical dept. so I was well aware that this test series would be best for me. And that choice was perfect as it helped me improve on silly mistakes. In every test, there were questions very similar to questions asked in GATE. And the main thing is that GATE is about overcoming Silly mistakes which Kreatryx trains perfectly. And there are 2-3 questions in each test which are highly concept-based which creates the difference between a topper and a 10th ranker. Also, there was a big role of my friends as I didn’t have any book or any study material. These notes helped me a lot.
Talking about distractions, Social Media is something which depends on person to person because I used Whatsapp and Facebook but had reduced it in last 2 months. Instead, I used to watch out few Comic TV series to destress myself. A big hurdle which I felt was loneliness as my friends had coaching all day so I had to be in the room for almost most part of the day. I use to think that after GATE what my life would be. Because I knew last time I was left with nothing. So I had decided that I want to do something big and thinking of it motivated me.
Only you can motivate yourself and if you require a certain amount of motivation every time I feel this thing or any competitive exam is not your cup of tea.  So Thank You Kreatryx for such a wonderful Test Series and helping me to achieve my target.
AIR 794 to AIR 40 –  I could’nt have asked for better.

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