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#MyGATEStory #9 – Manas Roy (AIR 74 in GATE 2018 ECE)

It’s been a good but hard journey till now. Here I am including only my struggle and my preparation from college life not from my child-hood.
I am graduated in in ECE in 2017 from Kalyani Government Engineering College, West Bengal.
Starting of Preparation:
I had started my GATE preparation from 3rd year onwards before that I was concentrating on my college subjects and semesters only. My sources of study were my books, internet,Facebook groups, discussion with friends and R.K. Kanodia test series books. As my family is financially down I never thought about taking coaching.
Preparation in 4th year of
In this last year I accelerated my preparation. Started solving as much problem as I can from kanodia books, facebook groups. I had to make time from college classes and other things in college but I was determined that I had to keep me going. I never thought about rank only concentrated on my preparation. Then in December month I purchased only full length test series from Made Easy & ACE academy and started practicing that. I was getting decent mark (average 60 marks) in made easy but not so well in ACE. I was also started watching previous year Gate EC solution in YOUTUBE.
My GATE 2017 result:
I got AIR 1764 rank in GATE 2017 which was not as expected as per my preparation. I joined in a IT company which I got placed in college campus placements because of financial condition but I decided to rectify my mistakes and give one more try because GATE rank is 3 years valid for admission so there is no harm of dropping a year.
Mistakes that I found and tried to rectify:
Meanwhile I was selected in ISRO 2017 Feb recruitment but was on waitlist after interview. But I got inspiration and motivation that I can. I knew that I have potential. Then I stared thinking about the mistakes in GATE 2017 preparation and exam. As per me 1. Time schedule of Online test series(when to buy, when to finish). 2. Clearing my knowledge and sharping it. Next most important 3. Minimizing mistakes in exam.
GATE 2018 preparation:
I didn’t know about Kreatryx before GATE 2017 as it is very new. But I was impressed by some of their videos and views from others. So I purchased online subjective (which I didn’t take last time) + full length from Kreatryx and ACE academy in July month only and started solving it. As I already knew the theory so I was mainly concentrating on online Test series. This time I was very very serious about my marks and mistakes. This time I was reading every question very carefully. The three 3 things I kept in my mind in giving every test series was FORMULA, SIGN and UNIT. I knew if I don’t do any mistakes in these three things I can rectify 90% of my mistakes. I kept one thing in mind that for getting knowledge you need HARD WORK but for getting marks you need SMART WORK. In the January month I purchased only full length test series of MADE EADY. One thing is that you don’t need to give every test series, you can start a test and submit then only and note down if there was any important question which you think is need to be noted down. From last year to this year I have almost 4 notebooks full of important question from test series and some other source with solution. At the starting of January,2018 I left watching any post in facebook groups and started only giving concentration on my own. From last week of January month I left giving test series and started solving Previous years paper in pen & paper because this time I thought I should check myself how much I am getting in real GATE papers and it was coming around 65 in each paper. So I was fairly confident on myself before 10th Feb, GATE 2018 exam.
GATE 2018 paper and my strategy:
This year there were more NAT questions. I knew that in any paper if I can do at least 42 correct attempts I can get marks around 60 which I have tested in CBT test of Made Easy and Ace academy also. So I made sure that those three things formula, sign and unit I have to keep in mind and I have to do at least 42 correct attempts whatever is the question paper difficulty level. I left every MCQ question which I was not 100% sure and took risk in NAT questions only. My strategy was successful as out of my 49 questions I attempted, only 6 questions were incorrect and out of that 5 questions were NAT so negative marks I had to get was for only 1 MCQ question. I have got AIR 74 rank this time.
Hurdle I had to fetch:
In GATE 2017 main hurdle was keeping the preparation going and managing time between college study and in GATE 2018 main hurdle was managing time before after and between 9 hours of office in my company that I had joined. Whatever is the situation you have to manage time for your preparation. You can’t blame anyone for that.
My advice: Everyone knows his potential. So believe in yourself and don’t be afraid of any badluck. Be cool. Minimize your mistakes. Always analysis your marks in Test series in terms of ACCURACY not in terms of RANK. I have seen many top rankers not doing well in actual GATE. Those 3 hours are not so easy that too in exam hall not in our home. So don’t think what rank you should achieve just think what accuracy you should maintain. Then you will feel very less pressure, isn’t it. Expectation of Rank increases pressure. I can tell you if you have knowledge + accuracy no one can stop you from getting a decent rank. Both are very important. So be very very cool and have patience.
My thankful notes: I couldn’t stop me from thanking the people who were besides me. My Maa (mother), Baba (father), Dada (brother), my relatives, my friends and some teachers. Most importantly Surja Kanta Pariary who were always with me in this journey and with whom only I discussed 90% of my doubts and analysis. He got AIR 525 in GATE 2018 this year in ECE.
Thanks a lot friends. Thanks to Kreatryx for giving me chance to share my story.
Trip has ended but journey hasn’t! So be very cool and keep yourself going.

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