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#MyGATEStory #17- Akash Gaurav (AIR 74 in GATE 2018 EE)

Hey, This side Akash Gaurav. I secured AIR 74 in GATE 2018 EE. Today, I will be throwing some light on How I secured AIR 74 in GATE 2018 and what was my preparation strategy to crack GATE Exam.
Before starting with anything do you know what, I completed my B.Tech from IIT ROORKEE with very low CGPA 6.51.
There were various reasons because of which I wasn’t able to get good CGPA. Like
1) I am a movie buff watched Bollywood, Hollywood, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Korean, Chinese and list is endless (even now I watch a lot of Movies which troubled me a lot in GATE preparation . I had to control myself from the temptation of watching movies)
2) I was involved in college politics and many extracurricular activities so studied less.
When I was in final year I knew that very few core companies will arrive campus and seeing my low percentage (less technical knowledge too), I knew I won’t get through and I was rejected in the L&T interview, couldn’t qualify TATA Motors written and was not eligible for other core companies as well. I started learning to programme & thankfully I got placed in a software firm.
I worked in Software Company as a Java-based developer for 1 year but I am not much interested in software even though increment was handsome.
From the very early time I was very enthusiastic about becoming an IAS Officer and thanks to Bihar background if you are good in studies then you should crack IAS.
So I left job planning to crack IAS but after 2 months of preparation I thought it will take long preparation and even I was not sure so I started preparation for GATE 2017 in mid-October but couldn’t complete all syllabus end up getting 1441 rank. I could have got BSNL JTO but it was ego fight as when I left the job I was earning 55k so I needed at least more than that so I didn’t apply at that time then I planned to join Made Easy. I applied for coal India but could only score 145/200 (Not Selected)
So I came to Delhi and joined made easy and thanks to under 1500 rank I got discount in coaching test series. I joined test series of Made Easy, Kreatryx, Gate Academy, and Ace Academy.

I also purchased Kreatryx Krash a nice material for revision. One Thing I didn’t like about Made Easy is that its workbook had fewer questions and that too only previous year and usually every teacher solve it in class so for practice my friend had Kreatrx Koncept questions bank it has lots of questions to practice (though couldn’t solve all the topics but those topics that I couldn’t solve from Kreatryx Koncept, I solved it using Kreatryx Krash). I had the biggest problem with forgetting (Devil in way of my IAS Dream). Usually, I remember concept but always forget formulas. So I had to revise a bit more so I had to revise my copy often.

So I came up with plan to remember formula by doing subject test I gave many subject test & those formulae which I forgot during test I tried to focus more and thanks to 4 tests series I got a huge chunks of questions bank to practice though time was less since made easy classes were 6-10 hours, as a result, I planned to drop my IES Preparation and focus only on GATE (so off days I got due to non-tech class I used to solve questions). So classes end on 15 Dec. I was left with less than 2 months to revise all the topic and solve mock test and some topics were left (EMT, Microprocessor, Analog, Measurements) as they were small topic so in next 10 days I finished them except Microprocessor (I think GATE will never ask questions from this topic) Also I studied analog selectively since whatever taught was like bouncer and it was more ESE Oriented so studied only Diode, BJT DC biasing and Opamp – trust me for GATE EE this much only is enough. For Analog I used Gate Academy lecture and my notes. In next 1 month I planned to revise my all notes and solve previous year paper again (2nd time) – Trust it is the most important thing in whole GATE preparation. Also, Kreatryx uploaded many small videos of important topics and it was great and I also watched lectures from gate academy channel and Gatematic channel during gate preparation it really helped in building concepts.
I also deactivated my Facebook account and made a fake account with no friend and I was added in two groups
1) Gate Aspirant
2) Gatematic
Both groups are great for doubt solving.
I closed my old WhatsApp made new WhatsApp with new no and used it to ask doubt with Friend.
I didn’t study textbooks I studied from Made easy notes, watched Kreatrx, Gate Academy, and Gatematic videos on YouTube for building concepts.

In all full tests, Average marks were between 60-70 though I scored 77.33 in GATE 2018. Lowest marks 45 in test (twice reason: poor accuracy).

In last 15 days, I again revised all subject solve some subject TEST (Subject TEST very important to build concept – Don’t focus on getting full marks focus on learning concept)
Last day of GATE, I went to bed at 1 am but couldn’t sleep well end up sleeping for just 3-4 hours (Don’t know what happens to me before exam ) Thank god paper went well and I got AIR 74 in 2nd attempt 🙂
Those who can’t afford coaching, Kreatrx will be uploading videos of important topics of each subject you learn from them.Gate Academy channel and Gatematic Channel has also has great lectures.
#Note: Never make TEST Series marks as the benchmark for Gate Rank (Gate is like 20-20 if that day is good you may be in top 100 else you may be in 1000)
Never lose hope try learning from mistakes improve accuracy (very important).
# Fresher: If possible join classroom of any reputed coaching or if you can’t you can join video course + Solve previous year paper + Solve coaching Materials (Kreatrx Koncept or any other coaching which you find suitable) + Join at least 2 test series and consistently study and utilize time effectively.
# Dropper: If your most concepts are clear join tests series in the initial stage and solve as many questions as you can ( If possible revise some good question ) + Solve previous year at least 2 times + revise your notes
#Imp: Study hard it’s just one year of hard work and smart preparation our life may be different and never lose hope ever.
Thank You

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