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Never Give Up

Hi Guys,

This is the most important time for a GATE Aspirant and everyone needs to remain motivated during this period as this is the time most of the negative thoughts creep up in our mind. So, the most important challenge is to block our mind from all such thoughts and stay positive during this period.

Believe me guys you will face many difficulties at various points of time during GATE preparation which causes many students to abandon their dream as it becomes very easy to give up, but the quality that separates the successful candidates from others is persistence and not giving up easily, which is a direct result of the motivation level of the individual. This clearly illustrates the need for deriving inspiration from various sources to keep your mind focused and attain success.

Inspiration can be sought from many sources and phenomena which are observed every day, for example the various hardworking individuals who carry out their work without any fail the punctual milkman who braves the chilling cold to your doorstep and the beauty of the nature. The other example can be the armies that serve us without fail as they do not care about their families when they leave their homes. They consider it their duty to serve the nation and same way you should think of clearing GATE as your duty.

Fear is often the main motivating force for many students, even though it causes some harm to oneself, but it can often produce wonderful results. The anxieties caused by being left behind prompts students to work harder and try to overcome the challenges and the fear of failure is generally the main motivating factor for students. If you find yourself thinking about quitting think of a bridge that you are standing on but there is no way back so that you can only go forward no matter whether you want or not, visualize yourself in such a situation.

You can often derive inspiration from your family members also as they have a invested a lot in you in terms of years they have spent bringing you up. They also left their desires just to fulfill your wishes and now they are looking up to you that you would do something big and make them proud so that they can realize that their investment is not wasted but rather it has paid much more. So you are not only carrying your burden but rather the expectations of many like your friends, teachers and parents and the least you can do for them is try and believe me guys the look on parent’s face is priceless when you succeed so if not for yourself work hard for them.

The best inspiration that I derived was that I could never stand second in any competition, so I always needed to work hard to be on the top as I could not see anyone ahead of me. So, I always used to push through that extra mile to take me ahead of the others. Also in this time I never tried to stay away from distractions as that effort if wasteful but what I did instead was to train my mind to take the task at hand more importantly than the distraction. So you need to evaluate your priorities at every whether the distraction matters to you more than your goal and if so then you haven’t set your goals properly and if you understand that distraction is a barrier in your goal and goal is most important to you then you won’t waste your time.

In many cases, students can derive their inspiration from the hardworking seniors who have achieved their goals and teachers can also motivate them to try harder to accomplish their objectives. Sometimes meditation also can produce a strong desire for positive result and induce mental strength needed to reach victory.
In a nutshell, there is no dearth of inspirations around us if we look for them. You just have to select what works the best for you and follow your dreams.

Also, if you know any friend who has the potential but has given up on his/her dream you can share the post with them because this is the time for that extra push and not for giving up. Now, I have shared my motivations, so it’s time for you guys to share your motivations and distractions so that other users can also relate to them.

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