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Online vs Offline Exam

Hi Guys,

This post is targeted towards comparing the Online and Offline Exam as you know recently the exam pattern was changed from Offline to Online pattern in the year 2014. Basically, each approach has its fair share of advantages and disadvantages and here I would like to point out a few so that you can use it to your advantage and you must know how to use it to get the most out of the new pattern and make it your strong point.

Advantages of Online Exam:

· There are various options available for marking the questions like “Mark for Review” by the help of which you can easily identify which questions have you left and you can thus easily attempt those while you are going over the paper again. Also, you can reconsider your answer to a particular problem if you are not sure about you solution which can help you keep a track of problems done and left so far.

· The time that we needed to reserve to mark the options in the ORS at the end of paper is now not required as you are marking the options side by side and thus those extra 15 minutes are saved and can be used for revision or solving some problem which you may be leaving due to lack of time.

· The timer is always displayed at the top-right corner of the screen and helps you keep a track of time left for exam and thus there is no need of constantly looking at the watch.

· If you hover the cursor over the tab you can easily see a summary of your progress as to how many questions are completed and how many are left so that you can manage your time better for the rest of the question paper.

· You can change the answer to any question at any time as in case of offline exam if you have marked an answer in ORS, you cannot change the response and if you try to do the same that question won’t be counted for evaluation and the same thing happened to me in GATE-2013 and this can impact your rank.

· You can easily jump from one question to another by clicking on the question number of the right hand panel which saves a lot of time which you would have spent in scrolling through the pages of question paper.

· Also, you can view the entire question paper at once and thus identify the easy and tough problems so that you can attempt easy ones at first and tough ones later on as attempting easy questions first will give big boost in your confidence.

Disadvantages of Online Exam:

· You have to sit in front of a computer continuously for 3 hours which emits a lot of heat and is very stressful for your eyes and thus you need to be prepared for it.

· There are different sets of paper for different sessions and due to normalization your rank may be negatively impacted if you happen to attend the session in which question paper was relatively easier so tougher set is better which happened to me this year as I attended session-1 of EE Paper which was relatively tougher and thus my actual score was 81.67 and normalized score was 81.56 so rank was not much impacted but the people who attended second session scored more but normalized score was less.

· You can’t compute you score after the exam as question paper is not released so no solutions are available over the net.

So guys, I would recommend that you get well acquainted with the Online Exam by practicing lot of mock tests and that too if possible at a test center and not at home as the environment in exam is entirely different and hope to get a tougher set for a better normalized score.

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