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Kapsule Video Lectures

Hi All, There have been many queries by the students in the recent past for the demo lectures of Kapsule which is our one-stop solution for GATE preparation. Kapsule incorporates Video Lectures to illustrate theory concepts as well as imbibe in students the problem-solving skills required to crack GATE. It also provides theory study material …

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Kreatryx: Journey so far

 It all started when GATE 2014 Results were out and Ankit Goyal topped GATE 2014 EE! It was actually quite surprising when Ankit couldn’t top the exam in 2013 (he stood 8th in the country). I called Ankit and congratulated him on the day results were out (28thMarch 2014). At that time I was on …

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K-Plan for GATE 2016 EE

Hi EE GATE Aspirants, Many students have been asking for a GATE Preparation schedule for Electrical Engineering. As far as GATE examination is concerned a strategic study is lot more valuable than blindly working hard through Standard Textbooks. So, me and my team have come up with K-Plan to give your GATE preparation a direction. …

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GATE-2015 Preparation Strategy by AIR-55

Hi Guys, We have with us Rajarshi Bhattacharya who secured AIR-55 in GATE-2015 EE exam. He was the most active member of our GATE Aspirants group and was involved in some of the most engaging discussions that i have come across. He was a part of Kreatryx Krash-2015 Program which was launched on November 24, …

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GATE-2015 Topper Interview – Pradeep Seervi

Hi Guys, We have with us Pradeep Seervi who secured AIR-1 in GATE-2015 EE exam. He is presently studying in Final Year B.Tech at IIT Mandi. He scored 75.96 marks in the forenoon session of GATE exam conducted on 7th February 2015. He was a part of Kreatryx Krash-2015 Program which was an online program …

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GATE-2015 from the eyes of GATE-2014 Topper

Hi all, This post is intended to provide some insight into the GATE-2015 EE exam which was conducted on 7th February 2015. This year the exam was conducted by IIT Kanpur as most of you may already know. The exam was conducted in two sessions one on 7th morning and other on 7th evening. The …

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Being Optimistic in Last Month Before GATE

Many students from all over the country are involved in the rat race to get into the IITs and PSUs, which are believed to offer the best facilities to students and best career opportunities for the future. This could well be true, as the IITs are the only Indian institutes among the lot which are …

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Procrastination : Slow Poison

Procrastination means tendency to postpone things. It is very natural tendency which every human being has specially students. Many students tend to postpone their daily work or some important things to next day because of some or other reason. Same scenario is with students who are preparing for GATE. Students keep postponing their daily task …

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Never Give Up

Hi Guys, This is the most important time for a GATE Aspirant and everyone needs to remain motivated during this period as this is the time most of the negative thoughts creep up in our mind. So, the most important challenge is to block our mind from all such thoughts and stay positive during this …

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