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PGCIL Interview Questions | My Interview Experience – Sayantan Bhattacharya (AIR 5, GATE 2019, EE)

My GATE 2019 All India Rank: 5

My GATE 2019 Score: 944

Post Applied For at PGCIL: Executive Trainee (Electrical)

My PGCIL Interview Experience

Based on my GATE 2019 Score, I was shortlisted for GD and Personal Interview at POWERGRID. My GD and Interview were scheduled on 29th and 30th August 2019 respectively at POWERGRID Corporate Office at Gurgaon and reporting time was 9:00 A.M. on both the days.
I reached the venue by 8:30 A.M. on both days.

On 29th August 2019 :

After reaching the venue, our attendance was taken for that day and then we were sent for breakfast. Following that, candidates were called 3–4 at a time for Behavioral tests. It is a plain and simple test that requires no prior practice. It consisted of around 18 pages, with 7–8 attributes of yourself as options. A candidate’s task was to arrange these options as per their preferences. It took around 20–25 minutes per candidate.

Post that, we all waited for our GD to take place. For GD, the candidates present were divided into two groups of 5 and 6 respectively (Only 11 candidates had appeared for GD that day). I was in the second group.

Our Group was given the topic, “Social Media’s Impact on our life and behavior”. The GD took place completely in Hindi… All of us vented our opinions and gave good points. It lasted for around 10 minutes.

After completion of GD, we were provided with lunch coupons and so we proceeded for lunch, after which we called it a day.

On 30th August 2019 :

Like the day before, on reaching the venue, our attendance was taken and we were sent for tea and breakfast. After that, it was time for a long wait for my turn at the PGCIL Interview. In between, we had our lunch. Finally, I was called for my PGCIL Interview at around 4:00 P.M.

The Interview panel consisted of 5 members, all gentlemen. I asked permission and entered the room and greeted them. They asked me to take a seat and thus began my PGCIL Interview.

PGCIL Interview Questions

The questions asked to me are as follows (not necessarily in the same order as written) :

1) Why did you join in M.Tech?

2) After completion in 2017, what did you do?

3) How many times you attempted GATE?

4) What is your rank in GATE 2019?

5) What was your last year’s rank in GATE?

6) How did you make such an improvement?

7) How many modes of power generation are there?

8) Which mode contributes to maximum power generation in India? What percentage?

9) There are so many water bodies in India, so why we do not prefer Hydroelectric power generation?

10) Why nuclear power generation is not utilized much in India?

11) Do you know of any Nuclear power plant in India?

12) So, where did you do your training?

13) What were the things you saw there?

14) What kind of generator was used in the plant where you did training?

15) What kind of relay was used?

16) Which circuit breaker was used?

17) What is the difference between SF6 and Air circuit breaker?

18) Which turbine was used?

19) What is the technical term used for the Kaplan turbine?

20) How does a circuit breaker operate?

21) What is an arc? Difference between an arc and a spark?

22) How do we quench an arc?

23) Why we try to extinguish the arc at the current zero?

24) How can we improve the transient stability of a system?

25) How do we increase the stability of a system when the circuit breaker operates?

26) What is auto-reclose type circuit breaker?

27) How is the duty cycle mentioned in a circuit breaker?

28) How much time does it usually take for a CB to break the circuit?

29) What is the suppression time and break time of a CB?

30) In a circuit breaker rating, there is a time mentioned. What is its significance?

“All right, you can leave now”, said one panelist.

Overall, I failed to answer 4–5 questions. Other than that, the interview went well. And one other thing is that the entire Interview took place in Hindi. It lasted for 20 minutes.

Results were declared on 27th September 2019.

My Result: I Got SELECTED

It is now the 3rd PSU in a row I got selected in. Feeling exuberant.

I hope this Interview Experience proves helpful to future aspirants.

Thank You.

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