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How to Think Positive in this Last Phase of GATE Exam?

People mostly talk about what is Positive Thinking but I will initiate this with What is NOT Positive Thinking? According to you thinking that everything good will happen to you would be positive thinking. Right?

But No, that is NOT Positive Thinking.


In fact, we will call this Unrealistic Positive Thinking.

There are lakhs of people who go into depression. Do you know the reason behind it? Yes, Unrealistic Positive Thinking is the main reason.

Let me give you an example when you are preparing for any competitive, say for eg GATE. So in such situations, I have noticed 2 types of people.

One who doesn’t believe in themselves. They are the one who remains underconfident and feels that clearing GATE exam is not their cup of tea.
Then comes the student who lies in the second category. They are the one who doesn’t understand the difference between Realistic Positive Thinking and Unrealistic Positive Thinking. They are generally the one who has this firm belief that they will get good rank in GATE Exam.

Now you must be thinking what is wrong with the students who lie in the second category. Isn’t it?

Here is where you make mistake. How?

Now Listen to this carefully.

So, the problem with the second category of student is that if they start believing that they will get good rank in GATE, then for sure the level of confidence will rise in them but this would ultimately lead to an increase in the level of over-confidence which is as bad as under-confidence.

Here comes the role of Realistic Positive Thinking

Now, What is Realistic Positive Thinking?

It means that you should try and develop an attitude wherein you don’t think much about the outcome. You don’t think that whether you will get good rank or not. You don’t think what will you do if you get a good rank. No.

Your main aim should be – “Giving your 100%”. Yes.

Don’t complain about things, try and solve them. No doubt you will face problems during your GATE Journey but it makes a difference if your mind is calm and starts planning on how to solve those problems instead of complaining about them. Think of a better approach to solve the situation. Find out the ways to stay motivated.

Because you know what – “We Cannot Solve our Problems with the same Thinking we used when we Created them.”

Be a person :

1) Who stays motivated and smartly deal with the things.
2) Who works on his/her weaknesses and plans to overcome them.
3) Who has predefined goals and knows how to conquer them.

You must have heard this popular dialogue from 3 Idiots Movie: “Bachcha Kabil Bano, Kabil… Kamyabi Toh Saali Jhak Maarke Peeche Bhagegi.”
Isn’t it?

You know what, I firmly believe in this concept. Because according to me this is the real definition of Realistic Positive Thinking. Be capable and success will follow you.

The type of attitude I want you guys to develop in yourself will not just help you to stay motivated during your GATE Preparation journey. But this will help you in various other situations in life.

“Choose to be Optimistic it Really Helps” – Dalai Lama.

Stay Motivated ๐Ÿ™‚

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