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How to prepare GATE alongside job – Rajat Chaudhary (AIR 7 GATE 2016 EE)

Kreatryx - How to prepare for GATE alongside Job

Hi Guys,

We have with us GATE-2016 Topper Rajat Chaudhary who cracked GATE with AIR-7 alongside job. Here he shares his journey with you and you can also follow the same path in case you are a fresher or employed. The biggest challenge that an undergraduate or a working person faces is to make time for preparation alongside GATE. Let us hear from Rajat how he balanced GATE with a job.

Preparing for Gate alongside Job is slightly difficult but then it depends on how much hard work you put into.

First and foremost thing is Planning. Since one gets less time to prepare while working so plan out around how much hours you will be getting to prepare daily and on weekends. Make a rough time-table considering those hours. Study at the time you feel more comfortable since your entire day will be spent in office. So you just have the time after 6 with you. Allot days for each subject and try to complete that subject within those days only. Utilize weekends effectively. On those days you have much more free time and put that time to studies.

Here is a sample plan that you can follow for GATE Prep:

Next is Implementation. Try to study the subject thoroughly. If you already have short notes then it’s an advantage. If not then make short notes at the time of studying the theory. Practice the relevant questions. Make sure that you are not wasting your time doing similar questions again and again. Quality of questions should be the priority here and not quantity. Hence I feel Gate previous years questions should be given utmost importance. Do them as you complete theory of each subject. You can also refer to some postal material too. On weekends try to revise what have you studied in the entire week and give Subject wise tests on weekends as you complete individual subjects. Follow the same schedule to complete your course much ahead of Gate. At the same I suggest to keep some time for fun and enjoyment as well in weekends otherwise this whole schedule will feel much more hectic to you. But don’t get carried away.

Once you are done with theory and questions make a schedule to give Mock Tests and Revision. You can give mock tests on alternate days and try to analyse your performance on the following day. It might not be possible to give all the mocks but try to give at least 6-7 mocks in the final 2-3 weeks before Gate.

Avoid studying any new topic in the last week. Revise your short notes in the final few days before exam. Be calm and have confidence in yourself. Go to the examination hall with a calm mind and give your best.

All the Best

I had an advantage that I have already studied the subjects and I was also having my short notes with me at the time when I joined NMDC. So I focussed on revision of all the subjects and practising questions from Gate previous year and giving mock tests and it ultimately worked out for me. I utilized the weekends effectively to get well prepared before the examination.

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