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Procrastination : Slow Poison

Procrastination means tendency to postpone things. It is very natural tendency which every human being has specially students. Many students tend to postpone their daily work or some important things to next day because of some or other reason. Same scenario is with students who are preparing for GATE. Students keep postponing their daily task and as the syllabus of GATE is very big, at the end they find lots of work piled up for study and they get terrified and they give up. Here are some ways which you can adopt to avoid procrastination:

1. Fix a daily goal for studying a new topic or giving a mock test and never fix the goal in terms of the number of hours that you will put in but in terms of the amount of work that you need to do. Never be impractical about the goal that you set for yourself otherwise the pending tasks will keep piling up and put you under a lot of pressure. Try to achieve your goals by the end of the day and if you still have time left then revise some subject and try setting a bit bigger goal for the next day.
Such sort of goal fixing will specially be helpful in these last 2 months before the GATE exam as you need to have a proper schedule to optimize your performance in GATE.

2. You and your friend can do an agreement to avoid procrastination. The agreement is that each one of you is aware of others daily goal. And at the end of the day you both check others work and found out whether daily goal was achieved or not. Such sort of teamwork if done properly is very helpful to crack exams like GATE and when competing with a friend or peer you get an extra ounce of motivation that helps you achieve your goals.

3. Don’t try to give excuses for work not done. Because you excuses are always lame. And always you have sufficient time to finish your daily work. So just look for answer of postponing work in your conscience. The day you stop giving excuses for failure and start taking responsibility is the first day that you start moving towards success. The people who always blame the circumstances for not succeeding in life can never move ahead and win. So take your life and career in your own hands because winning is not only about acing an exam but rather it is about having a winning attitude.

4. If you are not able to complete any daily work because of whatever reason (may be sick) then work hard for the next few days to complete it and get back on the track. Do not decrease the workload of the next days but rather put in extra effort each day to complete the pending work. This will give you extra motivation and will never let you go off-track.

5. Just keep track of how much you are postponing on daily basis. And analyse that stuff and introspect then you will come to know the ground reality that you might have done your work but because of habit of procrastination you didn’t. This realization is most important because procrastination is not outright observable to most of us and we get to know about it only when we cannot do anything about this. Early realization is the most important step to overcome procrastination and put you on right track towards success.

So guys, you need to have a proper strategy and daily goals in place to achieve the success that you have always dreamed about. If you are looking for such a plan, then you can visit our YouTube channel for 7 and 8 Month K-Plans.

If you found this post helpful and informative, please let me know through comments and do not forget to share it with your friends so that they can also overcome procrastination and move towards their goal swiftly. If you have any queries regarding GATE preparation then you can comment on this post.

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