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How to Prepare Production/Manufacturing for GATE (ME) Exam?

This article on how to prepare Production/Manufacturing for GATE exam has been written by Prince Dhanda. He graduated from YMCA University of Science and Technology in 2017. Then he appeared in Mechanical Engineering (ME) paper in GATE 2018 and secured an All India Rank (AIR) of 46.

I am writing this blog to help you in knowing how can we prepare the Production/Manufacturing subject for GATE Mechanical. The problem with this subject is the vastness and theoretical aspect that makes it boring while studying continuously for 3-4 hours. So, the first trick that I want to include to prepare this subject in long-duration by reducing the daily effort by mix this with another subject.

Importance of this subject can be understood easily by looking past year GATE paper scenario i.e it generally took 13-15 marks and it is equally important for an interview but I am not suggesting aspirant because of the vastness of this subject.

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A brief analysis of production is given below:

In the last 30 years questions were asked in the following manner:

S. No Topic No. of Questions
1 Casting 25
2 Welding/Joining 21
3 Sheet Metal 13
4 Machining & Machining Tool 55
5 Metal Forming 17
6 Nonconventional M/C 16
7 CIMS 18
8 Metrology & Inspection 17

One more thing that I want to educate readers is that no concept is repeated in a single year having 2 sets. So, I am assuming that 2 sets will be prepared in 2019 and the scenario will be like this on an avg:

In above-predicted marks, I considered the latest trend and previous papers analysis. It is for both the sets so one can expect half of it from anywhere.

The time required for preparing Production/Manufacturing for GATE exam would be 38-40 days with 3-4 hours daily.

1. CASTING (8 Days)

One numerical problem in either set would be definitely there from Casting, Design Methods, Core Design, Solidification Time of Cube, Cylinder, Sphere (Chvorinov’s Principle). These topics should be well-practiced for scoring 2 marks.

One theoretical question can be covered from Casting Applications, Defects and basic properties of casting like Fluidity, Permeability, etc.

This is least that can be expected and one more question if asked then that would be from these concepts.

Casting is the very scoring topic as GATE point of view.

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One easy numerical problem on Melting Efficiency calculations and Arc Characteristics are mostly linear so practice more and more numerical on these. Other basics properties, defects, and applications must be initially understood.

3. SHEET METAL (2 Days)

Learn only Clearance in Punching and Blanking operation and Shearing concepts. No need to focus on theory and practice numerical on these only.


Huge and vast topic but can be covered wisely as there are mostly chance of calculation of machining time so in the whole machining tools section focus on this and if one theoretical question if asks then I am not suggesting to cover the whole topic.

Metal Cutting is easy to prepare and scoring. So practice numerical on Economics and various angles calculations of orthogonal cutting. Often a question is asked of Taylor’s Tool Life so don’t mistake if the question from these three concepts that’s why practice numerical on these as much as you can.


Generally, numerical type questions are asked from this topic so practice Bite angle in Rolling, True stress and strain and force analysis (Rolling, Extrusion, Forging). Numerical on Up to now only one question asked from Powder Metallurgy and I am not suggesting to prepare this.

As soon as you are done with a part of this subject or the complete subject then you can start taking online test series for GATE (ME).


This and two next topics are short, conceptual and acts as an edge for GATE specifically.

My suggestion is to practice Numerical on EDM and ECM and read all processes and learning applications.

7. CIMS (2 Days)

This topic is very easy to prepare and generally asked in every set.

Basic Machining G and M codes should be on tips. Practice numerical on Transformation.


This is a little typical of the last three topics but less time-consuming in the paper once you know the concepts. Practice numerical on Tolerance Calliper, Sink and measuring (Vernier Optical Flat, Precession Balls). This subject requires at least 4 revision and final suggestion from my side is to solve all the question that asked in P&I branch just before paper as many time same concepts repeat in our paper.

This is how you can strategically prepare Production/Manufacturing for GATE exam keeping in mind what is asked in GATE exam and what is its weightage.

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