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PSU Interview Experience

Hi Guys,

We have received a lot of requests in the recent past to tell about the Interview experience and how to crack PSU Interviews. This post will be helpful for those who have qualified for PSU Interviews. First of all, what I wish to tell you is that in PSU the highest weightage is given to GATE score(around 85%) and around 5% weightage to Group Discussion and Group Task and 10% weightage to Personal Interview. So if you have a decent rank (under 10) then you have a sure shot chance of getting selected irrespective of Interview.
There are few general things that you must take care before appearing for an Interview:
  • Be prepared with the company profile as to what sectors the company is involved in. Also memorize the name of few plants of that particular PSU.
  • Be well versed with the B.Tech Project that you did i.e. you must have a basic knowledge of what the project was about and what is its scope in the present scenario and the conclusion that you derived. These are the basic questions that can be asked in any interview.
  • Wear Formals on the day of Interview and be prepared for a day long event as it is quite hectic which involves Document Verification as well.
Here, I am listing few of the Toppers experiences for different PSUs.

Power Grid Corporation of India Limited (PGCIL)


Pradeep Seervi (GATE 2015 AIR-1    GATE Score: 1000)
GD Topic: “Teaching People about cleanliness of environment”.

The interview started with some simple HR questions like where are you from, which college, college location, which river flows near my college campus, average temperature of the city in which my college was located. These questions are generally asked just to calm you down. 
All the technical questions were related to my projects/training/internship done in college. They also asked me to explain my final year project. 
Finally, they asked me, why do you want to join PGCIL. 

P. Ashok Reddy (GATE 2015 AIR-14    GATE Score: 986)
Gd Topic: “Is Democracy Hampering India’s Progress”
Personal Interview:1)What is harmonics?(related to my project…reduction of harmonics)
2)What is HVDC?
3)What is smart grid?
4)Why do we do load test on transformers?(Trick Question!!!,actually we won’t conduct Load Test)
5)Why power grid?
6)regarding project again
7)regarding HVDC new projects??and some personal questions
Overall, the length of interview was 15 mins.


Anmol Sharma (GATE 2015 AIR-131    GATE Score: 831)
GD Topic: “Impact of Swach Bharat Abhiyaan”.
I told the interviewer about my interests, accomplishments, and technical subjects viz. Control system and Power Electronic. They questioned me about basic of HVDC control and Transformer Protection. 

Kuldeep Kaushik (GATE 2014 AIR-6    GATE Score: 1000)
1) What was scheme of Switch Yard in which you took Training?
2) What is One and Half Breaker Scheme? Draw its Diagram and explain it?
3) What is Step Potential?
4) What is touch Potential?
5) 40 W and 100 W are connected in Series and Parallel? Which one will glow brighter in each
6) Do you know our business?
7) From Where have you done schooling? Are you proud of it?
9) What are your Hobbies?
10) What is Sufi Music? List any Singers of this?

Rajarshi Bhattacharya (GATE 2014 AIR-55    GATE Score: 889)
GD Topic: “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan is a mere show-off of Government”
1) You are from North-east, do you have any problems if you are posted there?
2) What was your final year project about?
3) Explain the load curve with graph.
4) Draw a flow chart of a thermal power plant
5) How many types of bus switching schemes are there? What are they?
6) Why do you want to join our company?

Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL)

Pradeep Seervi (GATE 2015 AIR-1    GATE Score: 1000)
Group Task: “Imagine that you are a manager and now give ideas about how will you motivate your team to work hard”. 
The interview was completely technical. Nothing much was asked about my projects. My favorite subject was asked. Some of the questions asked were: What are the various modes of heat transfer (Conduction, Convention and Radiation) and explain the difference between them ? Type of material used in solar cell (my project was related to solar cell) and the internal circuit of solar cell. A couple of questions were related to synchronous machine.

Anmol Sharma (GATE 2015 AIR-131    GATE Score: 831)
GD topic: “Rising suicide of farmers”.
Group Task: Aim was to select one person out of 10 critically ill people, who should be saved. Justify the choice you made.
Interview: General HR questions and elaborate your accomplishments. Last question: why you want to join IOCL?

Kuldeep Kaushik (GATE 2014 AIR-6    GATE Score: 1000)
GD topic: Who is Better Mother: Homemaker or Working Woman
Group Task: We were a team of 10 People. Alcoholism was prevalent in Digboi Area. We had fund of 1 Crore. We need to Devise a plan, distributing amount of money and Timeline of expected Progress for Discouragement of Alcoholism in Digboi. We need to Discuss and finalize a plan.
Interview Questions:
1) What was you Project in College?
2) What was your Concept?
3) Draw Capability Curve of Synchronous Generator? (White Board and Duster were there for Drawing things)
4) Define Various Limits of this curve?
5) Why Earthing is Necessary?
6) Why One of the Electrode is Larger and Thicker than Other Electrodes in Power Plugs of are Domestic use Equipments?
7) Assume a Bird is Sitting on A phase cable Over Head Transmission Line? What will happen to this Bird?
8) Why it didn’t burn?

Ankit Goyal (GATE 2014 AIR-1        GATE Score: 1000)
GD Topic: Politics in Cricket
Group Task: We were a team of 10 people. We were given certain points and we were asked to arrange them in order of relevance for the company to progress.
Interview Questions:
1) Why you want to join IOCL?
2) Questions about B.Tech Project
3) Bonding in Pipeline
4) Fault Current waveform for symmetrical fault
5) Operation of Circuit Breaker

National Thermal Power Corporation Limited (NTPC)

Anmol Sharma (GATE 2015 AIR-131    GATE Score: 831)
GD topic: “What should be the Role of Youths in Politics?”
Interview : My summer training was on Transformer Design. So, they asked me to design a 500 kVA transformer which almost took around half an hour. Remaining 15 min they asked me about my philanthropic activities, family background and preferable place of posting. 

Kuldeep Kaushik (GATE 2014 AIR-6    GATE Score: 1000)
GD Topic: “Religion and Politics”
Questions asked:
1) What was my Project?
2) How did I count number of Solar Cells I will require for My project?
3) Draw P-V Characteristic of Solar Cell?
4) What is Insolation Level?
5) What is Lighting Arrester?
6) Draw its characteristic change respect to change in frequency?
7) Have you got selected in any other PSU till now?

Naveen Thaduri (GATE 2014 AIR-8     GATE Score: 1000)
Interview was held at PMI, Noida. The selection process consisted of GD & Personal interview with 5 & 10 % weightages respectively. In GD there were 6 members in total, topic was “Should there be a minimum educational qualification for politicians to contest elections in India”.I could speak for 2 times in the discussion. According to my observation most of the fellows who did not seek more than 2 to 3 words were also selected,where as many of those who were some what dominating were rejected.

The panel consisted of 4 members.They asked about my hobby badminton and then recent tournaments India won and about my opinion over bifurcation of AP as that was the hot topic at that time.,coming to technical questions were asked like.,
1)If you are given an 5 volts peak square wave signal how do you convert it to 10 Volts peak square wave.
2)Tell me what do you know about Thyristor.
3)They asked about my project.
4)What are the effects we can observe in a second order system by increasing the open loop gain constant?
5)How an ATM machine works? I said i don’t have proper idea about that then the chairman told me to guess and tell.,i could satisfy them with my explanation(just a blind guess)
6)Do you have any objections if you are posted in Assam and some remote places where NTPC is setting up its new power plants?
7)How many NTPC stations do you know.,Name some of them with their states?

Gas Authority of India Limited (GAIL)

Kuldeep Kaushik (GATE 2014 AIR-6    GATE Score: 1000)
I was asked following question in GAIL. Chairman Board was constantly distracting me. He was acting like he is not interested and this interview is worthless. But I maintained Calm throughout.
1) What Subjects have you studied in Engineering?
2) What topics have you studied in Measurement?
3) How do we measure Voltage?
4) What is a Galvanometer? Draw its diagram?
5) Tell me Type of Generators?
6) Draw Phasor Diagram for Synchronous Generator?
7) What do we mean by term “Lagging” & “Leading”?
8) What is Power Factor?
9) What is CT?
10) What are its various Types?
11) Draw diagram of wound type CT?
12) A Power Plant is situated at one end of large ocean. Load Centre is at other End of Ocean. How do we should transfer Power? Give Justification to use that.
13) What is break even distance for using HVDC?
14) What Accessories have you seen of Transformer in your Summer Training?
15) What is Breather in Transformer?
16) What are different kind of Grounding?
17) Different kind of Losses in Thyristor?
18) Why do we use Re (feedback Resistance) in BJT Amplifier?
19) What kind of connection is used in Tertiary Winding of 3 winding Transformer?
20) What colour does Silica Gel have in Moisture condition?
21) In which company did you get selected for in CAMPUS?
22) How did you recover from failure in Campus Selection?
23) Why are you not joining in Infosys?

Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited (ONGC)

P. Ashok Reddy (GATE 2015 AIR-14    GATE Score: 986)
1)Personal questions…about myself
2)Why hissing sound comes in > 400 kV transmission lines?
3)What is Magnetostriction?
4)Colour of silica jell?
5)Difference between neutral and earth
6)Regarding my previous year gate failure.And main diff between last failure and this year success..
7)Why will u select oil company rather than your core comp ntpc or pg..
8)About ongc fields in Andhra Pradesh.
And about that recent fire accident in Rajamandry town(where more than 20 people died….near to my home town)…
Was that accident preventable?

These were some of the questions that we gathered from previous year GATE Toppers. Here I would like to thank all GATE Toppers for contributing in such an important article.

Disclaimer: We do not claim the authenticity of these questions and neither do we claim that same questions will be asked in future. This is just the feedback from previous year toppers.

Please share it as much as possible and help out your friends who are preparing for PSU Interviews.

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