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PSU Interview Important Tips | Do’s & Don’ts of Interviews

An interview call from the PSU sector is like a “dream come true”. While it open doors to a prospective career down the line, it fetches you respect and reverence from the society. No wonder, why people still fall for this golden opportunity and leave no stones unturned to get through it. But, PSU interview is way different from the other interviews in the government sector. For a successful endeavor, one needs to overcome several barriers.

Aspirants who are likely to get a final call often wonder how to come out successful from a grueling interview round. What questions will be asked & what to expect.

Let’s tell you that no two interviews are identical, and it’s purely insensible to think that there is a preset of questions. The protocols are required to be followed and the interview pattern widely differs from one PSU sector to the other. This is the reason why a student appearing for IOCL interview needs a different kind of a preparation when he is appearing for BARC. In spite of scoring amazing in the GATE, many people fail to impress the interviewers.

So, let’s just check what it takes to crack PSU Interview & to come out successful in the PSU.

Interview Pattern of Different PSU Sectors

As mentioned earlier, interview patterns are not identical and here’s mostly a close look at the question patterns that an aspirant is likely to face. Keep in mind that even after star scores in the GATE, many students can’t make it through the final interview.

    • PGCIL: PGCIL’s interview pattern is quite easy to gauge as they are prone to recruit the graduates of B.Tech discipline. Most of their questions are focused on technical aspects.

    • BARC: BARC is known for its toughest interview rounds. If you are appearing for this, make sure that you are preparing five subjects thoroughly from your graduation curriculum. They are most likely to enquire about your favorite subjects and frame questions based on that. The interesting part is that the questions will be relatively easier at first and the difficulty level will be slowly increased.

    • ONGC: An oil production unit, ONGC will mostly focus on anything related to the industry. Get information about all the oil wells and refineries of the country and beyond. You might be asked questions about the Posting Location and why you are prone to join ONGC and not other PSU.

    • National Thermal Power Corporation: B.Tech graduates are mostly preferred by this organization, no matter what’s your GATE score is. However, you can get through it with in-depth knowledge about the Thermal Power plants.

    • IOCL: This is one of the most attractive organizations for many PSU aspirants. However, the candidates must have the meticulous understanding of Artificial Intelligence, IOCL Refinery as well as the questions from your B.Tech discipline.
    • HPCL: Though GATE scores are important to get through the selection round, it mostly doesn’t come into play later at HPCL. They recruit candidate solely on the basis of his knowledge about HPCL and the current affairs. “Why do you want to Join HPCL” is one of the major questions being asked to the candidate.

Important Guidelines for PSU Interview

Sine no interviews follow the same pattern, there’s nothing predictable about the interview patterns. Nevertheless, focus on these four factors can keep you a step ahead of your fellow competitors.

Get facts about the company and its policies

Research about the company and its basic structure and most importantly what it deals with. Without a detailed understanding, you will hardly be able to answer most of their questions in the interview panel. An understanding of the recruitment policies can help you gauge the career path. To determine the career growth, nothing but an understanding of the company’s recruitment policies will help. Knowledge about the pay scale and the grades will make you confident. Know the difference between CTC and the “take home salary” way in advance so that you don’t fumble in front of the interviewers.

Clarity about the Subjects

Though GATE scores are the key determinant of your entry to the interview round, you need to have a clear understanding of the subjects you learned during your grads. Keep in mind that the interviewers expect that candidates will have a good understanding of the subjects. If not all, make sure to know inside out about two to three of your favorite subjects. You are likely to face tricky questions based on that. Also, get in-depth knowledge about the industrial training if you have any.

To gauge your knowledge about the current affairs, interviewers will take you through a rigorous round of general knowledge. Though it’s one of the most common rounds, PSU interview is different. Questions are mostly focused on new happenings, discoveries in the socio-political and economic panorama of the country and beyond its borders.

Handle the Tricky Questions

Don’t think that the interviewers will essentially focus on your subjects. Even if they do, there’s always a set of tricky questions up on their sleeves. Asking you such questions is their way of determining if you are efficient enough to deal with the uncommon situations. Questions like, “Why this company and not any other PSUs”, “your strength and weakness”, “ your disappointments” are some of these questions, which your examiner will definitely ask to assess if they are landing up an efficient candidate. Don’t let the questions go unanswered, but be prepared for a perfect reply. Beating the bush can land you in hot waters.

Preparation guidelines

Brush up your technical knowledge when you are facing interviews. Don’t live in the notion that your questions will be mostly focused on your subjects. Emphasize on your special subjects, as you do not know as to which direction our interview will go. Prepare a clear reason to validate why your favorite subjects are your favorite. The reason is to judge if the candidate is genuine about his interest. Extra qualifications are always given preference, Be it an Industrial training or computer training, your specialization will be a subject of discussion, especially if you have applied for a core group.

PSU Interview Experience

A Quick Look at the Do’s and Don’ts of PSU Interviews

  • Focus on right grooming: When you are appearing for the PSU interview do emphasize on your appearance. Be well groomed and abide by the dress code mentioned by the organization because this will have a positive impact on the recruiters.
  • Refrain from changing your looks: Many people change their looks in and out to look good during the interview. Refrain from doing the same as it might change how you actually appear in the photograph submitted during the application. It results in a credibility issue and slackens the chance of getting the job.
  • Don’t be panic-stricken: Be prepared for the tricky questions and the uncomfortable scenarios during the interview process. This is the way a candidate’s efficiency and tenacity is judged. If you pose a panic-stricken gesture, the interviewers will be intimidated about your capability of handling the difficult situation. Chances are you will be disqualified during the final decision.
  • Don’t be impolite: There will be situations where your viewpoint might not align with the interviewers. While you have all the right to disagree with what they said, you must keep your calm and present your point politely. Going harsh and rude at once can mar everything and your extraordinary GATE marks won’t become helpful in this case. You will be disqualified on the ground of behavioral issues. The panel will always zero on in the smart candidates and the good marks won’t make any difference in these scenarios.
  • Avoid aggression during group discussion: The sole motive of group discussion is to evaluate whether a prospective candidate can co-exist in a team. Is he a good team player? Hence, being aggressive during the group discussion can point out your inefficiency as a team player and at the same time reduce your chances to get through the PSU interview.

Preparing General Aptitude for PSUs

The Final Takeaway

A job in the PSU sector unveils a world of prospects and a bright future. But, what it takes is the years of preparation and a systematic approach. Be on your toes while preparing for the PSU interview and grab the opportunity.

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