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PSU Interviews: One step away from getting into your dream PSU

By -Lokesh Singhal, AIR17 Gate 2015 Selected in 6 PSUs

After so much hard work for gate examination and getting its fruit in terms of very good Gate result, Now it is the last step where you have to give a little more effort to get its ultimate objective i.e. getting selected in one of the best Public Sector Undertakings of India.

This year interview process (for electrical engineers) in most of the top Maharatna and Navratna PSUs has been started from mid June and will be continued till mid August which is very suitable for you as you diddn’t have any disturbance in between your ESE preparation after Gate. The other most important advantage is maximum candidates have their 3-4 interviews in a continuous row with a gap of 2-10 days. So you have to prepare technical subjects only once and in the 2-3 days span prepare company specific HR related questions. Two days are more than sufficient for a below average student to prepare all HR related questions about a company.

How to prepare Technical?

For fighting any of the PSU interviews you should have prepared at least two most common core technical subjects of your stream. Subjects should be like that they will cover work of your stream in almost all PSUs. For electrical engineering I will recommend Electrical Machines and Power System. One can also prepare Power Electronics along with EM and PS for being safer side (especially for NTPC). Revise theory of these subjects and no need to solve any numericals. Apart from these revise and understand your final year major project/projects and your training/internships.

Remember, It is quite possible that in some interview they will not ask any question from your technical subjects but they will definitely ask from projects/trainings.

From where one can prepare HR about a company and how?

The most trustful place to find any HR related information about any company is its website. Visit the website and write down important information about the company. This may include name of the chairman, turnover and profit of last financial year, divisions of the company and their individual capacity, main undergoing projects of the company, major highlights, any recent major decisions of central/state governments about the company, major recent decisions of the board, company’s activity/outlet/installation near your hometown (if any). Maharatna and Navratna status and their criteria.

HR related questions about yourself:

Prepare a brief intro about yourself which includes your personal information, your schooling and college education, a short info about your family, hometown, hobbies, strengths, weaknesses and what are you doing to overcome those weaknesses. Preferably, weakness shouldn’t be more than one.

If you have worked or currently working in some company then don’t give any negative excuses like overload/overburden or the company was not good. Give them point like transparency in promotions and payments.

I think the above mentioned information will be more than sufficient for any average student for fighting any PSU interview. Questions out of these will be easy & situation based and can be answered easily by applying presence of mind.

Language: No language problem, you can speak in Hindi also if you are uncomfortable at any point of time. But I’ll suggest that you should start your interview in English and later on switch to Hindi if uncomfortable.

GD & GT: Almost all PSUs are having a group discussion round which don’t have any shortlisting criteria except in BPCL. Some PSUs are having group task also. All GDs and GTs can be easily prepared on spot. Topics are mostly general or current affairs based that won’t need any special preparation. Just be aware of what is happening in the Nation and world.

Go for Interviews and ensure your seat in best PSU.

All the best..!!

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