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Top Recommended Books for GATE 2019 Electrical Engineering

In this post I will be telling you the name of most recommended books for GATE EE aspirants in each subject. This is the list of Standard Books that you can refer for each subject:

Recommended books for GATE 2019
Recommended books for GATE EE Aspirants

Engineering Mathematics
For studying the concepts you can refer to Advanced Engineering Mathematics by E.Kreyszig.
It covers all the topics in sufficient enough detail but kindly study this book with the GATE curriculum alongside you so that you don’t get lost in the vastness of this book.

Else you can refer to Kreatryx Engineering Maths book which has a large number of Soled Examples as well as problems for practice. The link to purchase the book is: Engineering Maths for GATE / ESE / PSU 2018

Network Theory
For conceptual purposes please refer to Engineering Circuit Analysis by Hayt and Kemmerly.

Signals and Systems
For this, you can follow Signals and Systems by Oppenheim and Wilsky.

Electrical Machines
For concepts please refer to Electrical Machinery by P.S.Bimbhra.

Power Systems
Please refer to Power Systems Engineering by Nagrath and Kothari.

Power Electronics
Please refer to Power Electronics by P.S.Bimbhra.

Control Systems
You can refer to Automatic Control Systems by BC Kuo as it gives all concepts in sufficient enough details for GATE.

Electrical Measurement and Instrumentation
Please refer to Electrical and Electronic Measurement and Instrumentation by AK Sawhney.

Analog and Digital Electronics
For Analog Electronics, you can refer to Electronic Devices and Circuit Theory by Boylestad. Please do not study about devices they are not covered in EE curriculum.
For Digital Electronics, you can refer to Digital Design by M.Morris Mano.

Numerical Aptitude
Please refer Kreatryx Numerical Aptitude for GATE / ESE / PSU / SSC / Bank PO and all other competitive Exams

Verbal Aptitude
Please refer Kreatryx Verbal Aptitude for GATE / ESE / PSU

Latest Numerical and Verbal Aptitude book on Amazon – Check out here

GATE 2019 Previous Year Solved Question Bank (1991-2018)
Revised version – Amazon Link

Though I would not recommend that you read from each and every standard textbook as going through Standard Books is time consuming and most of GATE Aspirants may not have that many number of hours to devote.
I would recommend that you only go through Standard Books for interview specific subjects and not for all subjects. So reading Electrical Machines from a Standard Textbook is a must.

Krash 2018

Also, GATE exam is mostly based on upon application of concepts and not mugging up the definitions and concepts directly from the book. So focus must be on problem-solving rather than just mugging up the concepts. Hence, it is always good to have a good Study Material at hand when preparing for GATE.

The problem with most of the study material nowadays is there are too many concepts in them but none of the concepts is given in sufficient detail to enable the student to prepare via self-study.

Also, the quality of Question Bank is pretty poor as there are a lot of mistakes which can demolish the confidence of a student and lead to frustration which decreases the throughput of any student.

So, if you guys have had the same experience with presently available study material and are looking for a better solution then I suggest that you go for Koncept which is superior to any other study material presently available in the market.
You can check out the features of Koncept here and order your copy:

P.S. Please make sure that you only study topics covered in GATE Curriculum and take notes on any topic you study as you cannot refer to a textbook twice.

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