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SSC-CGL 2016 Topper Interview – Sukhchain Goyal – AIR 1314

Hello Guys, Today we are here with Sukhchain Goyal (AIR 1314, SSC-CGL 2016) discussing his success story and how he got good AIR in SSC-CGL Exam. So without taking much of your time, let us begin with the interview.

Hi, I am Sukhchain Goyal. I have secured 1314 rank and got CBI-Sub Inspector (4600 GP) post through SSC-CGL 2016. This was my first attempt. I completed my B. Tech (Civil Engineering) from Noida Institute of Engineering and Technology, Greater Noida. Currently, I am waiting for my joining as CBI-Sub Inspector.


sukchain goyal ssc-cgl topper

Preparation Strategy for SSC-CGL Exam

Interviewer: What was the motive behind you appearing for the SSC-CGL exam?

Sukhchain: I always wanted to do government job for its charm is hidden from none. So, I appeared in SSC-CGLE as it is a very reputed exam and presents an excellent opportunity to join the government services.

Interviewer: When did you start preparing for the SSC-CGL exam?

Sukhchain: I started preparing for CGL exam in around mid-October of 2015.

Interviewer: Up to what date were you able to complete the course once? What was your target as to how many questions to practice in each section? What was the sequence in which you prepared the sections?

Sukhchain: I finished my syllabus (except General Awareness) once around February. There was no specific target of questions as such but I always tried to make sure that I identify the mistakes I made and make sure not to repeat them.

Interviewer: Which sections according to require more practice than the others and why?

Sukhchain: It depends on person to person; some people are weak in Mathematics while others are weak in English. I focused on Mathematics as Reasoning of SSC is not tough and General Awareness is more or less luck-based, on your day you will answer every question of GK even with a minimum study.

Interviewer: Which study material and standard books would you recommend for SSC-CGL Aspirants in each section?

Sukhchain: For Reasoning- There is no need for any special book for CGL reasoning as previous years papers will be sufficient.

Mathematics- This section needs speed and accuracy and to achieve these, the more you practice the better. Many books are available in the market but Kiran 7300 (Previous years Chapterwise) and Rakesh Yadav 7300 will do the trick. The focus should be on clarity of concepts.

Tips & Tricks to Prepare Maths for SSC-CGL Exam

English- Reading newspaper daily will do wonders in this section. Further, Plinth to Paramount, SP Bakshi, Mirror to Common Errors, MB Publication (Previous year) and Word Power Made Easy (Norman Lewis) will be more than enough for this section.

General Awareness- Lucent General Knowledge book and Kiran Publication previous year question papers.

Interviewer: How did you keep the subjects fresh in your memory the entire time? Did you revise the subjects regularly or you left the revision for the last few months? What was your strategy for revision in the last few months?

Sukhchain: Revision should be done regularly. Nothing should be left for last moment especially revision. Revision of formulae, rules in English, GK facts should be done regularly. Tricks adopted for reasoning questions should also be revised.

Interviewer: What is the role of mock tests in your success in the SSC-CGL exam? How many mock tests did you attempt? When did you start attempting mock tests?

Sukhchain: Nothing gives you a better analysis of your preparation than mocks. They are of utmost importance. Mocks prepare you for the final battle thus mocks should be given much importance. I didn’t keep count of mocks I attempted but it must be close to 50-60. I started taking mocks with the start of my preparation. I didn’t wait for my syllabus to get complete and started taking mocks from day 1 itself.

Interviewer: How was your score in Mock Tests? Is there any correlation between mock test performance and actual SSC-CGL performance?

Sukhchain: My mocks score varied from test series to test series, in some I was scoring 120-130 and in some, I was scoring 150-160. The performance was mostly on the lines of mocks as I scored 164.5 in Tier 1 of CGLE-2016.


Exam specific questions

Interviewer: How was SSC-CGL paper this year? Give us some insights into SSC-CGL-2017 paper and compare it to past year question paper.

Sukhchain: I didn’t take the exam of 2017 CGL. But after comparing the exam paper with the previous year I have found that the difficulty was more or less on the same side with some shifts being tougher than the others. Overall it was on the same lines of previous year paper.

Interviewer: How did you feel after seeing the first few questions? Did you feel relaxed and calm or you were anxious during the first few questions? If you felt anxious then how did you calm yourself?

Sukhchain: To be honest, I was a little nervous during 2016 CGLE- Pre/Tier 1, as this paper sets the tone for your next tiers and scoring good marks in this tier will surely help a lot. I started doing questions with some nervousness but after doing about 5-10 questions my confidence grew and I gained momentum. After that, all the nervousness was gone.

Interviewer: How did you go about attempting the paper? How did you distribute time among various sections? Please give a detailed description of the time management strategy you followed?

Sukhchain: The time allotted in 2016 CGLE was of 75 minutes for 100 questions 25 questions each of LR, Mathematics, English and General Awareness. I started with General Awareness section, followed by English section then LR and lastly Mathematics.

General Awareness normally doesn’t take more than 5-10 minutes and English has always been my strong suit thus it took me 10-12 minutes to do this section. Reasoning took 15-20 minutes and the rest of the time was allotted to Mathematics and revising the answers.

Personal Questions

Interviewer: How did you motivate yourself for such a long journey towards SSC-CGL?

Sukhchain: I kept my goal in sight and set realistic targets. I never allowed negativity to creep in and always kept confidence in my abilities. Whenever you are in doubt always remember, people are waiting for you to fail, it’s time to prove them wrong.

Interviewer: Did you expect such a result after giving the SSC-CGL exam?

Sukhchain: In Tier 1 I had scored 164.5 which was a pleasant surprise but in the final result list I was expecting better results, but nonetheless I scored 1314 rank and got CBI-Sub Inspector post.

Interviewer: How did you feel the moment you saw the results?

Sukhchain: The result was kind of mixed bag. There is no better feeling than seeing your name in the selected candidates’ list and making your parents proud. I was shocked as well as relieved after seeing my result.

Interviewer: What is the role of family and friends in your success in the SSC-CGL exam?

Sukhchain: The role of my family can’t be undermined as they stood by my side and kept faith in me. They always encouraged me to do better. Friends, on the other hand, kept the fun alive in my life which at times became monotonous.

Interviewer: Who would you dedicate this SSC-CGL result to?

Sukhchain: This success is dedicated to my family. Without their unyielding support, this wouldn’t have been possible.

Interviewer: What is the success mantra that you would like to give to other SSC-CGL aspirants which have been critical for your preparation as well?

Sukhchain: Self-confidence, self-belief and positive thinking will surely make you a winner be it CGL or the exam called life. Practice more and more and surely you will come out on top.

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