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12 Mistakes That Every SSC-CGL Aspirant Does During Preparation

  1. Inconsistency:-

One day you are motivated and study like there is no tomorrow. Two days later you find yourself doing everything possible to somehow avoid studying. Either you start daydreaming about your future success or get bogged down by self-doubt. This is by far the biggest challenge that a candidate preparing for any competitive exam faces. Inconsistency, indiscipline, and procrastination, all are inter-related. If you can counter this challenge effectively, then half of the battle is already won.
Just have one solid reason why you want to crack the exam and remind yourself of the reason whenever you don’t feel like studying. Reason can be anything like making parents proud, making ex-lover jealous, getting better marriage prospects, serving the nation etc. But whatever the reason is, it should be big enough to pull you to your study table even in the most depressing mood of yours.

  1. Overdoing one section at the cost of other:-

It’s fine if you like one subject but don’t devote whole of your time to that one subject only. Keep in mind the weightage of each section and devote time accordingly. There are few who solve maths questions whole day while there are some who are General studies maniacs. Always keep in mind that you aren’t supposed to do Ph.D. in any one section. Prepare according to the exam syllabus and pattern.

  1. Ignoring a section completely:-

Everyone has a subject which he hates studying either because that is boring or he is weak in that section. Never ever neglect any section completely. Try to be consistent in each section especially when you are not so strong in one or two of them. With time and regular studies, You will develop interest and confidence in all sections.

  1. Not analyzing the mocks:-

Everyone knows how important mocks are for any competitive exam but if you do not analyze them, you are wasting your precious time. Give the lesser number of mocks but analyze them properly. Your focus should be on learning from mocks, rather than scoring high. Your score will definitely improve once you do the process right.

  1. Paying attention to factors that you can’t control:-

Constant postponement of the exam, cheating scams, late joining, lengthy procedure etc can easily scare and dishearten any average aspirant. The best way to deal with factors that you can’t control is just to ignore them. Just concentrate on the factors that you can control. Working hard is well in your control. Just concentrate on it and always remember this famous quote from the Bhagwat Geeta
“Karm kro, fal ki chinta mat kro”

  1. Thinking about which test series/book/coaching institute/teacher is the best:-

There is not that much difference in most of these. Just pick one and start doing it. After some time you will yourself realize if you need something more or not.

  1. Concentrating on multiple exams:-

If you are preparing for SSC CGL, then you can appear for SSC CPO, SSC CHSL, AFCAT etc which has almost the same syllabus and pattern. If you are a good student then you can go for banking too but concentrating simultaneously on exams like GATE, Civil services etc is sure shot recipe for disaster. If you want to crack SSC CGL as early as possible then just stick with SSC CGL only.

  1. Preparing in complete isolation:-

Your studies will not improve much in isolation and if somehow you fail in the exam, you can fall in the pit of depression. Keep your social gatherings to a minimum but do not stop it completely. SSC CGL is a long journey and you definitely would not like yourself becoming socially awkward later. Better to join a gym or go for a run/walk with friends in the evening.

  1. Neglecting health:-

“Sound mind lives in a sound body.” Everyone knows it but hardly anyone applies it. It is certainly not an overrated quote. Allot at least 30 minutes to physical activities every day. This will not only improve your physical fitness but also your mind’s efficiency. Also, you wouldn’t like to see yourself weighing 100-120 kg at the time of selection. So, better to take care of health too.

  1. Living with past laurels:-

Some of you might be toppers from your respective schools or colleges but that doesn’t warrant your selection in SSC CGL. No matter how strong or weak your academic background had been, you will be needed to toil hard to ensure your selection. This is the exam where only your hard work matters, not your past academic record. This is a fact which applies to all kind of aspirants.

  1. Considering yourself gifted:-

There are many who studied maths during their graduation/post graduation and think that they do not need to practice it for SSC CGL. The same thing goes with aspirants who have studied history, geography, English etc during their graduation days and think that they do not need to study those for a simple exam like SSC CGL. Yes, the exam is not that tough due to matriculation level syllabus but the sheer amount of competition brings down the selection ratio to less than 1%. Don’t treat yourself as master of any subject and prepare everything according to SSC CGL pattern and syllabus.

  1. Falling for short-term pleasures:-

Last but definitely not the least, this time period of preparation is very vulnerable. Try not to get into any bad habit during preparation. Although it’s a very personal matter but try not to get into any relationship during the preparation phase. Your mind will try to rebel when you make it study which is supposedly boring in comparison to other pleasurable activities. But this is the time when you need to activate your beast mode (tough guy mode). Don’t fall for these tempting options.

Concluding Note:-

These were some of the biggest challenges in my opinion and if you can overcome them, your chances of clearing SSC CGL will grow manifolds. I am not being rude here but most of the aspirants reading this article must be knowing most of these facts already but still, most of you will repeat it. The pain of failure is too tough to handle and it may shatter you completely, so it will be better if you avoid these mistakes so that you don’t repent later.  If you want to crack SSC CGL as early as possible, then promise yourself that you won’t commit such mistakes. To avoid these mistakes adhere to strict principles which you think will take you forward in any way towards your goal. Be very honest with yourself at every point. If you analyze yourself at every point with utmost sincerity then trust me you can crack any exams not only SSC CGL.


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