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SSC-CGL 2016 Topper Interview – AIR 73 – Anurag Pathak

Previous year SSC-CGL toppers never fails to inspire us and today we are here with another story of SSC-CGL Topper – Anurag Pathak.

Lets begin with his introduction.

Hi Everyone. I am Anurag Pathak. I secured AIR 73 on my first attempt in SSC-CGL 2016 and through it I got ITI. Apart from this I have done my graduation in B.Sc from DBRAU, Agra and after that I started preparing for competitive exam. Currently, I am waiting for my joining as ITI.


ssc-cgl 2016 topper

Preparation Strategy to Get Good Rank in SSC-CGL Exam


Interviewer: What was the motive behind you appearing for SSC-CGL exam?

Anurag: I was not aware of SSC during my graduation. I first wanted to get a reputed government job. When I first started preparing for competitive exams, I came to know about this prestigious exam and the reputed posts it offers.

Interviewer: When did you start preparing for SSC-CGL exam?

Anurag: I started my preparation after graduation i.e from September 2015.

Interviewer: Up to what date were you able to complete the course once? What was your target as to how many questions to practice in each section? What was the sequence in which you prepared the sections?

Anurag: It took me about 7-8 months to complete my syllabus. I had a clear strategy to attempt 22+ questions in Reasoning, 15+ in GS, 20+ in English and all the questions in Mathematics. The best strategy one should have is to attempt as many questions as one can.

Interviewer: Which sections according to require more practice than the others and why?

Anurag: English and Mathematics require more practice as they consist of 500 marks out of 700.

Interviewer: Which study material and standard books would you recommend for SSC-CGL Aspirants in each section?

For Mathematics- Updated Kiran and Rakesh Yadav class notes.

English- KD Campus book and MB Publication previous years.

GS- Lucent and your self-made notes covering previous year papers.

Reasoning- Only mocks are sufficient. Revise your class notes.

Except all this, your self-made class notes are very important.

Interviewer: How did you keep the subjects fresh in your memory the entire time? Did you revise the subjects regularly or you left the revision for last few months? What was your strategy for revision in the last few months?

Anurag: Revision is a must. You have to revise your notes regularly and start practicing with mocks and previous years papers after you have gone through the complete syllabus.

Interviewer: What is the role of mock tests in your success in SSC-CGL exam? How many mock tests did you attempt? When did you start attempting mock tests?

Anurag: Mock Tests for SSC-CGL Exam or any other competitive exam are very important. They contain all the varieties of questions that may be asked in the exam. One should start attempting after going through the complete syllabus. Before 2 months of the exam, mocks should be attempted regularly.

Interviewer: How was your score in Mock Tests? Is there any correlation between mock test performance and actual SSC-CGL performance?

Anurag: I had crossed 150 many times in mocks, that benefited me a lot. Exam paper was comparatively easy or maybe it’s that I have attempted so many mocks with good marks that I felt the exam was easy.


Exam specific questions

Interviewer: How was SSC-CGL paper this year? Give us some insights into SSC-CGL-2017 paper and compare it to past year question paper.

Anurag: CGL-16 (Pre) was comparatively easy. So, the cut off was high last year. In CGL-17, some shifts were very easy and some were moderate. So, luck factor comes into play here. One can score better with GS portion here if luck is in favor.

Interviewer: How did you feel after seeing first few questions? Did you feel relaxed and calm or you were anxious during first few questions? If you felt anxious then how did you calm yourself?

Anurag: As CGL-16 (Pre) was average paper, I was relaxed after seeing first few questions. I had enough time (75 min) to answer all the questions. I scored 175 in CGL-16 Pre. But in Mains, some anxiety was there as Mains was a moderate paper with a few repeated questions. I solved some questions in no time which made me feel relaxed. I was sure that I can go through all the questions of Mathematics. Since I had done well in Mathematics pressure was somewhat relieved from English paper.

Interviewer: How did you go about attempting the paper? How did you distribute time among various sections? Please give a detailed description of time management strategy you followed?

Anurag: I had a clear strategy for my prelims. I attempted Reasoning first followed by GS, English and then Mathematics. I decided to give 20-25 minutes for reasoning, 5 minutes for GS, 15 minutes for English and rest for Mathematics as it may contain calculative questions. In 60 minutes pattern, time distribution should be 18-20,3-4,12-15,20-25 minutes for Reasoning, GS, English, and Mathematics respectively.

Personal Questions

Interviewer: How did you motivate yourself for such a long journey towards SSC-CGL?

Anurag: My motivation is my parents and my elder brother. Whenever you get depressed, look at their faces. They’ve hopes for you. Try harder to make them feel proud.

Interviewer: Did you expect such a result after giving the SSC-CGL exam?

Anurag: Yeah, after getting such a score in Prelims, I was sure that I should be in top 100.

Interviewer: How did you feel the moment you saw the results?

Anurag: I was very happy. My, as well as my parents’ wish, had come true. All were very happy. This was a memorable day.

Interviewer: What is the role of family and friends in your success in SSC-CGL exam?

Anurag: My family and friends supported me during my whole journey of preparation. They told me to do whatever I liked. They always helped me in getting rid of stress and made me feel calm.

Interviewer: Who would you dedicate this SSC-CGL result to?

Anurag: I want to thank God for giving me such a grand success. I would dedicate this result to my family, friends and respected teachers.

Interviewer: What is the success mantra that you would like to give to other SSC-CGL aspirants which has been critical for your preparation as well?

Anurag: The best mantra is to believe in whatever you do and do what you believe. Just work hard continuously. Make a smart strategy according to your strengths and weakness. Be dedicated to your own work.

I hope this topper story helped you a lot in answering questions like how to prepare for SSC-CGL Exam, Which books to refer for SSC-CGL and which section is important from SSC-CGL point of view.

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